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C71 - Why Seduce Him

C71 - Why Seduce Him

Ten minutes later.

Song Yunxuan is hastened by Song Yunqiang and finally goes downstairs.

“You are so unhurried. It’s rare for Childe Chu to have time to see you. And you are striking a pose here?”

Song Yunxuan looks rather unhappy.

Song Yunqiang pushes her towards Chu Mochen: “My sister has hypoglycemia. After having meals, she likes to take a nap as the elder will do. You see, she wasn’t born in a rich family but has a costly illness.”

Chu Mochen pushes Song Yunxuan who hasn’t got on the car, says good night to Song Yunqiang, and then leaves quickly.

Song Yunxuan feels drowsy sitting on the front passenger seat. And since she just took a shower, she is a little tired, holding her head and half-squinting her eyes. She looks attractive in this way.

Chu Mochen stops the car by the riverside. The night scene in front of the window does not make Song Yunxuan’s feel sober.

Chu Mochen doesn’t wake her up, just watching her holding her head with her hands and half-squinting. The woman looks so gorgeous in his eyes.

She is like a delicate flower that has just blossomed and makes people want to take good care of her. Her skin is fair, her lips are crimson and her eyebrows are similar to that of beauties in the painting.

You can pity her. However, if you want to touch her, you’ll be hurt and stopped by her thorns.

He recalls carefully. It’s the first time he has encountered such a delicate lady.

Chu Mochen gazes at her for a long time.

Song Yunxuan seems to become awake. She raises her eyelids sluggishly to look up at him: “Why do you always stare at me?”

“The night view of the riverside is very beautiful.Why don’t you have a look.”

“It has been the same for so many years.” It’s not novel to Song Yunxuan. Yuncheng’s night view is as beautiful as usual.

Chu Mochen reaches out his hands and rubs Song Yunxuan’s fair cheeks with a thumb. Then Song Yunxuan wakes up gradually.

When Chu Mochen leans over to press on her, Song Yunxuan immediately turns her head: “Look, the neon light of the Pearl Tower is on!”

The atmosphere that Chu Mochen has just made is ruined by her. He has no choice but to withdraw.

Song Yunxuan seems to fall in love with the night scene by the street. She is engrossed in appreciating it.

Chu Mochen takes a deep breath to calm himself down.

Song Yunxuan looks at the neon light on the Pearl Tower. When the pearl on the top of the Pearl Tower becomes bright, she suddenly smiles: “I have never found this tower to be so beautiful.”

“What have you been doing before?”

Song Yunxuan turns back and glances at him: “Nothing.”

She used to be busy analyzing the pros and cons and leading Gu’s to develop quickly. She felt that since her father had left Gu’s to her, she should make it run well, even only by herself.

She couldn’t be lazy just for just a while and she couldn’t cry when she falls but had to stand up and move on.

Even if the road ahead was full of thorns, she would go on, even by kneeling.

This belief had always supported her.

She didn’t dare to relax, to rest, and to play like her peers.

She went back to work even when her son was under three years old.

What she got was that people in Yuncheng had to look up to see the skyscraper where the office of Gu’s is in.

People admired her as well as Gu’s.

She not only inherited Gu’s from her father, but also made it more prosperous.

However, she did not have time to pass on Gu’s before her death.

The life of her was so short. She worked hard all the time, but she never appreciated the scenery around.

Now she has a chance to live again. She looks around and finds that the roadside scenery is much better than what is in front of her.

Chu Mochen sits in the car and watches the neon light before him.

Song Yunxuan becomes quiet.

She has been quiet for less than half an hour before she is back to normal again: “The whole Yucheng knew that you had won the project to build the Science and Technology City.”

Chu Mochen glances at her. He is unhappy because she brings up the work suddenly.

Song Yunxuan loses her interest in watching the night scene. Sitting in the leather seat, she says: “Could you tell me what do you think about the bidding of the Xue Family?”

Chu Mochen frowns: “The Song Family did not participate in this bidding.”

“What I asked was the Xue Family.”

Chu Mochen shakes his head: “Do you want to intervene in the Xue Family’s business?”

Song Yunxuan turns her head back to look at him: “The Xue Family’s daughter-in-law is my second eldest sister. She is a member of the Song family, so her business… is my business.”

There is a hint of coldness in Chu Mochen’s eyes: “Then wait until you become the daughter-in-law of the Chu Family to ask me about my work.”


Song Yunxuan nods, reaches out to open the door and wants to get off.

Chu Mochen feels that he is unreasonable when she opens the door.

She is always so ruthless to him that she never compromises with him.

It’s really frustrating and annoying.

He reaches out his hands to grab her wrist: “Where are you going?”

“If you don’t tell me, I will ask someone else. Anyway, you are not the only one in the bidding evaluation team.”

“But you should know that it’s me who play the decisive role.”

Song Yunxuan thinks about it and then asks him: “Then please tell me, what should I do to please you and you will let me know it?”

Chu Mochen glares at her: “Is it worth your effort to please others in order to know such an unimportant thing?”

“Yes.” Song Yunxuan nods, goes back to the car and closes the door. She moves her body slightly and rides on him all at once. “How about me pleasing you like this?”

