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C72 - Shao Xue Was Bulled

C72 - Shao Xue Was Bulled

Chu Mochen sends Song Yunxuan back. The neon light along the way lights the face of Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan is quiet like a harmless porcelain doll.

When she gets off the car, Chu Mochen suddenly grabs her hand, holds her chin and leans over to kiss her.

Song Yunxuan does not move, letting him kiss her.

When he finishes kissing, he asks her: “Why didn’t you resist?”

“It is a compensation for you.”


Song Yunxuan nods, pulls her hand out of his big hand and smiles: “This is the compensation for fooling you before.”

He sees her smile and his eyelids twitch a little. He does not argue with her.

He has known since he met Song Yunxuan that she gets acquaintance to people with intention. She doesn’t change at all.

However, as time goes by, he seems to get used to it.

As long as the woman is not going too far, he will tolerate her.

After Song Yunxuan gets off the car, the smile on her face disappears. She reaches out to touch her lips. It seems that Chu Mochen’s kiss lingers there.

He is very gentle.

It is rare for him.

She likes gentle people and gentle kisses. Such a kiss is neither oppressive nor aggressive. Besides, it does not make her feel tired, so she likes it.

But Chu Mochen’s kisses, at most of the time, are rude and urgent.

So, she resists, repels, and resents those kisses.

Chu Mochen goes into the house with Song Yunxuan. Seeing they are coming, Song Yunying who is sitting on the sofa and chatting with Song Yunqiang immediately stands up and says smilingly: “What a coincidence. Childe Chu also comes here.”

Chu Mochen is a little unhappy: “When we were dating, Yunxuan suddenly received your call anad we came back together.”

The implication is that Song Yunying called at a wrong time. They were enjoying their time when Song Yunying called and she disturbed the appointment.

Song Yunying is clever. She knows what Chu Mochen means, so she apologizes immediately: “Childe Chu, I am really sorry for disturbing your date.”

Chu Mochen doesn’t reply. Song Yunxuan smiles: “We were going to come back when you called. You didn’t disturb us”

After saying that, she looks at Chu Mochen thoughtfully.

Looking at Song Yunxuan’s smiling face, Chu Mochen feels a little annoyed.

Seeing all this, Song Yunqiang asks Chu Mochen to have a cup of tea. Chu Mochen declines and leaves.

Song Yunying sees that Chu Mochen leaves and feels a little worried: “Yunxuan, have you made Childe Chu upset?”

Song Yunxuan nods: “I asked him about the Xue Family’s bidding. He said it’s none of my business.”

Song Yunying hesitates for a while and then comforts her: “Most of men don’t like women to ask them about their work.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “But I asked carefully for the Xue Family. Childe Chu said it hadn’t been decided yet. But Xuri Construction, which gets along well with Gu’s, also bid for that. Their architecture drawing is as good as yours.”

Song Yunying is surprised. She frowns and asks: “What do you mean ‘as good as our drawing’?”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head: “I just wanted to ask him that when you called. So, he sent me back. I am sorry, sister. I can’t help you.”

Song Yunying murmurs “Xuri Construction.” She seems like being distracted and says nothing.

Song Yunxuan is confused. She asks: “Sister, do you know Xuri Construction?”

Song Yunying shakes her head: “No, not at all. But it sounds familiar.”

After saying it, she sees Song Yunxuan who still looks confused and gets up immediately: “Xue Tao may come back earlier this evening. I am going to leave now. See you later.”

After saying that, Song Yunying leaves with a strange look.

Song Yunqiang sends Song Yunying out. When he comes back to the living room, he finds that Song Yunxuan has returned to her room.

He was wondering just now that how did his two little sisters get along better. Now, seeing that Song Yunxuan returns to her room immediately after Song Yunying leaves, he knows that they are not as close as they seem.

No one will know what they can do for the Song Family if they unite together.

Their father has not recovered.

He will make a will soon.

Thinking of this, Song Yunqiang squints.

There are only few days left to their father. As the only son of the Song family, he must seize the opportunity to become the head of the family.


Returning to her room, Song Yunxuan skims through the new magazine of Fanxing Magazine -Junzimou. The first issue features Yuncheng’s superstar Luo Xi.

Because of that, the magazine immediately swept the entire Yuncheng once it was released.

The reason why Luo Xi agreed to be interviewed by Fanxing Magazine is that Song Yunxuan wrote a letter to him in Gu Changge’s handwriting.

When Luo Xi was young, he received financial support from Gu Changge.

Other periodical office and weekly magazines of fashion all failed to interview him.

But Song Yunxuan just wrote a fifty-word-long letter and then got the precious opportunity to interview him.

