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C77 - Yuncheng Private Primary School

C77 - Yuncheng Private Primary School

Song Yunying does not dare to talk much about the child, because this child is not Xue Tao’s.

She can’t tell anyone this secret. It’s already terrible that Song Yunxuan has known it. It will bring her a lot of troubles if another person knows.

The secret is the Achilles’ heel of her and she is tight-lipped about it to Song Yunjia.

The waiter quickly brings two cups of hot cocoa. Song Yunjia looks up at Song Yunying: “I heard that you have been getting along well with the Xue Family.”

“Don’t you want me to get along well with the Xue Family?”

Song Yunjia shakes her head: “No, I am just afraid that you are so close to the Xue Family that you can’t distinguish between your friends and your enemies.”

Song Yunjia is confused because of her sister’s words. With a streak of coldness in her eyes, she holds the cup of hot cocoa with both hands and says: “You are my sister, if there is something you want to let me know, tell me about it. Don’t beat about the bush.”

Song Yunjia nods and looks at her coldly: “Since you want me to tell you, I will be outspoken about it.”


“Are the Xue Family’s building drawings of Science and Technology City similar to Xuri Construction’s drawings?”

Song Yunying was looking at the hot cocoa in the cup before. Hearing this, she looks up and replies with dissatisfaction: “Sister, you are wrong, the building drawings of Xuri Construction are similar to the Xue Family’s drawings.”

“But I have investigated it. Xuri Construction has never had the situation in the past 20 years. How can their drawings appear the same as Xue’s after you marrying into the Xue’s Family?”

Song Yunying stands up quickly: “Sister, do you suspect that I gave the Xue Family the idea to frame up Xuri Construction?”

Song Yunying is not stupid, of course. She knows what her sister means.

Seeing that Song Yunying is so excited, Song Yunjia says coldly: “Please calm down. Sit down and listen to me. I don’t mean that.”

“Sister, after I got married to Xue Tao, you have never come to the Xue Family to see me. Why do you think that the Xue Family values me so much?”

Song Yunjia gets up and presses Song Yunying to the seat: “Don’t be so excited. It’s not good for your child’s health. Calm down and let me tell you in detail.”

Sitting in her seat, Song Yunying feels annoyed that her sister suddenly intervenes in the Xue Family’s business.

“Sister, you haven’t been to the Xue Family. You don’t know the Xue Family does not value me as much as you think. Xue Tao doesn’t stay home at night but goes out flirting with other women. I can do nothing about it. How can I intervene in the decision of the Xue Family?”

Song Yunjia does not reply.

Song Yunying can’t help talking: “Sister, you have to know that Xue Tao’s parents are stubborn and mean. I can stay there just because I’m pregnant. I don’t dare to intervene in their business.”

Song Yunjia looks up: “But I heard that you have been valued by your in-laws recently in the Xue Family.”

Song Yunying frowns and asks: “Who told you that?”

“Tianze told me.”

Song Yunying becomes silent. She doesn’t know that Shao Tianze knows so much about the situation of the Xue Family.

Song Yunjia says: “Yunying, do you know, in fact, father supports Gu’s?”

“How does it relate to Xuri Construction?”

Song Yunjia sighs: “Xuri Construction was merged by Gu’s secretly five years ago. But the chairman of Xuri Construction, Chen Xuri, regarded it as a disgrace. So, Gu’s did not release the information.”

Song Yunying feels that her eyelids are twitching. When she looks at Song Yunjia this time, Song Yunjia has had a sulky expression.

When she is about to say something, a man comes into the restaurant through the entrance.

This man with blue bangs has earrings on his ears.

Song Yunjia doesn’t like him.

The man says gently to Song Yunying: “Yunying, our parents have called us to go back. Hi, sister, you are here too.”

Song Yunjia doesn’t like Xue Tao at all. She nods at Xue Tao out of courtesy then stands up to talk to Song Yunying: “After going back, tell Xue Tao to dye his hair back. The blue bang looks so weird. I can’t believe you can tolerate that.”

Song Yunying hangs a smile: “I am different from you. I can’t fall in love with a gentleman. Xue Tao suits me well.”

Xue Tao is a little far away from them. When he comes closer, Song Yunjia deliberately lowers her voice, so Xue Tao does not hear what they said.

When Xue Tao approaches, Song Yunying takes a few steps to grab his hand and says with pleasure: “I told sister that you have become a good dad.”

Xue Tao smiles shyly at her. In fact, he is not used to be called as dad: “After all, it is my child.”

Song Yunjia takes a sip of the hot cocoa and then wants to pay the bill.

Xue Tao wants to use his credit card to pay the bill for Song Yunjia. He says very politely to Song Yunjia: “Sister, let me pay it.”

Song Yunjia does not let him pay the bill. She takes out some change to the waiter, looks at Xue Tao with a smile and says seriously: “You don’t have to pay the bill for me. Taking good care of Yunying is what you should do”

“Don’t worry. I will take good care of Yunying.”

