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Ch 80 Birthday Wish

C80 - Birthday Wish

Gu Changge likes her little daughter very much.

On the day Miaomiao was born, she thought her daughter was a replica of her own at the first sight.

She likes this child and wants to raise this child well.

So the little daughter is fostered like a princess.

However, in fact, she likes this child so much but she didn’t take more time to take care of her.

Gu Miaomiao is only six years old, but she remembers that her mother showed her love by kissing her little face.

Since her mother died, no one has ever kissed her cheek.

Her brother told her that her mother traveled far away and she is always waiting.

However, it has been a long time, and her mother has not returned.

So she misses her mother very much.

The little girl is sobbing. Song Yunxuan holds the child in her arms and pats her back proficiently. Her movement is very light and gentle so that can stop the child’s crying.

They eat the meal unpleasantly.

When Gu Miaomiao is tired, she falls asleep in Song Yunxuan’s arms


Gu Yi eats cake, hamburger and fried chicken alone. Shao Xue accompanies him to eat without tasting the meal.

Song Yunxuan pats the back of the sleeping child and talks to Shao Xue: “Is Gu Changle’s illness very serious?”

“She was just scared and will be discharged soon.”

Song Yunxuan asks: “Why didn’t Shao Tianze come back to take the children for Christmas?”

Shao Xue smiles awkwardly: “My brother went to accompany Gu Changle. He said that Gu Changge only celebrated the Spring Festival for so many years, so he will pick up the children during the Spring Festival.”

Song Yunxuan sneers coldly: “Shao Tianze remembers her wife’s habits clearly.”

Shao Tianze must be accompanying Gu Changle in the first Christmas after Gu Changge died. After all, Gu Changge, who has hindered them for more than ten years, is dead.

Since Gu Changge who was the obstruction is died, how can they allow the two children left by Gu Changge to disturb their world?

Song Yunxuan holds Gu Miaomiao and her eyes are kind and gentle.

Gu Yi did not speak during the meal. After they got the gift and the bill was paid, Song Yunxuan asks the waiter to pack a birthday cake for Gu Miaomiao.

Gu Yi flatly refuses: “Don’t need to pack the cake. My sister will not wake up before 12 o’clock tonight, she sleeps very well.”

Song Yunxuan smiles and says: “You can eat it tomorrow.”

Gu Yi looks at her: “My sister has the habit of making a wish, and I don’t want her to do it this birthday.”

“Why?” Song Yunxuan asks him.

Gu Yi’s eyes are clear and calm: “It’s not going to come true.”

“Do you know what she wants?” Song Yunxuan asks again.

Gu Yi looks down and covers his amber-like beautiful eyes. He sneers coldly: “She will wish my mother to come back to her early, but my mother is dead.”

The child’s cold voice is clear.

It is heard by Shao Xue and the waiter.

Song Yunxuan is slightly stunned. Then she smiles: “How did you tell your sister?”

“I lied to her that Mommy went on a business trip far away, and when she grows up, she will come back.”

After saying that, he turns back and goes towards the door.

Song Yunxuan feels that the child probably is crying. Shao Xue wants to chase after him. Song Yunxuan grabs her arm and shakes her head, indicating her not to chase.

A strong child does not want someone to see him cry.

He can bear countless hardships without crying. But if you comfort him, his strong mind will fall apart and he will burst into tears.

The waiter next to him is a little awkward: “The birthday cake…”

“Please pack the most expensive cake for me.”

The waiter quickly goes to pack the birthday cake.

When Shao Xue and Song Yunxuan go out, Gu Yu is standing outside and watching the falling snow from the sky.

Gu Yi is very beautiful and elegant. He was considered a girl in the first three years of since he was born.

At this moment, Song Yunxuan looks at his long black eyelashes decorated with a few snowflakes by wind. She suddenly feels that the pretty and elegant boy is lonely and thin.

The heavy burden of Gu’s will fall on him in the future. Can he take it?

Seeing Song Yunxuan go out, Gu Yi turns back and extends his hands: “Please give me my sister.”

Song Yunxuan feels like to laugh: “You are only one year older than her, can you hold her?”

Gu Yi’s voice is firm and powerful: “Yes, I promise my mother to protect her.”

Song Yunxuan is shocked and realizes that the child may have seen his mother’s body.

Although Gu Yi is still young, he is very sober.

Song Yunxuan does not give Miaomiao to Gu Yi, but turns her head to Shao Xue: “Let him take the cake.”

Shao Xue wants to hand over the cake.

Gu Yi frowns unhappily: “I said no cake!”

Song Yunxuan smiles and takes the child to the car. She says to Gu Yi: “Why not let your sister make a wish? People will live longer with hopes.”

