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C86 - A Photo

C86 - A Photo


For a long time, Song Yunxuan says just one word.

Shao Xue still worries about her: “Yunxuan, what’s wrong about the swimming pool?”

“Nothing…” She lowers her head and throws the broken pencil into the trash bin.

Finishing that, she gets up: “The ashes of Gu Changge were sprinkled in the high seas, but there should be a memorial tablet for children to commemorate her, right?”

Shao Xue now recollects what Shao Tianze and Gu Changle once said: “Shao Tianze and GuChangle said that Gu Changge’s memorial tablet is in Tianxiang Temple.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “I see.”

Shao Xue feels that Song Yunxuan is a bit strange today, but Shao Xue can’t figure out what makes her strange.

Song Yunxuan let Shao Xue get off work earlier in the afternoon to meet Gu Changle in the hospital with Shao Tianze.

After Shao Xue leaves, she takes an umbrella and set off to Tianxiang Temple in Xiangshan Mountain in the outer suburbs by taxi.

Tianxiang Temple is located at the Xiangshan Mountain. When autumn comes, there are many red leaves flowing in the sky. The scenery is so beautiful that many people go sightseeing there.

In fact, most people don’t know that there had been many cemeteries all over the mountain. Later, the one has been assigned to manage those cemeteries planted many maples and made Xiangshan Mountain what it is today.

Because it is late winter, it often snows.There are traces of snow melting on the road, and it is wet everywhere.

Holding a purple umbrella, Song Yunxuan walks on the stone steps towards Tianxiang Temple in a big red cashmere coat.

A drop of snow water falls on her umbrella.

Song Yunxuan raises her head, sees the Tianxiang Temple built on the mountainside and walks faster.

When she Gu Changge was alive, she had already selected her own cemetery near her father’s and mother’s. She had never thought that she would not been buried in any cemetery since Shao Tianze threw her ashes in the broad high seas.

However, Shao Tianze will never expect that even if her ashes were thrown in the high seas by him, her soul is still at Yuncheng.

Moreover, she will reveal the truth that Shao Tianze killed his wife step by step.

Let him lose his standing and reputation.

She enters the Tianxiang Temple. The master of Tianxiang Temple comes over to ask her what she comes for.

She just smiles slightly: “I’m here to pay tribute to Gu Changge.”

Gu Changge also came to the temple when she was alive and donated some money to it.

Of course, the money she donated to Buddha was only a small fraction of the money she spent on charity every year.

She believed in Buddhism, but she did not believe in it blindly.

She preferred to donate the money to students and schools than to Buddha.

Hearing the name of Gu Changge, the master in the temple bows to her and shows her way: “Miss Gu’s memorial tablet is in this way, please come with me.”

Song Yunxuan follows him.

Then she sees a row of stone cabinets like bookshelves in the temple.

There is a photo on each small square cabinet and the name of the person is below it.

When Song Yunxuan gets there, the master sees that she wears a big red dress and reminds her: “It is not suitable for you to pay tribute to the dead in red clothes.”

Song Yunxuan smiles and replies: “Miss Gu should like me to visit her in red, which can prove that I have been living well and I am still dynamic.”

The master probably also finds Song Yunxuan very weird. After saying Amitabha, he makes an excuse to go first.

Song Yunxuan stands alone in front of Gu Changge’s little stone cabinet and stares at the photo of Gu Changge on the cabinet that is almost as tall as her. In the picture, she was 18 years old. She reaches out and touches it: “You died when you were 32 years old. Why did Shao Tianze put this picture in which you were 18 years old?”

The smiling 18-year-old woman does not speak, but her lips and eyebrows shows that she was young and beautiful at that time.

Song Yunxuan looks at Gu Changge in the photo and uses her fingers to gently touch the name of Gu Changge which is engraved on the stone: “Once you died, Gu’s belonged to Shao Tianze. Gu’s has changed a lot by him. The traces that you had existed were wiped clean. Can you accept all these?”

The woman in the photo looks at her and says nothing.

She nods. “I know you can’t. But I guarantee to you that I will help you get them back.”

Everything, she will get everything back for Gu Changge.

Shao Tianze will pay the price he deserves for tampering with the Gu Family.

She doesn’t feel sorry for her death and she doesn’t cry.

She just smiles and looks at the woman on the photo. As if the time and space changes instantly, she sees the 18-year-old herself.

She frowns and recalls the time when she was eighteen years old. Suddenly she can’t remember the things she did at that time.

That year, she seemed to get to know Shao Tianze.

Then, she was together with Shao Tianze.

Then, her relationship with Shao Tianze settled down. Most of her memory is related to the succession of Gu’s.

At that time, Shao Tianze was gentle.

He would take her hand to review the subjects to be tested and watch the small fish in the pond in the evening.

He would also pull her into his arms while it was raining and cover her with his most important book.

