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C74 - A Blunt Knife

C74 - A Blunt Knife

Shao Tianze knits his eyebrows and doesn’t speak for a long time. He certainly knows that it is another tricky problem for him to solve.

Gu Changle takes the drawing from Chen Xuri’s hands, looks at it carefully and then says: “Please fax a copy of it to me. We will reply to you tomorrow.”

Chen Xuri takes the drawing back. His look is serious: “Sorry to trouble Chairman Shao and Miss Gu for this. It depends on you, then.”

Shao Tianze nods and then leaves with Gu Changle.

On the way back home, Gu Changle frowns. Shao Tianze, however, starts to consider the reason why the Xue Family did this to Xuri Construction.

Gu Changle is in a fret. Her beautiful eyes squint and she then says: “Xue Tao, the chairman of Xue’s, can’t be so canny. The idea must be presented by his parents.”

Shao Tianze nods: “Xue’s has been in construction industry in Yuncheng for more than 20 years. Xue’s and Xuri Construction have been getting along well these years. Why does Xue’s start to treat Xuri Construction as its enemy?”

Gu Changle bends her fingers and replies without considering: “They were afraid of Gu Changge before. Now Gu Changge is dead, so they have no scruple to make trouble for Gu’s. They don’t think you are as tough as Gu Changge.”

Shao Tianze sneers: “Really?”

Gu Changle turns to look at Shao Tianze’s handsome face and leans over to whisper in his ear: “They think that you are weaker than Gu Changge, so they make trouble for you. But I know better than them that you are not weak at all.”

After saying that, Gu Changle leans over to hold his neck and give a kiss on his cheek.

Shao Tianze frowns: “We are on the way home and I am still driving.”

“You had been with my sister for so many years. She definitely would not let you kiss her in the car, right? Do you want to make love with me in the car?” When she says this, she suddenly thinks of the headline in the front page of Yuncheng Morning Post this morning, “The 18-year-old daughter of the Song Family had sex with Chu Mochen in the car yesterday evening!”

Gu Changle feels upset when she thinks about that.

Shao Tianze does not refuse her suggestion immediately. He says to her softly: “Wait until I stop the car at home.”

Gu Changle hears it, smiles brightly and then moves her soft body back to the passenger seat.

But as she moves, a silver-white car appears in the fork ahead.

Shao Tianze turns the steering wheel immediately in order to avoid the crash. However, he finds that car doesn’t slow down at all. It almost comes straight to them!

“Ah!”Gu Changge screams as the brake screeches.

The two cars collide together. Because the other car drives behind them, Shao Tianze’s car is damaged more seriously.

Under the road lights, Shao Tianze kicks open the door of the seriously damaged car and hurries to drag out the woman who has passed out in the passenger seat.

“Changle! Changle! How are you? Changle?”

He drags the woman who has passed out in the seat out of the car and then starts to pat her face at the roadside.

However, after being patted for a while, Gu Changle still doesn’t respond at all.

Shao Tianze turns back anxiously to see if there are some cars passing by. However, although this road is not far away from the bustling area of Yuncheng, most of vehicles passing by are private cars at this time in the evening.

Those private cars don’t stop for them. People are so indifferent these years.

Shao Tianze is rather worried. He keeps patting Changle’s face.

Gu Changle who is lying in his arms remains motionless.

Shao Tianze sees that her lips turn pale gradually and reaches out to check her pulse. He is afraid that her heart will stop beating after the shock. They can’t stand losing another heart.

Fortunately, he can feel that her heart is beating.

The car that collides with his car is also seriously damaged. Shao Tianze starts to look for the mobile phone he carries with, wanting to dial the emergency number. However, he does not find it.

At the moment, he suddenly hears a brake sound comes from the roadside.

Shao Tianze looks up and finds that it is the car that has drove pass them before. It stops at the side of the road not far away from here.

Two young girls get off the car.

One of them runs towards them quickly, her short black hair waving in the wind.

When the girl runs closer, Shao Tianze is surprised: “Shao Xue?”

Shao Xue comes over and sees ShaoTianze who holds Gu Changle in his arms. She is shocked: “Brother, what happened to sister Changle?”

Shao Tianze’s face is pale: “A car rushes out at the fork towards us. I couldn’t avoid it in time. We collided. Fortunately, I was not injured. But Changle fainted.”

Shao Xue squats down to touch Changle’s face: “We must take sister Changle to the hospital as soon as possible.”

When Shao Tianze is about to say that there is no car, a girl who is gasping behind them says: “You can use my car.”

Hearing the clear voice, Shao Tianze turns to see the one who are speaking.

It’s Song Yunxuan in a camel-colored cashmere coat. She is bending over to gasp there.

She doesn’t seem to exercise very often. She gasps heavily even though she has run only a few steps.

