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C69 - Audio Evidence

C69 - Audio Evidence

Gu Changle knocks at the door gently.

There are footsteps inside.

Gu Changle frowns and sneers: “The soundproofing effect of this door is really bad. Didn’t the people who bribed her give her check or cash?”

Shao Tianze does not answer and just looks at the door.

Being blocked by his gold-rimmed glasses, no one sees the gloominess in his eyes

He thinks that the reason why Han Rujia comes forward and testifies against Gu’s is definitely not just because of a blank check.

He is wondering who instructs her to testify.

The sound of the slippers is clear behind the door. Gu Changle’s eyelids suddenly convulse at the moment the door opens.

Then she shouts: “Jiajia!”

She covers her mouth with her hand and looks at Han Rujia. Her becomes tearfull immediately, as if she sees an old friend after so many years and can’t control herself because mixed feelings come up to her.

Han Rujia takes a glance at Gu Changle, her eyes wide with shock. But she gradually calms down and turns to look at Shao Tianze’s behind Gu Changle.

The last time she saw Shao Tianze, he was 29. Now 3 years later, Shao Tianze is still a handsome and elegant gentleman.

A flood of feelings come up to Han Rujia.

It seems that many years has passed by in a moment. She recalls a lot of things.

She looks at Shao Tianze calmly and quietly without any hatred. In the end, she even shows a slight bitter smile: “You are looking for me?”

Shao Tianze nods: “I am looking for you.”

Han Rujia does not immediately step aside from the front door but shows a faint smile on her ugly face and looks at Gu Changle: “Changle, are you coming for me by yourself or coming with Tianze?”

Han Rujia is still familiar with Gu Changle after so many years.

Gu Changle is stunned and she responses vacantly: “Of course, I come to see you with Tianze.”

Han Rujia smiles ironically: “I remember, Shao Tianze seems to have married your sister Gu Changge? Is it appropriate for you to stay with your brother-in-law all day?”

Gu Changle is shocked because it is the first time she has been warned by others.

Other people usually don’t speak to her so directly. They even fawn on her because of Shao Tianze.

Seeing her being shocked, Han Rujia smiles and looks at Shao Tianze: “Shao Tianze, come in alone and let your sister-in-law wait outside.”


Han Rujia raises her hand: “Gu Changle, don’t call me like that. You’d better wait outside because I am not qualified to be your friend with such an ugly face.”

After saying that, Han Rujia looks at Shao Tianze: “Would you like to come in?”

Shao Tianze nods and comes in: “Sorry to bother you.”

“No, I have been waiting for you for many years.”

Hearing this, Gu Changle behind Shao Tianze clenches her fist suddenly. Her eyes are so cold that people being watched by her may feel they are stung.

After Shao Tianze enters the door, he turns to look at Changle: “You are not in good health. Don’t stand outside the door, go to the car and wait for me. I will find you immediately after talking to her.”

He treats her in a tender and gentle way like treating a child.

Hearing his voice and seeing his appearance, Gu Changle slowly loosens her fingers.

Her expressionless face is like a blooming white rose flower. She reveals a soft smile: “Well, come out early.”

Hearing her words, Han Rujia sneers and closes the shabby door inside.

Gu Changle grinding her teeth, wanting to tear Han Rujia apart right away.

Although Han Rujia has been disfigured, she has loved Shao Tianze deeply for many years.

She really worries about that they stay together alone!


The room inside the door is neat and orderly. Although most of the furniture is worn out, the owner cleans the furniture very carefully.

Shao Tianze is tall. He does not sit down immediately after entering the room. Instead, he looks at Han Rujia and asks her: “How are you doing over the past few years?”

“Because of the thing you had done to me, I would rather die than live.” After saying that, she points at the sofa. “Please sit down, would you like tea or coffee?”

Shao Tianze smiles bitterly: “You don’t look well. Drinking tea and coffee leads to insomnia. You should drink boiled water or milk.”

“I’ll give you some coffee.” Han Rujia arbitrarily decides and bents over to put a cup of instant coffee in front of him.

Shao Tianze does not disdain it. He takes a sip from the mug and then begins to get to the point: “You must hate us very much.”

“You?” Han Rujia laughs. “Who are you referring to?”

“I am referring to Changge and me.”

Han Rujia sits on the sofa opposite Shao Tianze: “Why don’t you think that I hate Gu Changle?”

“In the past, only Gu Changge was able to do so, but you doubt Changle?”

