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Lekhny composition -22-Dec-2021

The Golden Ball

A mere child I was ,
Baby teeth scattering all over 
Tooth fairies I waited for ,
And my love i never forgot .

What started as a mere dream 
As a mere love 
Turned to into a mere passion.
Running across the streets
Sprinting were once me and 
My childhood peers .
At the glimpse of it's light
We would be by our play side 
At the sight of it's disappearance 
We would retreat back to our beds .

Sleep came with the illusion of soccer grounds ,
A mere street sprinter
Now at 18 has now become
A well furnished player .

By well furnished I mean ,
He now roams and runs 
On a bed of grass ,
He now sweats for fame ,
The dream of his passion has now
Been fulfilled ,
A new dream he now has

A dream of holding in his hands the Golden Ball
The dream of sharing the moments
Of his passion with his once accomplices .
A dream of bringing honour to his village 
He now holds 
A dream of leaving a legacy behind he now fights for ,
That's him from being a villager sprinter 
Fighting for a passion to be realized
His dream has now become 
The Golden Ball
That will bring honour to his name 
And pride to his village

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Shrishti pandey

24-Dec-2021 08:05 AM



Abhinav ji

23-Dec-2021 11:20 PM



Ayra S

23-Dec-2021 03:02 PM