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C89 - Seeing Her Father

C90 - The Name of His Youngest Daughter

Song Yunxuan has no symptoms of discomfort the next day.

Ning Yuan, who comes to go the rounds of wards, says she can be discharged.

Song Yunxuan goes through the formalities of discharge, and when she is ready to go home with her things, she suddenly catches sight of a sapphire Porsche sports car parking outside the hospital.

She stands there, frowning over there for a while.

The window of the car finally opens.

However, the person inside the car is not Chu Mochen.

The seventeen-year-old boy inside blinks at her: “Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan walks over: “Mr. Rong.”

“You can just call me Rong Six,” Rong Six seems to be very familiar with her, asking her to get in the car quickly: “Please get in soon. I can’t be seen driving without a driver’s license.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “In this case, it would be better for me to take the car driven by my driver.”

“But I can drive well, Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t turn back.

Rong Six has no choice but to get off the car and stop her: “It is Childe Chu who asks me to pick you up. He wants me to send you back personally.”

“Don’t bother. I can take anyone’s car.”

She walks over to Song Family’s car.

Rong Six stops her and insists: “Please take Childe Chu’s car.”

Seeing he insist that, Song Yunxuan feels suspicious: “Why?”

“I will tell you after you get in the car.”

Although Rong Six is young, he is hard to get rid of. Song Yunxuan has no choice but to get in the car.

Rong Six drives away with window glass closed.

Song Yunxuan sees a newspaper in the car so she reaches out, wanting to have a look.

Rong Six takes away the newspaper quickly: “There is nothing worth reading today. You can wait to see tomorrow’s newspaper.”

Song Yunxuan reaches out to turn on the radio.

Rong Six says immediately: “The things they broadcast are nonsense. Let me tell you about the four new stars in the recent entertainment circle.”

Song Yunxuan is not interested in this: “Do your family want to invest in film and television dramas?”

Rong Six is surprised: “No.”

“If your answer is no, then you don’t need to tell me that.”

In Song Yunxuan’s opinion, as long as people in the entertainment circle don’t have interest relationship with her, then it’s unnecessary for her to listen to gossips and the current situation information of them.

Rong Six has to pass a crossroad in the center of Yuncheng on the way sending her home.

It happens to be red light when they arrive and Weekly Entertainment is being broadcast on the huge LCD TV installed on the Ginza Building next to the crossroad.

Song Yunxuan, who is bored, looks at the subtitles above.

She catches Chu Mochen’s name immediately.

Then, she sees the photo of Yao Mimi, the new goddess of the entertainment circle, talking and drinking with Chu Mochen.

Seeing Song Yunxuan stares at the LCD screen on the Ginza Building, Rong Six turns to look at it too.

Then his face turns pale.


“I feel dizzy. Childe Rong, please send me home soon.”

Rong Six’s face twitches uncontrollably, and then for a moment, he doesn’t know what he should do.

He sends Song Yunxuan back to the Song family quickly as she demanded.

However, it is obvious that Song Yunxuan is not happy when she enters the Song Family.

The result is worse than Rong Six has imagined.

Rong Six feels that he can’t go back to meet Chu Mochen now, so he goes to the bar to have a drink on the way back.

Unfortunately, he comes across the Su Family’s Su Youyu.

A glamorous woman wearing a black short skirt strikes up a conversation with Su Youyu. He just smiles politely then gets rid of the woman.

When he walks to Rong Six and orders some vodka for them, Rong Six can’t help but give him a thumbs-up: “Mr. Su is so self-restraint. That woman is so hot and you can resist her charm.”

Su Youyu’s face is a little feminine with his sharp chin, and he looks more beautiful than the average man. Now ridiculed by Rong Six, he just smiles: “That woman is beautiful, but unfortunately she is not my style.”

Rong Six takes a sip of wine then starts to gossip: “Then Brother Su, which kind of women do you prefer?”

“I like…” He thinks about it then smiles faintly. “That kind of women is not very easy to find.”

“The kind of women like Yao Mimi?” Rong Six asks.

Su Youyu’s eyes squint: “She… seems to be a female star who has recently got along well with Childe Chu?”

Rong Six feels he has said something inappropriate. He raises his hand and pats his mouth: “Sorry, I accidentally mentioned Childe Chu.”

“What’s done is done. Since I heard it anyway, how about telling me about it in detail?”

Su Youyu is a little bit naughty.

Rong Six is very cautious: “That is Childe Chu’s business. I can’t talk about it.”

Su Youyu stares at him: “Sounds mysterious.”

“Whether it is mysterious is unimportant. You know, the Chu Family’s affairs are none of my business.”

Seeing Rong Six is not going to say it anyway, Su Youyu stops inquiring.

Rong Six is restrained in drinking. After drinking a few cups, he feels that it is time to go back and gets up.

Su Youyu stands up and watches him leave. When his figure disappears from the bar, he sits back on the chair and looks at the glass in his hand with a smile.

