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Lekhny composition -12-Jan-2022

I'm sorry

I have been labeled an ingrate
Believe me when I say before I knew you
Life was a nightmare I dreaded facing
I still go back to the memories of those
Days when fate deprived me of peace
Whenever I ties the rope to my neck
It would appear out of nowhere and cut it

The blood gushing out of my wrists
Was wiped clean and my wounds bandaged 
All those days became a thing of the past the day I 
Met you ,

You made me believe in myself 
And forced awake the curious me 
Those days on which you told me
To love myself are my everyday motivation
But I somehow can't get the words 
Of anyone ever loving me
They seem like wishes of a beggar to me

I never yearned for love buy it knocked on my door
And being the ingrate that I am
I never appreciated its warmth
The demon in me always burnt it's feathers 
Whenever it got close to me ,

I'm sorry I never deserved your love 
I ran away from myself 
And missed out a chance of peace
I still regret leaving you
But the regret is not as strong as the determination
Of protecting you from myself
For once believe me when I say you deserve better
I'm a danger to myself 
I'm afraid of myself 
And I don't trust myself around me 
Let alone anyone and you were
Always the victim of my demons
I had to free you ,
Im sorry I never asked u for your opinion
But it was for the better 

I'm sorry I loved you but could
Never keep you
I'm sorry I still love you
I'm sorry that I'm afraid of losing you
I'm sorry that although you have
Gone a mile away from me
I'm still being selfish in wanting you 
I'm sorry I never deserved you
I'm sorry I hurt you 
I'm sorry that you fell for a demon
I'm sorry I could never change 
I'm sorry I never fought for us 
I'm sorry that my demons killed me
I'm sorry I loved you but never really 
Let  spread the love that you always wished to towards me
I'm sorry that I'm dead without you 
I never forgot my word 

l love you but I'm sorry
I'm too damaged to stand by your side

Thee entangled


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