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C70 - End of the First Round

C70 - End of the First Round

When Shao Tianze leaves Han Rujia’s house, Gu Changle’s nose turns red because of coldness.

Seeing Shao Tianze, she immediately walks to him and asks: “Is Jiajia willing to accept the help of Gu’s?”

Shao Tianze shakes his head tiredly, and the feeling of being shocked that all his nerves tightened is still lingering in his mind.

Someone is coming to Gu’s with full of enmity.

That person is not Chu Mochen.

He feels that man is very dangerous, but he doesn’t know who the man is.

Hearing that Han Rujia has refused them, Gu Changle frowns suddenly: “I am going to talk to her.”

After saying that, Gu Changle is going to enter the door, but she is suddenly grabbed by Shao Tianze.

Gu Changle looks back at him strangely: “What happened?”

“Don’t go. This thing can’t be saved.”


Shao Tianze raises the USB flash drive in his hand: “Because of this.”

Gu Changle doesn’t understand. After they return to the car, Gu Changle, who is confused, inserts the USB flash drive into the car, connects the player, and pushes the button.

“Changge, Han Rujia’s disfigurement is not a bad thing for us. We can take this opportunity to slander Venus. Venus is sued for disfiguring its consumers. Who else will go to Venus for plastic surgery?”

“But the person who bribed the doctor to disfigure Han Rujia is in Gu’s! Who is that person?!”

“……it’s me.”

This conversation breaks the tranquil atmosphere in the car. Gu Changle frowns and slams into the seat back. She is suddenly shocked from head to foot.

Shao Tianze grabs the steering wheel with his hands: “I don’t know when Changge recorded this audio. Once it is released, I will become more unpopular in Gu’s.”

Gu Changle shakes her head: “No, it’s impossible. I don’t believe that sister would record it. Besides, you admitted it because you were afraid that my sister would attack me. You are the scapegoat of me.”

Shao Tianze takes a breath and starts the car: “Anyhow, this thing is not as easy to handle as we think.”

“What about this audio?”

Shao Tianze steps on the accelerator, speeds up the car and turns away from the street where Han Rujia lives: “This audio is handed over to me by Han Rujia. She said that as long as Gu’s doesn’t charge her with libel, she will not turn against us and release the audio.”

Gu Changle nods indecisively: “That’s good… There is always a way, there is always a way to deal with…”

Although she says that there is always a way, this matter already cannot be saved.

Shao Tianze’s car gradually disappears after turning away from the street. When it almost cannot be seen, a black-haired woman in a red cashmere coat comes out from the corner.

The woman standing next to her wearing professional attire pats her chest: “It is in hot haste, Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan looks at the car that is far away and smiles: “We finally catch up.”

After saying that, she turns to Xiao Hong: “Thanks for your friend who is a voice actor.”

Xiao Hong shakes her head: “My pleasure. He is a close friend of mine. I’ll treat him with a meal.”

“Is it enough to keep his mouth shut?”

Xiao Hong nods: “Of course, he can keep the secret.”

Song Yunxuan gives the bank card in the wallet to Xiao Hong: “I’ll pay for the money for the meal. The password is 666666.”

Xiao Hong wants to refuse, but Song Yunxuan says: “I will repay everyone who helped me.”

Relatively, the person who harmed me, I will retaliate against him.

Song Yunxuan does not say the second half of the sentence and just let Xiao Hong leave first. She looks at Xiao Hong’s figure, stands for a moment, and then she knocks on Han Rujia’s door, but finds that the door is not closed.

The door is not locked. She gently pushes and the door opens.

After she enters the living room, she sees Han Rujia sitting on the sofa.

Hearing the sound, Han Rujia raises her head. Seeing Song Yunxuan, she has no expression and then looks down again.

Song Yunxuan takes out the checkbook and gives a blank one to her: “The truth is priceless. You are sad because of the truth. I want to make up for you. You can choose how much you want for mental compensation.”

Han Rujia takes the blank check and shreds it into two, and then tears it into four pieces. She tears it into pieces of the size of a snowflake, and then smiles and throws them: “I don’t want your money. Thank you for telling the truth and Shao Tianze’s true color during my lifetime, Miss Song.”

“What do you want?”

She slowly reaches out and touches her horrible face: “I… want my face.”

In the end, Song Yunxuan gives her a ticket to go abroad and a check of a million yuan.

She once promised Yi Xiaoning, as long as she tells that Venus was framed by Gu’s, she will send her for plastic surgery, to leave the city to avoid debtors, give her a house and several hundreds of thousands of yuan.

When she leaves, she only feels that Han Rujia won’t need a property because she must want to get away from this city and Shao Tianze.

Therefore, the property is better to be chosen by her.

Her life can start again once the cosmetic surgery succeeds, and the black cloud won’t cover her forever.

When Song Yunxuan leaves Han Rujia’s house, Shao Xue just arrives. Seeing her, she just asks “Have you solved it?”

Song Yunxuan nods: “I have solved it.”

In fact, the thing has been solved successfully.

It is the second day.

In the Yuncheng Morning Post, Han Rujia wearing a mask and sunglasses who is reported is going to fly to LA.