“Have you ever pleased other men in the same way?” He says it coldly. There is a hint of gloominess in his eyes.

Song Yunxuan shakes her head: “I haven’t made you feel satisfied by doing this?”

Chu Mochen pushes her away from his body a little. His eyes twinkle when he sees her hanging hair.

Song Yunxuan is looking at him at the same time.

Chu Mochen feels the weight of this delicate woman on his body and says in a tight voice: “Come down please.”

“Why, you don’t like me to do this to you?”

“It is not like what you will do.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Since you know that I seldom do this, please don’t bring me to see the night scene at 10 o’clock in the evening anymore. I’m busy. I have many things to deal with. If you can’t give me what I need, why do you waste my time?”

Song Yunxuan wants to move back to her seat. But she is pulled back immediately.

Chu Mochen uses his big hands to hold her chin, forces her to raise her head and kisses her.

That scorching kiss makes her frown. She tries to push him back.

But he grabs her hands and snaps: ” I can’t help you? If I didn’t help you, you would have become the daughter-in-law of the Chu Family already. If I didn’t help you, can you still behave like this now?”

Grabbing her wrists, Chu Mochen begins to take off her clothes along her thin waist.

Song Yunxuan frowns, feeling that the man is kissing her shoulder. She tries hard to free her hand to hold his shoulder: “I am not your wife now. Don’t be rude to me.”

“Do you want to know if the Xue Family can win the bidding?”

Song Yunxuan thinks for a moment: “I am not going to influence your decision. I only hope you to tell me whether their bidding is in line with your intentions, so I can deal with the Xue Family better.”

Chu Mochen presses his body on her: “It depends on you tonight…”

“Wait, someone calls me.”

Not until Chu Mochen finishes his words, Song Yunxuan has raised her hand to cover her breasts and turned around to answer the phone calmly: “Hi, sister?”

Chu Mochen doesn’t move. Under Chu Mochen, Song Yunxuan puts a finger on his lips to give him a hint to be quiet.

Chu Mochen wants to take some deep breath. However, Song Yunxuan probably is afraid that his breath will be heard by someone else, so she uses her hand to cover his mouth and whispers to him: “Be quiet.”

Song Yunying says on the other side of the phone: “Yunxuan, thanks for your idea.”

“I am very happy that you have saved your marriage. You don’t need to thank me.”

Song Yunying is about to say something else when Song Yunxuan smiles slyly and says first: “But, my sister, you have to remember that although we have made peace with each other, this time you owe me.”

Song Yunying nods there: “Definitely, I will not forget what you did for me. Don’t worry.”

Song Yunxuan finishes that and wants to hang up the phone. Song Yunying suddenly asks: “Yunxuan, as for the Xue Family’s bidding…”

“I will help you with the matter. How about we meeting personally to talk about this?”

Song Yunying says: “Well, I actually miss our father. I will go to your place tonight.”

She must have known that Chu Mochen had taken her out tonight.

Song Yunxuan looks at Chu Mochen on her, whose mouth is covered by her hand, and frowns: “Well, I will wait for you at home.”

Having hung up the phone, she withdraws her hand. But Chu Mochen grabs her wrist and throws her mobile phone to the back seat.

Song Yunxuan shakes her head and blames him: “What if my mobile phone is broken? Why are you so rude?”

Chu Mochen twists his beautiful eyebrows.

Song Yunxuan frees her hand to smooth his eyebrows, hugs his neck and leans forward to him.

Unfortunately, this kiss is very short. Song Yunxuan frees herself from him quickly. It’s too late for Chu Mochen to pull her back. Then she apologizes: “I forget to tell you that I am menstruating. I can’t accompany you tonight.”

Chu Mochen’s face suddenly turns gloomy.

Song Yunxuan sees that he is fooled by her, smiles and moves away from him. She takes the phone from the behind seat and then starts to fix her seat belt in the passenger seat: “My birthday is at Christmas.Do you want to be with me?”

Chu Mochen almost squeezes out a word from his teeth: “Sure!”

Song Yunxuan nods gently: “Great. Now please send me home. I saw someone holding a camera run across the car. I hope they didn’t get anything.”

Chu Mochen sits in the driver’s seat, turns to look at Song Yunxuan and says gloomily: “You knew that we were followed when we set off?”

“That’s why I seduced you.”

Chu Mochen starts the car then clenches his hands tightly.

“This woman is so cunning.” He thinks to himself.

Song Yunxuan who is sitting in the car is taking a nap.

The one who sent people to follow them doesn’t belong to the Song Family. He or she probably is from the Gu Family.

After all, the Gu Family has been competing with the Chu Family. And the marriage of Chu Mochen is one of the topics that the media is obsessed with.

Gu’s suffered a lot from the matter of Venus. It’s normal that Gu’s want to let the Chu Family pay the price.

If people are informed that it is not her, Song Yunxuan, but someone else made love in the car with Chu Mochen, it will not only be a discredit to Chu Mochen but also a discredit to her, Song Yunxuan.

That will be no good for both the Chu Family and the Song Family.

In this case, it’s better for her to get along well with Chu Mochen.

She can rely on Chu Mochen. She will maintain his reputation and character and make use of them for her interest.