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Love paradise

                          LOVE PARADISE

I am imaging that I have met my life partner in the Heaven.Let's see what happening there?

I am Nictoricia,the princess of the Heaven world
I am the only mischievous person there
Although I am the princess,I like to play with kids
Games such as hide and seek,other silly games etc

When I am playing with the kids,
I see a man watching me without blinking his eyes
But I have already seen him anywhere before
But I can't able to remember him where I saw him

I shocked and fell down
And suddenly my ankle was twisted
After seeing me injured,he run as fast as tiger
And come near to me

He lifted me up and he delivered in my room
I said so many times,"put me down,put me down"
But he didn't respond me
And he put me down on the bed

And apply the medicinal medicines to my leg
After some time my leg pain is much better now
At that time,he come close to me
And said,"I had been in love with you since our childhood"

I am wondering on his speech
I don't know had I seen him or not?
Ohh,now I can realize that we were friends since our childhood
I have been searching for him every day

When I was with him,I had the same feeling that he had on me
Yaah,I love him,I only love  him
I said to him that,"I love you"
After sometime,my parents agreed to our marriage
And we lead a happy life with our parents


Swati chourasia

07-Jan-2022 08:35 PM

Very beautiful 👌


Benitta Thomas

07-Jan-2022 07:52 PM

Beautifully written...✨