Han Rujia looks up at him and the smile on her face has almost disappeared: “It is the matter of Gu Changge that she is willing to be the scapegoat of Gu Changle. And I am free to hate whoever I want.”

“Now Gu’s belongs to neither Gu Changge nor Gu Changle but me. Do you want to hurt me?”

Han Rujia shakes her head: “My love to you has never changed, and I have never thought about hurting you.”

“Then why are you doing this now…”

“I do this because I haven’t seen you for a long time. If I hadn’t done this, will you come to see me?”

Shao Tianze suddenly frowns.


Han Rujia touches her face smilingly: “Talking with someone like me who is so ugly must be an insult to you and it makes you feel sick, right?”

Shao Tianze takes a breath: “No, I am sorry that I didn’t stop the Changge from doing this to you.”

Han Rujia smiles: “It’s OK. I can still recover because she promised to send me to do the best cosmetic surgery abroad.”

“Who said that?” Shao Tianze becomes excited suddenly.

As long as he knows this person, he will know who wants to subvert Gu’s. Is she the people in Chu’s?

Han Rujia shakes her head: “I am sorry, I can’t tell you.”

Shao Tianze does not continue to ask who this person is because Gu Changge once said—the more you want to know the problem, the more likely others will not tell you.

He knows that Gu Changge is right.

He calms down and looks down: “Now I am the head of Gu’s. I can also send you to do the best surgery abroad. Gu’s did a wrong thing before. I am willing to make the decision to send you abroad.”

Han Rujia smiles and looks at him: “So, why are you willing to do this?”

“I just feel guilty about what Changge has done to you.”

As long as Han Rujia promises and declares that she is willing to accept the help and compensation provided by Gu’s, Shao Tianze will tell the public that he feels embarrassed and makes up for Han Rujia because Gu Changge has harmed her so deeply.

At that time, they don’t need to say anything else to put the blame on Gu Changge, who is already dead.

Gu Changge is a business woman. He can tell others indirectly that this arbitrary and vicious woman will do anything for benefit.

He quietly waits for Han Rujia to give him a reply.

There is a sound of alert tone of email in Han Rujia’s bedroom.

Han Rujia puts down the coffee cup and smiles to apologize: “I am going to check my email.”

Then she enters the bedroom.

Three minutes later, Han Rujia comes out of the bedroom.

Coming out of her bedroom, Han Rujia seems even weaker. She looks at Shao Tianze blankly.

“What has happened?”

Han Rujia holds her head with her hands and says: “I just accidentally looked into the mirror and was scared by myself.”

Shao Tianze becomes apologetic: “I know that things in the past have caused great harm to you, so please promise to let me help you anyway.”

Holding her forehead and listening to him, she suddenly sneers.

Then she raises her head slowly and looks at him: “Shao Tianze, I haven’t seen your true color for so many years. Now, I finally see it clearly.”

“What do you mean?” Shao Tianze has a bad feeling suddenly.

Han Rujia takes her hand off her forehead: “I won’t accept your help and I wash you leave now.”

“Ajia, you…”

Being called Ajia, Han Rujia stuns a little.

Like suddenly recalling things many years ago, she slowly shows a bitter smile: “You must think that I don’t know good from bad because I let you go and reject your help. But I do have a reason. Let’s take a look at my reason before you call my name again.”

After that, she stands up and goes to the bedroom to take out her laptop.

The earphones inserted above are pulled out suddenly and a sound which chills Shao Tianze to the marrow comes out of the loudspeaker.

“Changge, Han Rujia’s disfigurement is not a bad thing for us. We can take this opportunity to slander Venus. Venus is sued for disfiguring its consumers. Who else will go to Venus for plastic surgery?”

“But the person who bribed the doctor to disfigure Han Rujia is in Gu’s! Who is that person?!”

“……it’s me.”

The simple sentence makes all the surroundings become quiet.

Shao Tianze only feels that there is a thunder near his ears. Then he stares at the laptop that playing the audio, his eyes wide with shock.

This is impossible!

This is absolutely impossible!

How could the dialogue be recorded and kept until now? And it happens to appear on Han Rujia’s computer?

How could this happen?

Han Rujia presses her finger on the single loop key of the audio software and looks at Shao Tianze: “This is the reason why I refuse you, Shao Tianze.”

She was still thinking about whether she should accept Shao Tianze’s help to do plastic surgery just now.

However, this e-mail sent to her completely changes her mind.

He is such a utilitarian man even when he tries to be kind.

How can she accept his help?