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C89 - Seeing Her Father

C89 - Seeing Her Father

Song Yunxuan goes back home and takes a shower. She gets a call from Chu Mochen when she lies down in the bed.

She frowns, guessing that Chu Mochen must have been informed of the hospitalization of Song Yan. She adjusts her mood before answering the phone.

Sure enough, Chu Mochen indeed calls for this matter.

“How is your father’s condition?”

“My older sister said that father is fine. He is only getting older and older.”

Chu Mochen has been silent for a while then he says: “You need to take good care of yourself.”

Song Yunxuan feels strange. At this time, shouldn’t Chu Mochen tell her to take good care of her father?

She feels confused, but she does not ask him. She nods, talks with Chu Mochen intermittently for a short time and then hangs up the phone.

Just when she is about to hang up the phone, there is a woman’s charming voice in Chu Mochen’s place.

“Childe Chu, haven’t you finished your phone call yet?”

Song Yunxuan’s heart throbs. She clinches her fingers, and her eyes are cold.

Chu Mochen doesn’t explain the woman’s voice but says: “Sleep early, good night.”

Song Yunxuan suppresses the turbulent feeling she feels at that moment and tries hard to say yes calmly.

Then, she moves her finger and hangs up the phone.

She puts the phone in front of her and stares at the phone for a long while, as if she would stare at it forever.

Amah outside knocks the door and sends milk to her.

Song Yunxuan is shocked by the knocking at the door and comes to herself.

Amah opens the door and walks in with a smile. “Miss Yunxuan, go to bed early after drinking milk.”


Song Yunxuan seems calm as usual.

Amah puts the milk on the table in the bedroom then takes the tray and leaves.

After seeing Amah leaves, Song Yunxuan looks at the milk cup and holds the phone in her hand firmly.

There are other women around Chu Mochen…

There are other women around Chu Mochen!

Who is that woman?

Her heart throbs. She can’t fall sleep even she has drunk the milk.

At five o’clock in the morning, feeling tired and suffering from headache, Song Yunxuan gropes for the pills in the bedside drawer. She takes a few out and puts them in her mouth.

She feels dizzy and soon becomes unconscious.

When she wakes up again, there is a smell of disinfectant.

Feeling uncomfortable for the smell, she opens her eyes in exhaustion, only to find that she is not in her own room.

She hears the voice of Amah. It sounds like Amah is about to cry.

“Childe Yunqiang, I couldn’t wake Miss Yunxuan up, so I called you.”

“Why did she take medicine? Did she want to commit suicide by taking so many sleeping pills?”

” Childe Yunqiang, Miss Yunxuan…”

“Brother, don’t blame Amah. I couldn’t sleep so I took sleeping pills last night.”

Weak as she is, she wants to sit up from the bed.

Amah sees and comes over to help her.

At this time, someone pushes the door open and gets in with checking record in his hand.

“You wake up.”

Ning Yuan’s voice is faint.

Until now, Song Yunxuan realizes that she is in the hospital.

“Why am I in the hospital?” She frowns.

Ning Yuan comes over, uses his hand to raise her eyelids and checks her eyes: “Someone sent you over at noon yesterday, saying that you were so desperate that you committed suicide by taking sleeping pills.”

Song Yunxuan feels awkward after hearing that.

“I am fine. Why did I want to commit suicide?” She thinks for a moment and sighs. “Last night, I was worried about my father’s condition and couldn’t fall asleep, so I took a few sleeping pills.”

After checking her situation, Ning Yuan says: “You can be discharged after two days of observation.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Thank you.”

Ning Yuan writes a line of words on the checking record and answers without raising his head: “It’s my job.”

Song Yunxuan smiles and watches Ning Yuan leave with a few young doctors.

Song Yunqiang comes over: “You are too careless. You should not eat the psychotropic drugs such as sleeping pills anymore.”

“I see.”

Song Yunqiang sees that she is sensible and adds: “Childe Chu has come twice, but you didn’t wake up.”

Song Yunxuan asks him casually: “When did he come?”

“He came here at noon yesterday and came again at 10 o’clock in the evening.” Song Yunqiang is pity about that. “You didn’t wake up at that time. Chu Shao has been very worried about you.”

Song Yunxuan answers politely: “I’m so sorry that I let him worry about me.”

Song Yunqiang faintly feels that something is wrong.

Song Yunxuan slips into the quilt: “I feel a little sleepy. I’d like to sleep for a while.”

Song Yunqiang can’t stop her from sleeping, so he goes out.

When Song Yunqiang goes out, Song Yunxuan opens her eyes and asks Amah, who is pouring water besides her: “How long has Childe Chu stayed in the evening?”

“About half an hour.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyelids twitch. She reaches out her hand: “Bring me today’s newspaper.”

Amah hesitates for a while then answers awkwardly: “The newspaper is still at home. It has not been sent here yet.”