Shao Tianze holds Gu Changle in his arms and answers Song Yunxuan: “Let’s go then. Sorry to bother you.”

Song Yunxuan smiles: “It doesn’t bother me at all.”

It indeed doesn’t bother her. She is waiting for this opportunity to send them to the hospital. Now, here comes her opportunity.

Because Gu Changle has fainted, ShaoTianze gets on the car quickly.

Song Yunxuan’s driver starts the car. Shao Xue and Shao Tianze are taking care of Gu Changle at the back seat. They arrive at the People’s Hospital fifteen minutes later.

Song Yunjia has been informed, too. She is waiting at the hospital’s door. The stretcher and the instruments are already there.

Gu Changle, being held in Shao Tianze’s arms, gets off the car. Song Yunjia let paramedics put Gu Changle on the stretcher quickly and push her to the operating room for inspection and rescue.

Shao Tianze goes after them. Shao Xue also follows them. Song Yunxuan, however, stands at the door of the hospital for a while and then returns to her car.

She receives a call. The voice of the man in the phone trembles: “I hit the black car whose plate number contains three-six as you asked. But if it is investigated…”

“Don’t worry, the surveillance camera there has been broken for a long time.”

Hearing that, the man doesn’t continue to ask.

Song Yunxuan looks at the hospital’s door and lowers her voice: “Don’t show up in Yuncheng anymore. I will send the money to your account.”

“That woman is alive, right?”

“Yes, she is alive.”

The man wants to hang up the phone after hearing that.

However, Song Yunxuan adds unhurriedly: “Although they are both alive, I can’t tell if you can be alive once they find that you have deliberately hit them.”

The man is shocked by her words. He promises to her: “I guarantee that I will leave Yuncheng immediately and I will definitely let no one find me!”

Song Yunxuan smiles and hangs up the phone.

It’s easy to let timid people keep a secret.

She always likes using sharp knives, even if they may cut her own hand. Now, those sharp knives have been bought by people who are more powerful than her.

She can only use these blunt knives.

But it doesn’t matter. As long as it is a knife, she can use it to remove her opponents’ bones. After all, she is Gu Changge.


Gu Changle is transferred to the intensive care unit after being examined and rescued in the operating room.

Song Yunjia takes off her mask and comes towards Shao Tianze. Shao Tianze asks anxiously: “How is she?”

“She didn’t suffer severe injuries. But her heart is very fragile. She should avoid this kind of shock. Otherwise, it will easily lead to premature heart failure.”

Hearing Gu Changle is alright, Shao Tianze finally relieves.

Song Yunjia takes off disposable gloves and throws them into the garbage can next to her: “Your sister has been worried about Gu Changle. I can see that she is very close to you. She is very concerned about your lover.”

When Song Yunjia says this, she feels a little sad.

Shao Tianze smiles: “Shao Xue is a good girl. She treats everyone with kindness”

Song Yunjia does not believe it. But she does not refute.

“Are you going to the ward to see her now?”

“Since Shao Xue is there with her, I will visit her later.”

“I don’t think you can leave tonight. Let’s go downstairs to have a cup of coffee. You can refresh yourself with it. Changle needs to be taken care of tonight.”

Shao Tianze shows a smile and agrees: “Alright.”

They go downstairs to have coffee in a cafe. The café is very clean.It’s ten o’clock in the evening and there are a few people who are patients’ relatives having simple dinner there.

Shao Tianze sits by the window and watches the dark night outside.

Song Yunjia is very confused: “When Changle was discharged from the hospital, I told you to make sure she has a good rest. Why did you take her out so late? Did you date together tonight?”

She knows that there is a famous western restaurant in that area. The French dishes in the restaurant taste authentic.

Song Yunjia suspects that they have had a romantic appointment tonight.

Shao Tianze puts his arms on the table, lowers his eyelashes and takes a sip of the coffee: “No. In fact, we went to handle a problem.”

“What’s the problem?” Song Yunjia is curious.

Shao Tianze says: “Do you know Xuri Construction?”

Song Yunjia frowns, thinks about it for a while and then answers him uncertainly: “You refers to the Xuri Construction whose president wanted to jump off the roof but was dissuaded by Gu Changge?”

Shao Tianze nods. He praises Song Yunjia with a smile: “You have a good memory as you did in college.”

Song Yunjia cherishes the days in university, because she met Shao Tianze then. She can remember everything happened in college.

She is pleasant that Shao Tianze praises her and he still remembers the thing happened in college.

Song Yunjia’s voice becomes soft: “Xuri Construction belongs to Gu’s, doesn’t it? What happened?”

Shao Tianze replies: “It is true that Xuri Construction belongs to Gu’s. The problem was caused by the Xue Family, which your younger sister married into.