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C81 - Freedom of Giving Birth to a Baby

C81 - Freedom of Giving Birth to a Baby

She smiles and looks at Chu Mochen.

Seeing the smile on her face, for a moment Chu Mochen feels that her smiling face is a bit more beautiful than he has seen before.

She smiles warmly and quietly, without the craftiness and complexities in the past.

Watching her for a few seconds, Chu Mochen says: “Today is also your birthday.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “I know that. I have received the birthday present, so I don’t want to have another dinner appointment.”

Song Yunxuan refuses the romantic plan that others wish to have directly.

Chu Mochen still remains calm: “You would rather celebrate the child’s birthday than have your own birthday?”

Song Yunxuan is very grateful to him and she smiles sweetly: “It is the first time that I have eaten the birthday noodles sent to me by a man other than my father. Thank you for your present. I like it very much.”

“That’s not a present.” Chu Mochen helplessly presses his temple, as if he is somewhat tired and unhappy to communicate with Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan, holding the child in her arms, feels that the child doesn’t sleep well. She puts her hand on the child’s back, pats her gently and sings a lullaby in her ear softly.

The melody of the lullaby is very fair-sounding. Her voice is also good. As she is singing, her smile becomes softer.

Listening to her singing intently, Chu Mochen turns to look at her smile in surprise.

She looks at the child tenderly and brightly, as if she were really the mother of the child. She loves the child heart and soul.

Looking at her smile, Chu Mochen suddenly asks her: “Do you like children very much?”

Song Yunxuan answers casually: “A little.”

In fact, she doesn’t like children very much.

She was forced to take the prenatal course on time for the health and cleverness of her child while she was pregnant.

She almost couldn’t handle anything with a big belly when she had conceived for eight or nine months. The things in the company piled up and messed up a big deal with an American company.

She was in a bad mood, which led to the premature birth of her son.

She was physically weak after giving birth, so that she could not leave the bed for a month and could not go to the company.

Because of this, she felt that the child was very troublesome. She not only was under a great pain when she was giving birth, but also lost so many opportunities to gain benefits when she was pregnant.

However, that is the idea she had when she was still Gu Changge.

Now, she is alive. Looking at the two children, she suddenly feels that she was indeed very incompetent as a mother at that time.

She left the children early without giving them more love


She now wants to love these two children and take care of them.

Chu Mochen leans over and looks at Gu Miaomiao’s little face. His eyes are deep: “This child really looks like Changge.”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t deny: “Of course she looks like her.”

Chu Mochen smiles and looks at Song Yunxuan: “Will your daughter look like you if you have one?”

Song Yunxuan blurts out without thinking carefully: “Of course.”

“Since you like other people’s children so much, it’s better to have a child of your own.”

Song Yunxuan is led by Chu Mochen to the trap.

Finally, she stops this topic in time when she is about jump into the trap.

Instead of looking at the child, she turns to look at Chu Mochen with a smile. “If I had a son, I would let him inherit everything of Chu’s. But I wouldn’t let my daughter do that.”

She does not intend to marry into the Chu Family.

The man in front of her is not a man who will let her continue to live freely after marriage.

She will be taken firmly in control after they get married. If he gets tired of her, he will probably abandon her.

Maybe he will hurt her like Shao Tianze if he is more vicious.

She won’t trust a man anymore.

So why does she have to rely on a man desperately for her entire life?

For five thousand years in China, all women must focus on their husbands.

She doesn’t want to be like that.

She will give birth to a baby if Chu Mochen wants a child with his blood.

However, this child must inherit the entire Chu’s.

Otherwise, it is meaningless to give birth to this child.

An eldest son who can’t inherit the entire Chu’s will later become unsuccessful being excluded by Chu Mochen’s other children.

She won’t let her child take such risks.

Since she is going to give birth to a baby, she must make this child outstanding.

A daughter can’t inherit Chu’s, so she won’t have a daughter.

Hearing that her words are so cold and unchangeable, Chu Mochen can’t help touching her chubby little face. He says casually: “You can’t choose the gender of the child. Why are you insisting on having a boy?”

Song Yunxuan smiles a bit craftily and enchantingly: “I can’t choose the gender of the baby but I can choose whether to give birth to it or not.”

Hearing her words, Chu Mochen is strained and suddenly looks at her eyes: “Do you want to have an abortion?”

“I will have an abortion if it is a girl.” She says easily and ruthlessly.

Chu Mochen’s voice is cold: “There won’t be a hospital in Yuncheng which dare do abortion operation for you.”

