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C88 - the Outspoken Ning Yuan

C88 - the Outspoken Ning Yuan

Not until Ning Yuan finishes his words, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying know what he is going to say.

The doctor tells them Song Yan’s present condition in detail. To sum up, Song Yan’s cancer is incurable. All they can do is to give him conservative treatment and wait him to die.

There is a blank expression on Song Yunjia’s face. As a doctor who has been in the hospital for more than ten years, she won’t be touched by life or death as much as she did when she just became a doctor.

She seems calm and indifferent.

Song Yunying, sitting in a chair, uses her hand to cover her mouth and starts to whimper.

Although Song Yunqiang says nothing, he looks rather sad.


Ning Yuan sees the reaction of them and then says: “You can go to visit the patient when he wakes up. In the following days, you can choose whether to care for him at home or in the hospital.”

Song Yunjia does not think much about it: “He will stay in the hospital since Aunt Qiao lives abroad now.”

Aunt Qiao is Song Yunying’s biological mother. Song Yunjia mentions Aunt Qiao because she wants Song Yunying to call her mother back to serve Song Yan in his last few days.

Song Yunying hears Song Yunjia’s words, looks up and says in a sobbing tone: “My mom has always opposed me to marry Xue Tao. I called her a few times before, and she didn’t answer once. Why not brother and sister call my mom and tell her to go back to visit Dad?”

Song Yunjia looks cold: “If you can’t get through her number, let it be. Father is so sick that he may not recognize Aunt Qiao.”

Song Yunying’s mother had been living in the Song Family for 20 years and she can almost be regarded as the woman of the Song Family.

Song Yan is seriously ill. However, when Song Yunjia asks Song Yunying to call her mother back, Song Yunying declines.

Song Yunqiang asks tentatively: “Yunjia, is Aunt Lan going to come back?”

Aunt Lan’s name is An Lan. She is Song Yunjia’s mother and Song Yan’s first wife.

It was a pity that they got married out of business consideration. After An Lan was married to Song Yan for a year, she gave birth to Song Yunjia.

Then Song Yan took Aunt Qiao who was pregnant with Song Yunying home.

Because her husband had brought home another woman, An Lan felt that her pride was hurt and went abroad in a fury. Up to now, An Lan has been living abroad for more than 20 years.

During these years, An Lan has never returned.

Now Song Yan is in a critical condition. Song Yunqiang proposes to call An Lan back, who is the real hostess of the Song Family. He is rejected by Song Yunjia.

“My mother is not as important as Aunt Qiao in the Song Family. If my father can’t remember Aunt Qiao, he won’t remember my mother.”

Song Yunqiang frowns: “They are still registered couple.”

Song Yunjia looks at Song Yunying thoughtfully: “Brother, since we are both single, we don’t know too much about marriage. Yunying, in your opinion, shall we call my mother or Aunt Qiao back?”

Song Yunying’s face is pale, and she can’t say a word for a long time.

They have read the will. Song Yunying will get 20% legacy from her father.

However, when she called overseas and told her mother Qiao Qi about this, her mother was still angry with Song Yan. She said that although she had been serving Song Yan for so many years, he forbad her to give birth to another child and gave her daughter so little legacy. He was so merciless to her.

Since Qiao Qi said those words, how can she come back to accompany Song Yan for the following days?

Song Yunqiang’s mother and Song Yunxuan’s mother passed away many years ago. Now Song Yan is in a critical condition but there is no one who is close to him caring for him. People in Yuncheng will gossip about it.

Song Yunying is aware of that. She says: “I will take care of father until my mother comes back.”

There is no expression on Song Yunjia’s face: “You are pregnant. Will you feel too tired to take care of father?”

Song Yunqiang also echoes: “Yes, Yunying, you have to take care of yourself first. You are not only the daughter of the Song Family, but also the daughter-in-law of the Xue Family.”

Song Yunying nods: “I know, I will bear that in mind. Brother and sister, you don’t need to worry.”

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang are actually not worried at all.

Because Song Yunying volunteers to do it, they don’t have to take the responsibility if she gets herself into trouble one day.

And Song Yunying volunteers to take care of Song Yan because she has other intention.

Song Yunying looks gentle. She comes out from Ning Yuan’s office with Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang.

They walk in the hallway and head for the ICU ward where Song Yan lives in.

In the distance, they see a girl stands still outside the glass wall of the ICU looking inside.

When they move closer, it turns out to be Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunqiang looks surprised and walks over: “Yunxuan, have you been here all the time?”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Brother, what did doctor say about father’s condition?”

Song Yunqiang turns to look at Song Yunjia and Song Yunying.

Song Yunying does not say anything. It is Song Yunjia who answers: “Father’s condition is stable. But since he is old, the disease will come on him now and then. You don’t need to worry.”

Song Yunxuan relives slightly.

Song Yunying insists on taking care of their father this night.

As the only son of the Song family, Song Yunqiang unsurprisingly will stay with Song Yunying.