Song Yunjia nods and then leaves: “I still have work to do. See you.”

Song Yunying and Xue Tao watch Song Yunjia leaving.

When they get on the car, Song Yunying says: “Fortunately, you came in time.”

“You were scolded by your sister?”

Song Yunying shakes her head: “No, my sister was talking about our family’s business with me.”

Xue Tao sneers and his politeness disappears. He starts to mock Song Yunjia: “This old woman seems to have no interest about business. But once your father is dead, she might want to get the legacy most. You’d better have an eye on her.”

Song Yunying does not argue for her sister but turns to speak to Xue Tao seriously: “My sister told me that the Xue Family had copied the architectural drawings of Xuri Construction. She wants me to support Gu’s. She said that Xuri Construction belongs to Gu’s.

Xue Tao starts the car and sneers: “Song Yunjia is such a busybody. She is putting her finger into our pie. Since Xuri Construction already belongs to Gu’s, we can’t get much profit from Gu’s. We would better ally with Chu’s to fight against Xuri Construction. Why do we have to do as her say?”

Hearing Xue Tao’s words, Song Yunying smiles: “You have a good understanding of business relations. How about dying your hair black and going to work from tomorrow?”

After saying that, she reaches out to touch his bang.

Xue Tao moves her hand away impatiently: “I don’t have time to do that. Don’t meddle in my business. The color of my hair doesn’t important. The most important thing is that you make sure you can get money from your dad when he dies!”

Song Yunying is stunned by Xue Tao’s words.

Although it seems that Xue Tao treats her well, he bears in mind that Song Yunying parted he and Zhang Xiao.

But if she hadn’t let Zhang Xiao keep away from him, she would be restless.

After a long while, she takes her hand back and puts it on her belly. She smiles, even though she doesn’t know why she is smiling.


Song Yunxuan gets off the car in a cashmere coat. Because of the snow, the road outside is slippery.

She slips and almost falls, but Chu Mochen behind her immediately supports her. ”

“Be careful.” Chu Mochen says

Song Yunxuan smiles: “The road is slippery when it is snowy. It doesn’t matter if I slip and fall.”

Chu Mochen grabs her hand and walks with her: “You can fall before. But now I am here with you, you can’t fall. If people see you fall, they will think that I didn’t take good care of you.”

“No, they won’t. I should take care of myself.”

Chu Mochen is surprised by her reply.

When he turns to look at Song Yunxuan, he finds that she is smiling and looks fresh-faced. She seems happy.

“It sounds like you have suffered a lot. Have you had a hard time in Qingcheng?”

Song Yunxuan thinks about it and then shakes her head: “No.”

The former Song Yunxuan is already dead. It doesn’t matter what kind of life she had lived before.

When a person dies, nothing matters to him anymore.

However, her Gu Changge has become Song Yunxuan. She will get everything that should have belonged to Song Yunxuan.

“Would you like me to give you a drive? It’s tiring to take a long walk in a snowy day.”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head: “I seldom have free time to go for a walk like this. If you have other things to do, you don’t have to be with me.”

Hearing that, Chu Mochen takes a deep breath and feels depressed.

He is unnecessary to Song Yunxuan, which makes him upset.

They walk forward. Suddenly they hear a pleasant ring.

Hearing the ring, Song Yunxuan looks up and stops.

Seeing her stop, Chu Mochen looks at the direction which she is looking at. Ahead of them is a school and the ring signifies the ending of class.

The design of the school’s doorway is simple and elegant. The words—Yuncheng Private Primary School is engraved on the tablet besides the doorway.

This is the best as well as the most expansive school in Yuncheng.

It is a boarding school. Students are enrolled according to the assessment of the assets of their parents’ company. The arrangement of the seats is according to the assets of their parents, either. The dormitory consists of double or single rooms, with special cleaners to serve them.

Despite the strict hierarchy in the school, the students’ academic performance is good.

Gu Changge had been the eighth student that ranked first in the province in the school.

Song Yunxuan watches the school.

Chu Mochen thinks that Song Yunxuan is curious about the school and explains to her: “This is the most famous private elementary school in Yuncheng. The students who are studying there are the children of the upper class. Your older brother and two older sisters are all graduated from this school.”

“How about you?”

Being asked, Chu Mochen smiles and says: “I only studied for half a year here and then I studied alone at home.”


“The only child of the family seldom studies here, because he is the family’s only successor. If he is injured, it will affect the family.”

This is not exaggeration. This school had enrolled the only child of the Li Family. The child died in the school because of a push, which causes a sharp fall of the Li Family’s share. It cost the Li Family a lot.

Gu Changge had been studying here for six years and she was the only child of the family who was placed in the school.

You have to know, there were a lot of people who wanted to kill this girl who would inherit Gu’s.

Remembering the days in here before, Gu Changge smiles gently. A child comes out of the school gate. Seeing that, she says: “Here comes she.”