Luo Xi is a grateful man. He did not strike a pose but received the interview without pay. He also spared a whole day for the interview.

This day was enough for him to take an advertisement which would bring him a billion yuan.

At the end of the interview, he insisted on meeting the person who sent the letter. Song Yunxuan asked Xiao Hong to decline him.

Luo Xi gave Xiao Hong his phone number and then left.

Skimming through the magazine, Song Yunxuan thinks of Luo Xi’s phone number. She finds the number and then records it in her mobile phone.

Maybe this phone number will be useful one day.

After all, in this world, people can be useful no matter how far he is.

For example, she made use of Luo Xi.

And she is going to make use of Xuri Construction now.

She smiles involuntarily when she thinks of Xuri Construction.

Xuri Construction is a nominal company of Chen Xuri. However, when she, Gu Changge, was twenty-seven years old, she intentionally started to contact with all the architects of the Xuri Construction and hired some elite architects with high salary.

After the elite architects of the Xuri Construction had left, Xuri Construction had to accept Gu Changge to become its shareholder.

Because Gu’s required to buy a large proportion of share, Xuri Construction finally refused after considering it.

However, after half a year, Xuri Construction was merged and controlled by Gu’s.

Chen Xuri is a person with high self-esteem. He didn’t want to give in to Gu’s. He felt ashamed that Xuri Construction which he had inherited from his family was merged by Gu’s. He was so miserable that he was determined to jump off from his office at Xuri Construction.

However, he was dissuaded by Gu Changge in the end. Gu Changge let him still be the president of the Xuri Construction and promised she would not announce the merger.

After so many years, only the core members of Gu’s know that Xuri Construction has already belonged to Gu’s.

The outsiders think that Xuri Construction gets along well with Gu’s. They don’t know that Xuri Construction actually belongs to Gu’s.

After Xuri Construction merged into Gu’s, it has won a foothold in the construction industry for Gu’s.

A foothold in the construction industry is quite important for Gu’s.

She once valued Xuri Construction very much and felt that the merger of Xuri Construction made Gu’s more powerful.

However, she is not Gu Changge now.

In order to beat Gu’s and make Shao Tianze step down from Gu’s chairman, she has to re-examine the situation and separate Xuri Construction from Gu’s.

In other words, she is going to weaken Gu’s subcompanies.

She told Song Yunying today that Xuri Construction was competing with the Xue Family. Thus, the Xue Family will do it’s best to beat Xuri Construction.

To beat Shao Tianze, she needs some help.

When the Xue Family is dealing with Xuri Construction, she can do something else.

She smiles and feels that her mood is getting better and better.

Next morning, Yuncheng Morning Post reports that Chu Mochen had sex with Song Yunxuan in the car as expected.

Moreover, there is a photo on it in which they are arguing in the car.

Song Yunqiang sends a copy of the newspaper to his father and then comes back to sit by the dining table. He clears his throat and then asks: “Yunxuan, father said that since you have not yet got married, you should try to avoid such news in the future.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Brother, please tell father that this is not true. Chu Mochen didn’t do anything to me last night. You can ask him if you don’t believe it.”

Song Yunqiang replies awkwardly: “I won’t intervene in your personal business. Although Childe Chu is going to marry you, father considers that you have not officially announced your engagement with him and such scandals will damage your reputation.”

Song Yunxuan frowns. She is a little annoyed: “I feel I have been followed in the past few days. Childe Chu also found that when he dated with me yesterday. He asked me if I knew the people who were following me. Brother, the whole thing must be done by the people who followed me. Please help me to find out who they are.”

Song Yunqiang looks gloomy: “Don’t worry. Let me help you get rid of those people.”

Song Yunxuan nods then says seriously: “Childe Chu suggested that if these people continue to follow me, I should call the police.”

Cold sweat oozes out from Song Yunqiang’s forehead. However, he speaks to her smilingly: “Well, Yunxuan, don’t worry about these things. I will help you deal with it, okay?”

Song Yunxuan nods and then stops asking.

Song Yunqiang realizes that the people he has sent to follow Song Yunxuan should be called back. If it is discovered that he, Song Yunxuan’s brother, has sent people to follow his sister, it will bring trouble for him.

If media exaggerates that, it will bring discredit to the Song Family.

Finishing his meal, Song Yunqiang calls the person who is responsible for following Song Yunxuan: “How about finding other things to do these days?”

The person who answers the phone says: “Yes.”

Song Yunxuan receives a phone call from Xiao Hong who seems to be worried in the phone: “Miss Song, can you come to the office today?”

Song Yunxuan feels that Xiao Hong’s tone is strange and asks with doubt: “What happened?”

Xiao Hong turns down her voice: “Shao Xue was bullied by the Gu Family.”