Song Yunjia feels a little tired after a day’s work. She pays a visit to Song Yan after work. Since she is sleepy, she goes back to her apartment to rest.

Song Yunxuan buys Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying something to eat.

Song Yunqiang sees that she hasn’t left yet then says: “Go home and have a rest. I will stay here with your sister Yunying.”

“I want to wait until father wakes up.” She whispers.

Song Yunqiang says like a gentle brother: “Yunxuan, you go back to rest. When father wakes up, I will call you, okay?”

“Brother, I…”

“Listen to me, go home. I will call Uncle Zhang to pick you up.”

Song Yunqiang insists that he sends Song Yunxuan back, and Song Yunxuan has no other way.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Song Yunxuan is sent back by the Song Family’s driver.

There are a lot of vehicles on the road so that they block for a long time at the crossroad in the city center.

She is bored and looks at the scenery outside. Suddenly she sees a familiar figure.

Looking carefully, she discovers that this is the doctor she saw during the day.

She gets an idea. Song Yunxuan opens the door and gets off the car.

The driver in the driver’s seat calls her: “Miss Song? Where are you going?”

Song Yunxuan waves her hand: “Go to wait for me ahead. I will go for you later.”

She is in a hurry, and the driver can’t leave the car to follow her. Helplessly, he can only drive forward.

Song Yunxuan runs a few steps to chase the man in light white clothes.

However, when she comes to the corner of the commercial street, she finds that she has lost the man.

She looks around strangely, trying to find the figure of that person, but does not find the trace of Ning Yuan.

She frowns and stands there.

Suddenly, there is a faint voice behind her: “Are you looking for me?”

Following the voice, Song Yunxuan is a little surprised and turns to look at him.

Ning Yuan appears in front of her with a bag of fresh oranges, which he just bought from a convenience store.

Ning Yuan does not seem to recognize her: “You are…”

“I am the youngest daughter of Song Yan, the family of the patient you rescued during the day.”

Ning Yuan has long eyebrows and narrow eyes, and the profile of his face is smooth and beautiful. He looks like an academic researcher who is ascetic.

To sum up in a simple way, he is a dissocial top student who won’t be influenced by others.

Song Yunxuan talks bluntly: “Because I didn’t get into your office during the day, I don’t know what disease my father has.”

“Your big brother and sister didn’t tell you?”

Song Yunxuan looks at him and says softly: “No, so I hope you can tell me.”

Ning Yuan walks forward with a plastic bag: “Your father has been removed one-third of his stomach because of stomach cancer, but the cancer cells have not been completely eradicated. Now cancer cells have spread to the liver and spleen. He doesn’t have much time.”

Song Yunxuan follows him.

Ning Yuan feels strange and stops the pace: “I have told you, why you are still following me?”

Song Yunxuan smiles and says: “I still have something else.”

“About what?”

“Do you know Shao Tianze?”

Ning Yuan frowns and stares at her: “I don’t know.”

After saying that, he turns to leave.

This time Song Yunxuan does not continue to follow him.

He replies so fast that Song Yunxuan immediately affirms that Ning Yuan knows Shao Tianze.

Moreover, he not only knows him, but also is impressed with him.

She remembers that Ning Yuan and Shao Tianze studied in the same medical school.

Moreover, he is Shao Tianze’s schoolmate who is younger than him.

He is a very upright schoolmate.

He has never deceived patients and their families.

She goes to the car and finds it in the place ahead where parking is allowed.

The driver asks her worriedly: “Miss Song, you shouldn’t go alone on the busy street of this bustling city.”

“It’s Ok.”

“In the past, Gu Changge was hit at the same place and lost her legs by high amputation.”

Song Yunxuan smiles: “The car accident here was so serious.”

The driver also sighs again and again: “This place had not seen such a car accident for decades. Gu’s chairwoman had such bad luck.”

Song Yunxuan smiles without speaking. She seems to sympathize the chairwoman of Gu’s who is mentioned.

Song Yunxuan smiles all the way.

Only doctors who did the surgery at that time know whether Gu Changge must have a high amputation after the car accident.

However, most of those doctors are missing, except Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia not only did Gu Changge’s high amputation surgery, but also did the surgery to dig the heart of Gu Changge.

Therefore, Song Yunjia won’t personally tell the truth about Gu Changge being amputated until she dies.

And Shao Tianze, will not reveal anything about the surgery.

However, in addition to Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze, there are some other doctors who did the surgery at that time.

In fact, there is another person who knows the truth very clearly.

Moreover, the man also had a serious dispute with Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia about whether Gu Changge had to have a high amputation.

That man is Ning Yuan.

At that time, Ning Yuan had been assigned to the People’s hospital but was forced to move away because of this dispute.

Now, Gu Changge is dead.

Unexpectedly, Ning Yuan goes back to Yuncheng again.

Anyway, the thing is too coincidental.

However, since the arrangement of God is so coincidental, she’d better use this coincidence to make a friend with Ning Yuan.