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C83 - A New Partner

C83 - A New Partner

There is nothing too difficult for Chu Mochen to get from his childhood.

He is the only child of the Chu Family. He can get almost whatever he wants.

Even if no one gives it to him, he can grab it himself.

Now, there is one thing that makes him feel that he is in a dilemma.

She comes to him but refuses to give in.

He worries that using too strong means to force her will scare her.

He can only invade her life gradually until she fully adapts and no longer resists him.

It’s at break time.

Song Yunxuan sits on a chair to drink warm milk.

Rong Liu and Chu Mochen go to change clothes.

Song Yunxuan takes out the mobile phone and finds a rock song of the Beatles. She makes the sound a little louder when playing.

Then, suddenly the sound of the music stuns the people who are resting in the lounge.

Song Yunxuan is a little panicked. She turns the voice down a bit quickly and goes to find earphones in her bag.

But she doesn’t find the earphones after seeking for a while.

Suddenly a man with a slender hand reaches out and taps the table when she is going to pour all things in her bag on the table.

He immediately gives her a pair of white earphones when she is stunned.

Song Yunxuan follows the white Sony earphones to see the hand, and then her eyes fall on that person’s face.

Then, it is not surprising that the man is Su Youyu.

“Looking for earphones? I can lend this to you.”

Song Yunxuan is very sensitive to notice that Su Youyu said he can “lend” this to her.

Then she needs to pay back.

It seems that this man knows how to communicate with others and use this opportunity to make friends.

She smiles, then puts the bag and reaches out for the white earphones. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure.”

Su Youyu sits opposite her, watches her plug the earphones in her phone and asks her, “Are you Mochen’s girlfriend?”

“Yes.” She answers.

Su Youyu smiles: “It’s unusual. Mochen has been single for years. It’s rare to see that he has a beautiful girl around. Is he ready to marry you?”

Hearing his words, Song Yunxuan takes back her hand immediately. She takes the ring that has been on her ring finger and then puts it in her pocket silently.

As expected, Su Youyu gazes on her finger.

Song Yunxuan smiles elegantly and sweetly.

Su Youyu is slightly stunned when he looks at her ring finger.

Song Yunxuan puts on one earphone and takes the other one in her hand: “It is a classic song released by the Beatles, do you want to listen?”

After saying that, she gives him the earphone with long headphone cords.

Su Youyu looks at her, pauses for a while and smiles:” Although I like this song very much, it doesn’t seem very polite to listen to music while someone is chatting with you.”

Song Yunxuan thinks that this guy hasn’t changed for so many years. He is as beautiful as a woman, but his heart is as clear as a mirror.

She has to take off the earphones and stop the song: “My name is Song Yunxuan.”

“You are the youngest daughter of the Song Family?”

Song Yunxuan nods.

Su Youyu reaches out and says: “I have heard about you.”

“I am just an illegitimate daughter. I can’t afford the compliment of Childe Su.”

After saying that, she shakes hands with him.

Su Youyu is very interested in her decent performance: “We all know that Mochen is a very possessive person. Is it good that you make friends with me like this?”

“We are acquainted with each other decently. What do we need to hide?”

Su Youyu, shocked by her answer, laughs: “You are more interesting than the women I have seen. But I am very curious, why did you laugh at me when you were playing golf?”

“I feel that you are familiar, as if I had seen you somewhere.”

“These words are threadbare.”

“No, you think too much.” After saying that, she takes a book out of her bag and then shows him the cover character of the book. “Uris Su, the top trader in the stock market, is known as George Soros of Wall Street.

In fact, the cover of the book is only a three-quarter side image. Part of the man’s face is covered by shadow. Even as a cover person, his face is not very easy to identify.

But Song Yunxuan recognizes him: “It is you, right?”

Su Youyu raises his eyebrow: “You have a good sense.”

Song Yunxuan puts the book on the table and accepts his praise sincerely: “Thank you for your praise.”

“Why do you choose my favorite music to attract my attention, Miss Song?”

“I have some money and a goal, please help me achieve it.”

Song Yunxuan pushes the magazine to him and gently opens to one page.

In the book’s page, there is a check of 70 million.

Su Youyu raises his eyebrow: “As a little daughter who is not very favored, it’s really not easy to have this amount of deposit.”

“I know that this is only a small amount in your eyes.”

“Exactly.” Su Youyu is outspoken.