Yi Xiaoning and Venus sign a contract that Venus promises to restore Yi Xiaoning’s face to what it used to be within two years. It is also reported subsequently.

After reading the report on the table, Song Yunqiang asks Song Yunxuan: “I heard that Yi Xiaoning owed a huge amount of gambling debts.”

Song Yunxuan shows five fingers, Song Yunqiang guesses: “50 million?”

“Not so much, five million, I have let Childe Chu to pay back.”

Song Yunqiang shakes his head: “Five million can be called a huge amount? She is really poor.”

After reading the financial section of the morning paper, Song Yunxuan puts down the newspaper and starts eating: “Five million is a huge amount for ordinary people, but not for you.”

“Using an A-lister will only cost a couple of million yuan. Why don’t you propose that Childe Chu find an A-lister to endorse for Venus? Venus has been whitewashed anyway.”

Song Yunxuan sneers: “Is an A-lister willing to let me ruin her face and then restore it?”

Song Yunqiang is speechless.

Although Venus has been whitewashed, there is an urgent need for an opportunity to establish a brand and public reputation.

If Yi Xiaoning’s face is recovered, it will be the best chance to build a brand for Venus.

Song Yunxuan has thought clearly about the pros and cons of this matter, so she paid the five million gambling debts for Yi Xiaoning.

She tells others that Childe Chu paid the money because she wants the Song Family to think that it is Childe Chu’s idea and action.

Shao Tianze does not give up whitewashing the suspicion of destroying his peers for Tianxiang Salon. But the idea of destroying Gu Changge’s reputation has been given up.

Shao Tianze looks for a doctor who had surgery for Yi Xiaoning and Han Rujia, and bribes them to announce they were disfigured because of their mistakes. They apologize to Yi Xiaoning and Han Rujia respectively and ask them not to misunderstand Gu’s.

Gu’s also says generously that they will not sue Yi Xiaoning and Han Rujia for slandering them.

The reporters analyses the words and deeds of the two doctors and don’t trust them. They still believe that Gu’s is fooling people in order to protect Tianxiang Salon.

Venus was whitewashed and signed a cosmetic contract with Yi Xiaoning.

The public begin to pay attention to the rise of Venus. On the contrary, because of the damage of the reputation, Tianxiang Salon gradually begins to be cast aside, and people even suspect Gu’s new chairman’s ability and character.

In the first round, Song Yunxuan did not cause much damage to Gu’s, but the things she did has caused Shao Tianze troubles. Venus also began to rise on a free ride.

Fifteen days later, Yi Xiaoning attracts the attention of the outside media after the first cosmetic surgery. Her face has undergone tremendous changes and improvement compared with the disfigured appearance.

The media have thought that Yi Xiaoning can almost return to the appearance after the cosmetic surgery of Venus, and even become more beautiful than before.

When Chu Mochen has spare time, he listens to the Venus’ executive talking to him about Venus’s recent actions. He can’t help smiling. “Yunxuan are very good at business management.”

The executive was not optimistic about Sing Yunxuan at first. However, after a series of changes, he recognizes the 18-year-old girl’s ability.

“Childe Chu, Miss Song is a very competent girl.”

Chu Mochen nods: “I think so.”

After saying that, he suddenly says: “I haven’t seen her for a long time.”

The executive smiles: “Childe Chu, I heard from the staff who contacted with Miss Song a few days ago that Miss Song’s birthday happens to be on Christmas Day.”

Chu Mo Yu is a little surprised: “Is it?”

The executive nods: “Venus’s female employees have already begun to prepare gifts for Miss Song and want to invite Miss Song to have a dinner at her birthday.”

“I’m afraid she won’t be free. Help her to refuse.”

“Ok.” The executive nods immediately.


When Song Yunxuan receives a call from Chu Mochen, she has taken a shower and is reading the newspaper out of boredom. She suddenly sees the news about the Xue Family.

The title above is: The Wife Met the Mistress. Mrs. Xue Had a Strong Supporter to Win the Game completely.

Song Yunxuan smiles, and there is a call from Chu Mochen when she wants to call Song Yunying.

After she picks up, Chu Mochen speaks first: “Did you eat dinner?”

Song Yunxuan is in an unusual good mood and nods: “I have just eaten.”

Seeing her is in a good mood, Chu Mochen then asks: “Why are you so happy?”

“It is my privacy.”

The second half of the sentence of Chu Mochen is blocked by Song Yunxuan’s words.

There is a moment of silence over there, and Song Yunxuan reads the newspaper boringly: “Is there anything else? I am going to hang up.”

“Of course there is something.”

“Then let’s talk about it.”

“I am downstairs. Get dressed and come out.”

Song Yunxuan suddenly frowns, slams the newspaper all at once, gets up from the bed and goes to the window to open the curtains.

Downstairs, there is a man who is leaning in front of the blue Porsche and looking up at her.

The silhouette of the man’s face is very beautiful, because the phone near the ear lights his curved lips.

Such a handsome man, even actors can’t compete with him.

Song Yunxuan looks at him from the window. Looking at his beautiful eyes, she suddenly has a bad temper: “You are really annoying!”