Song Yunxuan, a little vexed, frowns: “It is true that if you tell the hospitals in Yuncheng beforehand not to give me an abortion, none of them will dare to do it for me. But can you stop me from having an abortion in other places like America, Canada, Netherlands and Italy?”

Chu Mochen does not argue with her. He says calmly: “I can make you pregnant, so can I stop you from having an abortion. You can try if you do not believe that.”

Song Yunxuan raises her eyebrows: “It can’t be a girl.”

“No matter it is a boy or a girl, it’s my child. You can’t deprive of its right to live.”

“I am the one who will give birth to it.”

“The child has the blood of Chu Family. You can’t make the decision on you own.”

Song Yunxuan surprised by his tough stance, turns to look at him: “Why are you doing this?”

Chu Mochen takes back his fingers from her cheek, sits up straight: “As long as the child is yours, I will love it.”

“Ha.” Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but laugh out.

The tension in the car is instantly eased.

A bit annoyed, Chu Mochen frowns at her: “Is it so funny?”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Yes.”

Saying that, she studies him with great interest: “I didn’t know that you are not only a loyal people, but also a man with sweet words on his lips!”

Probably these words irritate Chu Mochen badly, who does not like to joke, he leans over to hold her head and French kisses her.

Even a person as indifferent as Song Yunxuan can feel the anger and enthusiasm of Chu Mochen from the passionate kiss.

She is very quiet. She doesn’t resist it or react to it until Chu Mochen stops.

She raises her hand to touched her lips, looks down calmly at the finger that has touched the lips, says in a low voice: “It is so real.”

Her smile is rather bitter.

Chu Mochen’s chest heaves slightly. Then he starts the car, driving away with her.

This night, on the way sending Miaomiao back to Gu’s Mansion with Song Yunxuan, Chu Mochen has been very quiet.

When looking at the Gu’s Mansion, there is some unnoticeable coldness in Chu Mochen’s eyes.

Song Yunxuan give Miaomiao back to Shao Xue. Gu Yi, in his pajamas, watches her leave with Shao Xue at the door.

Chu Mochen looks at Gu Changge’s son for a long time until Song Yunxuan gets into the car does he look away.

Song Yunxuan is so sensitive that she discerns the look on his face.

After getting on the car and taking the seat belt, she asks: “Does Gu Changge’s son look like her?”

“No, not really.”

“Is he more like Shao Tianze?”

Chu Mochen starts the car, then answers: “The kid is as cold and calm as Changge. In short, he is a proud and noble kid.”

Song Yunxuan can’t tell whether Chu Mochen likes the kid form his mixed comments.

She thinks for a while then turns to look at him: “In your opinion, can this child manage the business of Gu Family in future?”

Chu Mochen, driving the car to take a turn, goes farther from Gu’s Mansion. When passing through some dark tree shadow, he spits out four words: “That’s hard to say.”

Song Yunxuan asks him with a smile: “Hard to say? He is the only son of Gu Changge.”

Chu Mochen looks ahead, seemingly reminds her indifferently: “But he may not be the only son of Shao Tianze.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes become gloomy instantly.

Chu Mochen is right. It is impossible for Shao Tianze to have only one son.

She almost forgets that since Shao Tianze has killed the child’s mother, how can he treat him well?

Shao Tianze is such a skeptical person. He can certainly anticipate that if one day the child knows that his mother’s true cause of death, he will be against him.

Shao Tianze will not give his hope to Gu Yi exclusively.


If one day, Gu Changle gives birth to Shao Tianze’s son, Gu Yi and Miaomiao’s state in Gu Family will be threatened.

If Gu Yi makes Shao Tianze and Gu Changle’s son unlikely to inherit Gu Family, Gu Yi will be in danger, and maybe one day he will be removed as an obstacle.

She unconsciously clenches her fingers.

Chu Mochen seeing that, asks her with concern: “Are you feeling unwell. Doesn’t it hurt?”

Song Yunxuan, coming back to herself suddenly, explains perfunctorily: “Sorry, I was distracted.”

“Distracted by what?”

Song Yunxuan loosens her fingers, rubs her palm which has finger’s mark on it, then says: “I was thinking, if Gu Yi is not the inheritor of Gu’s, how long can this child live?”

Chu Mochen’s eyes become cold.

His eyelashes are not curly, but thick, long and straight, with a sense of reason and rigor.

Chu Mochen does not speak for a long time.

When Song Yunxuan considers he will not answer this question, Chu Mochen suddenly says: “He might not live long.”

Yes, it’s so obvious.

As a fire on the city gate brings disaster to the fish in the boat, a mother’s death brings misfortune to her son.