Song Yunxuan slaps the magazine and smiles at him: “Would you like to accept my request with another identity other than Childe Su?”

“How much more do you want?”

Song Yunxuan stretches out a finger.

“You are looking down on me by saying you want to double it, but…”

“Ten times.”

Song Yunxuan’s words are casual, but they break in Su Youyu in time.

To septuple seventy million yuan is a dream for many people.

From the market, it is not easy to make a profit without losing money. People will be ecstatic to see their money doubled.

And ten times…

Su Youyu’s face seems to have done a plastic surgery in a well-known hospital. He smiles sinisterly: “Miss Song, don’t bite more than you can chew.”

Song Yunxuan does not care: “There is a lot of wealth in the world that does not require great ability but courage.”

“Miss Song is too ambitious. I am afraid that I can’t help Miss Song to get what you want.” Su Youyu pushes the magazine back to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan pushes the magazine back with an irresistible force: “You are not only degrading me but also degrading yourself.”

Su Youyu’s smile on his face becomes stiff.

Song Yunxuan continues to say: “I hope to establish a long-term mutually beneficial cooperative relationship with Mr. Su. If my money turns to ten times, I will give you 70% of it as a gift.”

“You are too generous. But I am going to give up the hobby of being a manipulator.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “I know, but don’t you think you should ask me why the Xue Family fought with Xuri Construction after you benefited from it?”

The expression of Su Youyu changes. His eyes become dark and he stares at Song Yunxuan: “Did you provoke them?”

Song Yunxuan smiles and waves her hand: “You are too serious. What is called provocation? The relation between the peers is a competition. There is always a winner, right?”

Su Youyu can’t deny it.

What Song Yunxuan says is right.

Over the years, Xuri Construction has dominated the construction industry in Yuncheng, and the Xue Family follows. Although the Su Family is not bad, there always are unexpected accidents when they bids for a big project.

The design drawing was stolen, the accident occurred on the construction site before the bidding and a nepotism that had never existed was exposed.

They will be negated as long as they have negative news.

Not to mention winning the bid.

During his stay abroad, the Su Family has been suffering from the negative news.

Nowadays, in this bidding between the Xue Family and Xuri Construction, the Su Family surprisingly has no negative news or unexpected accidents.

Song Yunxuan looks at him and puts his earphones in her bag together with her mobile phone. She smiles calmly before standing up: “Mr. Su, the business world is like a battlefield. If you don’t beat others, others may beat you. You understood this when you are young, how can you be confused and become a coward now?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Su Youyu suddenly raises his head and looks straight at Song Yunxuan: “What are you saying?”

“Gu Changge is dead, but this does not mean that her business model and means are out of date. Do you understand?”

Su Youyu frowns: “What is your relation with Gu Changge?”

“I have seen a diary of Miss Gu. Unfortunately, there was your name in this diary.”

Su Youyu is staring at her. His eyes are vicious but he does not say a word.

Song Yunxuan turns, wanting to leave: “I will send your earphones back to you. I have other things to do.”

She departs easily, leaving Su Youyu looking at the magazine in front of him.

In the first grade of the primary school, he tied the laces of the two shoes of the principal who was speaking at the podium, and the principal broke his front teeth.

He framed Gu Changge up and let her be a scapegoat for him.

In the first grade of the primary school, he secretly splashed the red ink on the skirt of a female teacher, and the female teacher resigned embarrassedly.

He framed Gu Changge up and let her be a scapegoat for him.

In the first grade of the primary school, he locked Gu Changge in the classroom, and then smashed all the glass. Gu Changge was jumping out of the window when he called the teacher.

He framed Gu Changge up and let her be a scapegoat for him again.

The reason why he bullied her like this is that Gu’s had always surpassed the Su Family in business competition.

He thought that he would inherit the Su Family in the future and Gu Changge would inherit Gu’s.

He must defeat her from an early age.

If he can’t defeat her, she would certainly defeat him.

However, Gu Changge totally defeated him by best results in Yuncheng when they graduated from the first grade.

Gu Changge walked pass him with a cold face. No matter how many times she was framed up, she was pride. But her words were full of sarcasm: “As long as I win the first place every time, on one will care about the bad things I did.”

Indeed, what Gu Changge said was true.

As long as the final result is good, who cares what has happened?

The process is always a process, and it never surpasses the results.

Gu Changge has always been the myth of Yuncheng. She has always been.

That is all the same whether she is alive or dead.

He is not able to win her no matter what he does.