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C78 - Favorite Daughter

C78 - Favorite Daughter

Song Yunxuan’s voice is soft.

Chu Mochen is shocked for a while and looks what she is looking at.

He discovers that a little girl with a dark red beret comes out of the Yuncheng Private Primary School.

The child has silky long hair to the chest and big eyes. She pouts and turns to look at the little boy who walks quickly and stops next to her.

The little boy seems to be very concerned about her. He frowns, grabs her little hand and reprimands her discontentedly.

The little girl lowers her head and stands still.

Chu Mochen looks at the two children, arches an eyebrow and turns to look at Song Yunxuan: “Do you know these two children?”

Song Yunxuan smiles softly: “I don’t know them.”

She says that she doesn’t know, but she is actually lying.

He grabs her hand and pulls her away: “Now that you don’t know them, let’s go.”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t refuse and follows him: “You should know the two children?”

Chu Mochen’s suddenly stops and slightly changes his expression. His voice is low: “It’s the eldest son and the little daughter of Gu Changge.”

“What are their names?”

“The boy is Gu Yi, the girl is Gu Miaomiao.”

Song Yunxuan nods and murmurs: “They are really cute.”

Seeing she talk about the two children who she does not know so calmly, Chu Mochen can’t help suspecting: “They are just children.”

“I know.” Song Yunxuan knows what he means.

Chu Mochen thinks that she has a deep conflict with Shao Tianze, which is difficult to resolve, and even thinks that she will vent her anger on Shao Tianze’s two children.

However, Chu Mochen will never know.

They are her children.

She will not hurt them anyway.

Song Yunxuan is pulled away by Chu Mochen. After walking for a long time, she turns back and looks at them quietly.

Chu Mochen notices that she turns back and looks at her, frowning and pushing her into the car.

Song Yunxuan does not say a word, watching Chu Mochen walks around the car to the driver’s seat and starts it.

She doesn’t look around again, but reaches out and touches her forehead.

Chu Mochen starts the car and leaves the private elementary school.

Song Yunxuan’s face begins to have a slight redness, and it is not normal.

Chu Mochen finds that she is very unnatural and asks her: “Are you all right?”

“I am a little uncomfortable after being blown by the wind just now.” Her voice is a little weak.

Chu Mochen looks at her appearance and finds that her face is turning red and her eyes seems to be tired and misty.

Song Yunxuan holds her forehead and speaks to him in a low voice: “I am really sorry. I feel sick. Can you send me home for a rest?”

“Go to my house, I can take care of you.”

Song Yunxuan touches her forehead with one hand, shakes her hand and refuses him: “I can only fall asleep in my bed. The more I get sick, the more I need my bed. I feel unsettled without my bed.”

Chu Mochen is very helpless. He can only send her back to the house of the Song family.

Entering the house, Song Yunqiang looks surprised: “Why do you come back so early?”

Song Yunqiang thinks that since his sister goes out to date with Chu Mochen, at least they will come back at night or even won’t return.

He didn’t expect that Song Yunxuan is sent back by Chu Mochen so early.

Song Yunqiang is confused and he asks Chu Mochen carefully: “Childe Chu, is she capricious?”

Chu Mochen smiles without saying anything. Seeing that the servant supports Song Yunxuan who is tottering back to the room, Chu Mochen says: “Your sister suffers poor health recently, let her rest.”

Song Yunqiang nods and sends Chu Mochen to go out.

After Chu Mochen leaves, Song Yunqiang still frowns.

Yunxuan suffers poor health?

The maid said that she wouldn’t catch a cold once a year in Qingcheng.

How can she suddenly become a petite girl who can’t be blown by the wind after returning to the prosperous city?

Song Yunqiang can’t understand it. He eats dinner alone and calls his eldest sister Song Yunjia.

After Song Yunjia receives a call from her older brother, she asks him: “Is father Ok?”

Song Yunqiang looks at the second floor and says: “The doctor said that there is nothing wrong with him. Would you like to come back and see him?”

Hearing the answer from her brother, Song Yunjia is reassured and says: “Since Dad is ok, I am not in a hurry to come back. When I am not busy, I will go home and see him.”

Song Yunqiang still wants to ask something, but Song Yunjia hangs up the phone.

Song Yunqiang’s eyelids convulse and he puts the microphone back on the golden phone rack.

Some mood lingers on in his eyes, and then he goes up to his father’s room.

Song Yan lies on the bed and the sound of his breath becomes louder. The doctor’s phone number is always put near him in case of any emergency and there is a special maid who takes care of him.

After Song Yunqiang comes in, Song Yan seems to hear the footsteps. In the white mist of the humidifier, he opens his eyes, looks at him and struggles to get up.