The wine in the glass is as transparent as gems.

The smile on his lips is getting more and more obvious as he shakes the glass.

It seems that Yao Mimi is very good at seducing men.

Now, she is having an affair with Chu Mochen.


When Song Yunxuan comes home, she feels that there is a fire burning in her chest.

This fire makes her hard to breath. But she feels cold as if she was covered with a layer of ice.

Even if the fire is burning inside, it can’t melt ice.

Amah comes over to take her bag and coat.

Song Yunxuan holds her forehead and says: “I have a headache suddenly.”

“Then go back to the room and take a break.” Amah answers.

Song Yunxuan shakes her head: “No, Dad is still in the hospital. Find me some medicine for headaches. I will take a bath, change my clothes and go back to the hospital.”

Amah is very worried: “But Miss Yunxuan, you just get discharged from the hospital. The doctor said that you should rest more.”

“Rest?” She couldn’t help but smile. “There is no need to rest now. If I don’t get busy now, I will rest for a lifetime.”

Amah is shocked by Song Yunxuan’s words.

Song Yunxuan is tired. She opens the door then enters the room.

She is very clear about what she should do now.

Song Yan is seriously ill in bed. Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying are taking care of him. These two people are not stupid. They are taking care of father probably because they want to get more inheritance from him.

She has not seen the inheritance division agreement and Song Yan’s will until now.

If Song Yan dies suddenly, this Song family will possibly be divided by Song Yunqiang.

At that time, Song family will be gone because of the separation.

Amah brings her the headache medicine. She eats the tablets with lukewarm water then changes her clothes and sets off to the hospital.

Amah still feels worried about her. She hands over a towel to Song Yunxuan when she is about to leave: “Miss Yunxuan, you haven’t dried hair after bathing. It is easy to catch a cold. Use this towel to wipe your hair.”

Song Yunxuan is moved by her. It is as if a warm current has flown in the bottom of her heart. She couldn’t help but smile gently: “Thank you, Amah.”

“Miss Yunxuan, take care of yourself.”

Seeing the wrinkles on Amah’s face, Song Yunxuan feels a little sad.

She is becoming less and less important in Song Family. Amah will be dismissed by Song Yunqiang in this way.

Amah has no relatives. Song Yunxuan is her closest relative. If Song Yunqiang fires her, where can she go?

Even if it is for the people around her, she should take the initiative to have Song Family in her hand.

She grasps the towel in her hand firmly then goes outside.

Her eyes look firm and calm.

Song Yan will die at any moment.

Song family will be unrest during this period of time.

The little tricks before are supposed to be moved to the table soon.

She sits on the leather seat behind the car and looks out the window.

She looks calm and cruel. Her eyes are as cold as a deep pool.

When Song Yunxuan arrives at the hospital, it happens that Song Yan is awake.

Song Yunying and Song Yunqiang are so happy that they weep. Both of them surround their father’s bed, but no one has asked to call Song Yunjia and Song Yunxuan.

Seeing that her brother and sister Yunying are around father’s bed, Song Yunxuan clasps her fingers then steps forward to open the ward door: “Does father wake up?”

Song Yunqiang hears the sound and turns his head in amazement: “Yunxuan?”

Doesn’t she just go back home?

Why does she come back so soon?

Song Yunqiang is rather confused.

Seeing Song Yan has woken up, Song Yunxuan walks quickly towards his bedside: “Dad, do you feel better?”

Song Yan hasn’t regained his consciousness. When he sees Song Yunxuan, he looks confused.

Song Yunxuan smiles: “Dad, how do you feel? I’m so glad that you have woken up. I… I will fetch the doctor right away.”

After saying that, she turns around and rushes to look for the doctor.

At this time, Song Yan, who has been in a coma for more than 36 hours, murmurs a word: “Yunxuan…”

This is the first word that Song Yan says after he wakes up.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying immediately realize what Song Yan says.

At the same time, they are shocked about that.

The first people their father calls after waking up is not her eldest daughter Song Yunjia, nor the only son Song Yunqiang, nor her second eldest daughter Song Yunying, who he has valued originally.

However, it is his youngest daughter who is unimportant in the Song Family?


Song Yunqiang is so shocked that he frowns, leans over to hold Song Yan’s shoulders and shakes him with force: “Dad, are you awake? Can you recognize me?”

Song Yan, shook by Song Yunqiang, moves his head a little.

Seeing his only son’s annoyed eyes, he feels he can’t breathe.

Song Yunying next to him reacts quickly. She holds down Song Yunqiang’s arms and persuades: “Brother, dad has just woken up, don’t shake him so hard.”

Song Yunqiang turns his head, stares at Song Yunying and says worriedly: “But…”

Song Yunying pulls Song Yunqiang’s arm away from their father’s shoulders and tips Song Yunqiang a wink: “Brother, since dad has recognized Yunxuan, we should let Yunxuan accompany him. We go to fetch doctor instead.”

After saying that, she takes Song Yunqiang out.