Yes, people only will live longer with hopes.

No one lives without hope.

Hopes will support people to move forward, even if the hope is faint.

The car in front is Song Family’s.

Song Yunxuan walks to the car with Miaomiao in her arms. Gu Yi who follows her is shocked a little.

Then, he is handed over to a big cake box: “This is the cake bought by Yunxuan.”

“Thank her for me.”

Gu Yi reaches out and takes the square cake box.

Shao Xue is a little surprised. She thinks that Gu Yi won’t accept this cake. She really didn’t expect that the child would accept it.

When Song Yunxuan arrives at the car, the driver in the car opens the door to her: “Miss Song, who is this child?”

Song Yunxuan smiles and says casually: “My friend has birthday today, and her child is asleep. Please send them home by the way.”

“Yes.” The driver says.

Song Yunxuan thanks him politely: “Thank you.”

The driver is already in middle age. He is gentle and honest. Thanked by Song Yunxuan, he is a little embarrassed and says: “My Pleasure. I am the driver of the Song family. These things are my job.”

Song Yunxuan smiles, holds the child in her arms and prepares to get on the car.

At this moment, there is a beam of glaring light, followed by a horn.

Gu Yi and Shao Xue have already arrived in front of the car. Seeing the beam of the car, they frown and look at the car.

The driver even covers his eyes to see.

The car turns to dipped headlight. The driver recognizes the brand of the car and can’t help crying in surprise: “Miss Song, this is the car of Childe Chu.”

“I know it.”

Song Yunxuan, holding the child in her arms, looks at the car coldly.

In the driver’s seat, Chu Mochen whose eyes like a deep well stares at her in a distance.

Shao Xue feels strange: “Yunxuan, do you want to say hello since we coincidentally meet Childe Chu?”

“Of course I will.” After that, she turns to look at the driver, “Send them back. I will take Childe Chu’s car.”

After that, she walks towards his car.

Shao Xue says: “Yunxuan, I can hold Miaomiao.”

Song Yunxuan’s footsteps pause. Feeling the child firmly grasps her clothes, she refuses: “It’s okay for me to take her.”

Shao Xue still thinks that it is very strange for a man and a woman who are dating to take a child with them. However, Yunxuan has already gone so far, and she cannot take the child back.

Helplessly, she can only get on the car with Gu Yi.

After getting on the car, they leave here.

Shao Xue finds that Gu Yi is firmly holding a book, which is the book “Money and Banking”.

Shao Xue asks him strangely: “Can you let me see the book?”

Gu Yi turns to look at Shao Xue and refuses coldly: “I’m sorry. I can’t show it to you.”

Shao Xue feels stranger when she refused by the child.

However, Gu Yi can’t help grasping the book in his hand.

No one knows, there is a picture of his mother on the title page of this book.

This book was read by his mother during university. The above marks and writings are his mother’s.

After his mother died, all the things his mother had when she is alive were cleared out of the house, except for her money and this book he secretly held.

He feels that his father does not want to see his mother.

Therefore, although his father’s sister is his aunt, she is also an outsider.

Today, the only one who is not an outsider in this family is his sister.

Gu Yi looks down and waits for the car to send him to the Gu’s Maison. He doesn’t say a word along the way.

Shao Xue finally gives up the communication with the child who is cold and alienated.

They are on the street outside the restaurant.

Song Yunxuan holds the child in her arms carefully, and then naturally sits down on the front passenger seat of the blue Porsche sports car.

Chu Mochen frowns several times before his eyebrows release. He stares at her strangely: “What are you doing?”

“I am doing nothing.”

She smiles and turns to look at him with easiness.

Chu Mochen’s beautiful long eyebrows slightly twist: “The child you hold in your arms is…”

“She is Gu Changge and Shao Tianze’s little daughter. Don’t you know her?”

Chu Mochen’s eyes begin to look scary: “Why are you holding Changge’s daughter?”

Song Yunxuan looks at the sleeping child in her arms. Her voice is soft: “Can’t you see her hand holding my clothes? She wants me to hold her. She does it voluntarily.”

Chu Mochen takes a breath: “Don’t harm the innocent children.”

The smile on Song Yunxuan’s face becomes much colder, and even her voice is a little colder: “You take it too seriously. I will never harm innocent people.”

Chu Mochen looks at the child in her arms: “Then why are you holding this child?”

“She is asleep, shouldn’t I hold her?”

Her words are always so reasonable that even Chu Mochen can’t find a reason to refute her.

Song Yunxuan holds the child, and the gentleness of the motherhood exudes invisibly. Her voice is soft and gentle: “Today is the birthday of this child. Can’t I hug her?”