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C66 - I Want You to Leave

C66 - I Want You to Leave Him

Song Yunqiang frowns: “You should visit your second sister when you are free.”

However, after saying that, Song Yunqiang feels that his words are needless because Song Yunying takes her as an eyesore.

Knowing being treated as an eyesore, Song Yunxuan probably will not visit her sister voluntarily.

It is unexpected that Song Yunxuan agrees: “Big brother, I am going to visit sister this afternoon. What do you think?”

After saying that, Song Yunqiang can’t stop her from visiting.But he worries that Song Yunying will get angry for being taken as a joke after seeing Song Yunxuan. He says: “I will drop you out.”

They eat breakfast happily for having decided to do this.

Song Yunqiang goes to work at the Song Family’s company in the morning. He doesn’t come back for lunch at noon. In the afternoon, he tells Song Yunxuan that he will take her to the Xue Family to visit her sister at two o’clock.

After lunch, Song Yunxuan receives a call from Chu Mochen.

The voice of Chu Mochen is attractive for its magnetism. After answering the phone, she begins to think about why he calls her.

However, he talks about Gu’s directly.

“How do you feel today?”

“Not bad.”

“You did a good job about Venus.”

Holding the phone, Song Yunxuan goes back to her room: “That is true.”

“But you didn’t make it a perfect murder with a borrowed knife.”

Song Yunxuan is shocked a little. Then Chu Mochen continues: “If Shao Tianze changes his target slightly, Gu Changge will be the only scapegoat for ruining Venus’ reputation.”

Song Yunxuan smiles: “Don’t worry too much. I really appreciate Miss Gu. Although she is dead, I will not ruin her reputation.”

Chu Mochen nods: “That’s good.”

Song Yunxuan hangs up first and doesn’t say goodbye. Listening to the busy tone in the phone, Chu Mochen shakes his head slightly: “Is she jealous?”

Rong Six who stands aside like a wandering ghost says: “Of course a woman won’t accept that her man cares about another woman.”

What Rong Liu said is actually right.

Because Song Yunxuan is not the only one who cares about that, Gu Changle cares much more than her.

When Shao Xue comes home in the afternoon, she enters together with Shao Tianze.

GuChangle just puts the dinner on the table. Seeing them enter, she smiles: “Welcome home.”

They nod to her.

The food smells good. Shao Xue smiles happily: “The food seems to be delicious.”

Gu Changle looks at Shao Tianze gently: “I cook the food personally. Wash your hands and come to eat.”

Shao Xue goes back to her room, puts down her things and goes to the bathroom to wash her hands. When she passes the window, she sees that the big swimming pool outside has been drained. She stands still there.

It’s a typical example that everything haschanged since the one left.

Gu Changge is died and her home has been changed beyond recognition. Within a week, the swimming pool will probably disappear.

Shao Tianze also washes his hands and comes to eat. At the dinner table, Gu Changle puts her black hair behind her ears and introduces the dishes: “This is Kung Pow Chicken. You must be familiar with this dish. I added a little more sugar. I am not sure whether you like it or not.”

Shao Xue picks up some for Shao Tianze: “Big brother, have a taste of it.”

Shao Tianze opens his mouth and eats it.

GuChangle immediately clenches her hands and her eyes are full of anger.

But immediately, Shao Tianze nods: “It tastes good. Changle, you taste it.”

After saying that, he picks some for Gu Changle.

A little shocked, Gu Changle eats it.

The taste is really good.

Then she introduces other dishes. Shao Xue doesn’t pick up food for Shao Tianze anymore. After eating, she feels satisfied and praises Gu Changle’s cooking.

Gu Changle smiles gently: “Do you cook?”

Shao Xue shakes her head: “I didn’t learn to cook because I haven’t found the man I love.”

Gu Changle looks at Shao Tianze thoughtfully: “I learned to cook to kill time. In the past, my sister never cooked. Sometimes Tianze and the two children are hungry then they will go out to eat. I don’t think it is good for them, so I learned to cook.”

They are talking about the two children, which attracts Shao Xue’s attention: “Children?”

Shao Tianze finishes the meal and wipes his lips with tissue. His movement is elegant: “They are Gu Yi and Miaomiao. After Changge’s death, I sent them to the boarding kindergarten because I am too busy and have no time to take care of them. They come home once a month.”

Shao Xue looks at the smile of Gu Changle and feels a little nervous.

Although Shao Tianze is the father of the two children, he still gives up accompanying his children because of Gu Changle.

Seeing that Gu Changle and Shao Tianze are going to sit for a while after eating, Shao Xue goes upstairs.