Song Yunqiang rushes to lift his father from the bed and then puts a cushion behind his father. Then he finds a chair to sit next to the bed and talks to his father.

“Dad, how are you feeling these days?”

Song Yan has heavy dark circles. He talks hardly: “The weather is getting colder and colder, I’m sick… I’m sick. It’s becoming serious…”

Song Yunqiang presses his chest to help him breathe: “Dad, when the weather is not cold, you will be healthy again.”

Song Yan nods and raises his head. His turbid eyes look at Song Yunqiang: “If I had any problem, you must let Yunjia come back…”

Although Song Yunjia does not want to inherit the business of the Song family, Song Yunjia is the only child of Song Yan’s legitimate wife.

In the ancient times, in this family, only Song Yunjia is the legitimate child of Song Yan.

And Song Yunqiang, Song Yunying, Song Yunxuan, they are just illegitimate children of Song Yan.

Song Yunqiang nods: “Dad, you don’t need to worry. I have already called Yunjia just now. Yunjia said that if she is not busy, she will come back to see you.”

Song Yan’s eyes become dim in a moment, and his mouth murmurs two words: “…not busy?”

Song Yunqiang nods.

Song Yan does not speak, but his eyes show disappointment to Song Yunjia.

His eldest daughter pays all her attention to Shao Tianze and disregards everything. Even Shao Tianze loves other women, she does not give up.

She is more intimate with Shao Tianze than with her biological father.

He is seriously ill in bed. However, his daughter will visit him until she is not busy.

After saying that, he understands.

It is really disappointing.

Song Yan lowers his head and his turbid eyes become gloomy and deep.

At this moment, a servant’s low voice suddenly comes from the door: “Miss Yunxuan? Miss Yunxuan, why don’t you come in? What are you doing outside? Come in quickly.”

The servant let Song Yunxuan come in.

Song Yunxuan looks in uneasily from the door and her voice is low: “I just let the cook make some chicken soup. I bring some for dad.”

Song Yan hears the sound and looks at her. His eyes are full of disappointment and he sighs: “I am very ill. You are so considerate, come in.”

Song Yunxuan stands at the door without moving, and her voice is low: “Dad, I just went out and caught a cold. I will not go in. If it is transmitted to you, I am afraid that it is not good for your health.”

Song Yan doesn’t insist and nods: “Go to rest early.”

Song Yunxuan hands the chicken soup to the maid who nurses Song Yan and then says: “I have a slight fever. I want to go to the hospital to get some medicine.”

Song Yan turns to Song Yunqiang: “Send Yunxuan to the hospital.”

Song Yunxuan says quickly: “No, Dad. I’ll let the driver send me there.”

Song Yan nods, then Song Yunxuan leaves.

The servant takes hot chicken soup and smiles: “Mr. Song, you see, Miss Yunxuan knows that you can’t eat greasy things so she skimmed the oil from the chicken soup.”

Song Yan looks at the fragrant chicken soup. His eyes are calm, but he sighs: “If Yunying and Yunjia act like her, then it will be great.”

Song Yunqiang sees that his father doesn’t intend to drink, so he asks the servant to take the chicken soup away.

Waiting other people goes out, Song Yan looks at Song Yunqiang: “In case of unexpected misfortune, Yunxuan can’t have nothing, but I can’t give her too much. Do you understand what I mean?”

Song Yunqiang frowns and lowers his voice: “You mean, give her the least money?”

Song Yan shows his little finger and points the first knuckle: “This money will be enough.”

Song Yunqiang looks at his father’s gesture and makes up his mind.

He understands what Song Yan means.

After the death of Song Yan, Song Yunxuan will only get a little inheritance.

He and Song Yunjia, Song Yunying will get much more than Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan stands coldly outside the door. Even though the voice inside has been muffled as much as possible, but she still clearly hears everything.

Her long eyebrows extend and the cold light in her eyes makes her looks serious.

They are also children of the Song Family and they are also children of illegitimate wives.

However, Song Yunxuan is just like a junk in the garbage heap.

This Song Family, from her father to her siblings, doesn’t treat Song Yunxuan as a family member.

This kind of position is really awkward.

She raises her eyes and leaves there.

After walking downstairs, she has been seen by the driver who is waiting at the door.

The driver comes up to her hastily and asks her: “Miss Yunxuan, which hospital do you want to go?”

She raises her hand to button up the cashmere jacket: “Yuncheng Private Primary School.”

Song Yunxuan has already walked a few steps when the driver is shocked.

The driver looks at the girl’s back and feels that the young lady has a compelling momentum in her blood.

The driver confounds for a moment and catches her pace.