She was a strong woman, but at the age of eighteen, she spent some idle youth time.

However, she lost her life because of that.

She lost her life too early.

Song Yunxuan thinks that she will feel sad when she thinks of the past.

However, although it is cold outside, when she holds the freezing stone tablet and rubs the photo, she only finds that she does not feel very painful.

She can’t shed any tears.

When she was brought back to life, she was totally different.

Now all those pains and hatred are carved in her bones.

She will not shed tears for Shao Tianze, which shows her weakness.

She smiles slightly, takes back her fingers and opens the umbrella in her hand. She says: “Gu Changge, I will come back to pay tribute to you again.”

Wait for me.

When I let Shao Tianze taste the pain you suffered in the past and let him know the suffering of being painful but can’t shed tears, I’ll come and visit you.

She opens her umbrella and returns by the way she came.

Leaves in the mountains are stacked and the bottom leaves have rotted into the earth.

When she leaves the mountain, she reaches out and throws a coin into the cauldron in the temple. She smiles and looks at the majestic Golden Buddha: “Buddha, please help me to make more money.”

The master next to her shakes his head, sighs and then watches her leave.

In the eye of such an erudite Buddhist scholar, she must be a very material woman.

However, in fact, there are only two kinds of people in this world.

The Rich and the poor.

The rich can easily get everything, while the poor always have to use their lives to exchange for the money that rich people spend like water.

She is willing to be superficial.

If she is not superficial, she will not be able to climb up and beat down Shao Tianze, the chairman of Gu’s, who is surrounded by the rich.

In order to beat down Shao Tianze, she needs the huge financial resources in the business circle.

No, in other words, she must get the huge financial resources in the business circle.

Her eyes are cold. When she walks down to the foot of the mountain, the phone in her pocket suddenly rings.

She takes out the phone from her pocket. Song Yunqiang’s number is displayed on the screen of the phone.

She hesitates for a while and then presses the button to answer.

As long as the phone gets through, she hears the anxious voice of Song Yunqiang: “Yunxuan, where are you now?”

Hearing his nervous voice, Song Yunxuan asks him: “Brother, what happened?”

“Yunxuan, come to People’s Hospital immediately no matter where you are. Father’s condition suddenly deteriorates. Come soon!”

Song Yunxuan is stunned and knits her eyebrows closely: “I will come right away.”

Song Yunqiang hangs up the phone quickly and turns to look at Song Yunying and Song Yunjia, who have already waited in the corridor of the People’s Hospital: “Yunxuan will come soon.”

Song Yunjia nods to him.

However, Song Yunying, who stands next to Song Yunjia, says: “Brother, the father’s will has already been written. The thing Yunxuan will get is unworthy of mentioning, compared with what we will get. Why do you ask her to come?”

Song Yunqiang glances at Song Yunying and says in an indifferent tone: “She is dad’s daughter, too. We are the same from this aspect.”

At this moment, Song Yunjia interjects coldly: “She is an illegitimate daughter from a small town. When she sees the will, she may think that father is partial.”

Song Yunying smiles and agrees with Song Yunjia: “What sister said is true. Instead of letting her come to the hospital to make troubles, it is better to let her never come. Even if Dad is dead, the inheritance disparity can also be attributed to that she have no filial piety.”

Hearing what she said, Song Yunqiang is worried.

He realizes that his second elder sister has become smarter since she married into the Xue Family. She can think of such an evil idea.

Song Yunjia is too lazy to say anything else.

Only Song Yunqiang defends for Song Yunxuan: “Now, even if Yunxuan just gets a small part of the inheritance, it doesn’t matter. After she marries into the Chu Family, she will not care about the legacy that our Song family gives her.”

Song Yunying sneers: “Brother, you think highly of her. Song Yunxuan loves money.”

Song Yunying will never forget that Song Yunxuan has extorted her 80 million yuan.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia know nothing about that Song Yunying was extorted 80 million yuan. Although they hate Song Yunxuan, they do not show it too much.

This is the case with large families. There are many children and all of them live with a mask.

Although the Song Family only has four children, it isn’t different from other families.

Anyway, they are the children of different women.

Song Yunying’s doesn’t like Song Yunxuan anymore after the Xue Family’s failure to win the bidding contract of Chu’s. Thinking about that she has been cheated by Song Yunxuan several times before, she becomes even more annoyed.

When she is going to say something, the phone in her hand suddenly rings.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang looks at her at the same time.

Song Yunying walks a few steps away from the corridor and says with a smile: “It is Xue Tao’s number. I will pick it up. He may worry about me.”

Song Yunjia bends her thin lips: “Xue Tao, such a useless person, is so concerned about you. That’s unexpected.”

Her disdain and ridicule surprise Song Yunying.

Then, Song Yunying takes the phone and goes farther from them.