After finishing her work brought from office, she has not fallen asleep until 9 o’clock.

Out of thirst, she goes out to the dining room to drink some water.

It is unexpected that at nine o’clock, when the whole family is quiet, Gu Changle is still sitting on the chair in the dining room.

When Shao Xue comes in, she is shocked. Seeing that Gu Changle doesn’t wear her usual smile, she is a little strange: “Sister Changle, what are you doing here?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“Where is my brother?”

If Shao Tianze is with her, she will not say that she can’t sleep.

As expected, Gu Changle gives a short smile and looks at her: “Tianze has something to deal with. He got a call and went out.”

After getting water, Shao Xue is going to ask Gu Changle to go sleep.

Gu Changle knocks the table and says to her toughly like commanding her: “I am so bored.Talk with me for a while.”

Shao Xue looks at Gu Changle and feels that she is strange tonight.

She used to be a person who won’t talk without a smile. Under the light which is as cold as the moonlight, her face looks sinister.

Shao Xue pulls out the chair in front of the table and sits down.

There is a glass of milk which seems to be coldin front of Gu Changle.

Shao Xue says: “You have just discharged from the hospital. Drinking cold milk is not good for your health. I will help you heat the milk.”

Gu Changle refuses: “I am not coming to drink milk. I am here to talk to you.”

Shao Xue feels confused: “What do you want to tell me?”

“I want you to do something.”Gu Changle looks at her coldly.

Shao Xue suddenly feels that something is wrongand her nerves can’t help tightening: “What?”

Gu Changle’s eyes become soft, but her words are extremely cold: “I want you to leave him.”

“Him?” Shao Xue is bewildered.

“Shao Tianze.”

Shao Xue is confused: “Why?”

“No reason,” Gu Changle looks at her with disdain. She takes the checkbook from the low cabinet next to the dining table. Then she opens the pen cap and intends to write on the blank checkbook. “How much do you want to leave him willingly?”

Shao Xue wants to sneer: “Miss Gu, you can’t command me like that. If you want me to leave, let Shao Tianze tell me. I will follow his words.”

After saying that, she stands up, wanting to leave.

But suddenly, Shao Xue is splashed a cup of white liquid.

When Shao Xue notices that, she has already been spilled over with a cup of cold milk.

GuChangle stands up and looks at her contemptuously. Her eyes are cold and virulent: “I said I want you to leave, so you must leave.”

For a moment, Shao Xue feels extremely awkward and angry.

Being angry, she has a compulsion to give Gu Changle a slap.

However, after calming down for five seconds, she completely changes her mind.

Her milk-soaked hair sticks on her forehead, but her eyes are bright. She squints at Gu Changle:”Miss Gu, you are angry because my brother treats me well. Am I right?”

Gu Changle who turns back to her pauses for a while: “I will drive you out one day.”

Shao Xue smiles: “Well, I will wait for that.”

Song Yunxuan is right. GuChangle is indeed a virulent woman with a kind appearance.

But this time, she seems to expose herself too quickly.


She does that just because Shao Tianze treats her well?

She is really a jealous woman.

Gu Changle goes back to her room after leaving the dining room. But when she just goes to bed, she feels a pain in her heart.

She frowns, slowly puts her hands on her heartand says to herself: “Sister, do you also hurt?”

The heart of Gu Changge is beating in her chest, but Gu Changge is dead.

Thinking of this fact, she can’t help smiling: “Sister, I eventually win the game after so many years.”

Yes, Gu Changge is dead.

Shao Tianze finally belongs to her.

However, since Shao Tianze has already belonged to her, how can she allow another woman to take him away?

Is Shao Xue his cousin?

Are they distant relatives?

They don’t look like each other at all. She doesn’t believe that this girl named Shao Xue is a relative of Shao Tianze.

This girl must have some ulterior purposes. Shao Xue must want to take Shao Tianze away, the man whom she has been together with after waiting so many years.

“I won’t let anyone take him away.”

She looks ahead gloomily: “No one.”

Maybe others will think that she is vicious and jealous, but it doesn’t matter. She will not deny it, because she is indeed such a person.

No one knew how she felt when she saw the man whom she loves married another woman for 12 years.

No one knew how sad and jealous she was when she saw the man whom she loved kiss another woman in front of her.

She waited for Shao Tianze for twelve years in her best years. Watching him live with another woman happily day after day, year after year, her felt painful as her heart was like being stabbed.

Finally, Gu Changge has died and she got the man from Gu Changge.

How can she allow a young girl to easily destroy all of her painstaking plans?

No, definitely no.

She wants to kill the girl named Shao Xue.