Song Yunxuan curls up her lips and looks a little cold: “Go downstairs to buy one. If it has been sold out, go home and fetch one.”


It takes Amah ten minutes to come back.

Reading it carefully, Song Yunxuan doesn’t find the information she wants, so she puts it aside to have a rest.

Before resting, Song Yunxuan reminds Amah: “Remember to bring me tomorrow’s newspaper.”

After Amah promises that, she falls asleep.

Probably because of the strong efficacy of sleeping pills, she sleeps for a long time again. When she wakes up in the midnight, she sees Amah dozing off next to her.

She gets up and heads to the bathroom. On the way, she puts a coat on Amah.

When she walks into the outside corridor, she suddenly smells a pungent smell of smoke.

She frowns and looks in the direction of the smell.

Then she sees a flash of fire between the fingers of a man besides the corridor’s window. The fire is weak. Obviously, it is a lit cigarette.

She feels strange then walks over to the man who is looking at the night sky.

When she comes closer, the man notices, slightly turns sideways then recognizes her: “Miss Song, it’s so late. Why are you still awake?”

“Director Ning, you probably didn’t let the doctor give me gastric lavage. I slept too much during the day and woke up at night until the sleeping pills’ efficacy was gone.”

He nods. “You didn’t take a lot of pills, so you are fine. That’s why we gave you emetic rather than gastric lavage.”

Song Yunxuan walks over to the window and looks at the sky with him: “There is no star tonight.”

“Yeah.” He puts out the cigarette in his hand and throws the unfinished cigarette into the metal trash bin next to him.

Song Yunxuan holds the window and looks at the night sky outside.

Ning Yuan turns and wants to go.

Song Yunxuan follows him to walk along: “May I go to your office for a cup of coffee?”

“You are only suitable for drinking water.”

“Then I will drink water.”

Song Yunxuan walks forward, and Ning Yuan does not want to get rid of her.

When they arrive at Ning Yuan’s office, Song Yunxuan finds that it is about two o’clock in the night.

She can’t help admiring Ning Yuan: “I’m so surprised that you can stay up to two o’clock.”

Ning Yuan hands her a cup of lukewarm water as expected: “Some patients will have symptoms in the evening. Since I am on duty, I must be clear-headed.”

“But, shouldn’t you be off duty today?”

Ning Yuan pauses and answers: “We took another patient later in the day. I was a little worried about him, so I stayed.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “You are so responsible for your job.”

“I just don’t want to kill others.”

What he said stuns Song Yunxuan.

The coffee in Ning Yuan’s cup smells good. He takes a sip casually.

Song Yunxuan’s minds drift away while she is watching him.

“You really worry about your father?”

“Is he awake?”

“When a patient like him is awake is uncertain, not to mention he has undergone rescuing surgery.”

“Will he wake up at night?”


“Then excuse me, I want to see him.”

She gets up and leaves.

Ning Yuan stands up and takes his coat on the hanger next to him: “The temperature on the 19th floor may be a bit low. You can wear this coat before you leave.”

Song Yunxuan accepts it willingly and says: “Thank you.”

She takes the elevator to the 19th floor. It takes her a while to find Song Yan’s ward after she comes out of the elevator.

She walks over and finds that Song Yunying is lying in bed in the next room and Song Yunqiang is dozing in the sofa.

She stands outside the glass door and looks tenderly at Song Yan who is lying on the bed for a long while.

Gu Changge’s father Gu Cheng died after he had been lying in the ICU ward for dozens of days.

She was only twenty years old and she waited outside the glass door of the ICU ward every day.

Gu’s board of directors concealed Gu Cheng’s condition in order to keep Gu’s stock trading volume unaffected.

Moreover, some doctors were asked by Gu’s board to tell her that Gu Cheng could wake up.

So, she watched her father outside the glass wall after she had finished her business every day.

He was the man who had been raising her up alone at the age of twenty-six.

She believed that Gu Cheng could still wake up, because Gu Cheng has never left her in the twenty years of raising her.

However, after waiting confidently for 60 days, she got the death certificate of Gu Cheng.

She watched the doctor remove the medical equipment from Gu Cheng slowly. It took her a long time to cry out.

Shao Tianze was hugging her from behind. He wanted to support her body so that she would not kneel down.

She grasped Shao Tianze’s hands firmly in order not to fall down.

She remembered that at a very young age, Gu Cheng told her that as a human, as long as he lives, he needs to stand up and walk by himself.

In this way, she shouldered her responsibility.

Gu Changge didn’t think that he was right when she was young and cited various examples to refute his father’s statement.

However, Gu Cheng insisted that he should be right.

Later, she took over Gu’s.

Only then she realized that if people don’t stand up and walk on their own, then the one who is helping them will take away everything from them.

See, Shao Tianze helped her, and then took away everything from her.

She looks at Song Yan in the ICU ward, as if she saw her father.

She can’t help stoppingher tears falling down along her cheek.

You can rest assured that I can support Gu’s.