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Ch 2: Rebirth in Song Family

C2 - Rebirth in Song Family

Gu Changge wants to turn over, but her whole body is aching.

Heart-crushing pain comes from the left leg, and someone nearby cries out in surprise: “Miss!”

She slowly opens her eyes and looks strangely along the source of the sound.

In the bright and dazzling ward, the walls are snow-white, and the white curtains of the windows are gently rolled up.

On the low cabinet by the window are thermos flasks, heat preservation boxes and enamel pots.

A woman in her fifties leans over with tears in her eyes: “Miss, Miss, you finally wake up!”

She is puzzled.

Just at this time, she sees a card on the cabinet next to the sickbed with such a piece of information clearly printed.

Patient’s name – Song Yunxuan.

Age – 18

Symptom- fracture of right leg.

“Right leg …” her heart suddenly starts beating, her eyes widens in disbelief and a rare fear flashes into her eyes. “Right leg? My right leg is still there? ”

Hearing her excitement, the woman stretches out her hand and hurriedly holds down her arms. “Miss, Miss, don’t be afraid. Your legs are all there. Despite that the accident was serious, the place where you were sitting just allows you to dodge a bullet. You just have a broken right leg. Don’t be afraid … don’t be afraid …”

Despite of this woman’s efforts to appease her, she still cannot hide her shock.

Frowning and then unfolding, she stretches out her hand and touches her waist and hip incomprehensibly.

Then, she moves down a little bit.

A little, a little.

The real existence of her legs really makes her stiff suddenly and her eyes widen with shock.

Perhaps because of the horror, she suddenly sheds tears flowing out of her eyes.

At the sight of her crying, the woman next to her immediately hugs her: “Miss, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, Amah will always be by your side, I will by no means let the those bullying young ladies and masters of Song Family hurt you again!”

Hurt me?

It is Shao Tianze who hurt me!

But … have I been dead?

She raises her hand to touch her heart, and regardless of whether there is anyone else present, she just tears open the patient clothes and touches her left chest.

Smooth skin shows no scars.

Her fingertips tremble slightly, and suddenly she becomes very eager to curl her mouth corner.

“Bring me the mirror.”

Amah is stunned.

She repeats it again in a slightly trembling voice: “bring me the mirror.”

Amah doesn’t know what Yunxuan wants to do, so she finds a folded plastic mirror in the drawer.

She sits up propping herself, even ignoring the broken leg.

She just wants to have a good look at her face now.

Amah turns over the mirror and hands it to her.

Gu Changge reaches out and takes it over.

Suddenly, she looks at the face in the mirror, frozen.

The girl in the mirror has a beautiful face, and it is difficult to hide the beauty of the girl even during the injury.

The girl’s face is different from the one Gu Changge used to look at in the mirror.

This is really a strange, 18-year-old face.

A sense of joy comes into her chest.

Fingers firmly holding the small mirror, and looking at the girl in the mirror, she kindly squints, secretly saying – although I don’t know what happened, but thank you for giving me this body.

She hands over the small mirror to Amah: “Amah, I can’t remember things clearly before the car accident. Tell me about it.”

Amah has no doubt about the identity of this young girl.

“Miss, do you still remember that you are the youngest daughter of the Song family?” She asks.

“Is it the Song Family in Yuncheng?”

She asks Amah.

Amah nods happily at once: “Miss, the doctor said that you have hurt your brain, which scars me to death. It’s really nice for you to remember Yuncheng now.”

A smile breaks on the corner of Gu Changge’s mouth: “so I am Song Yunxuan, the youngest daughter of the Song Family in Yuncheng.”

The householder of the Song Family in Yuncheng lives in debauchery, with a large number of illegitimate children.

Among them, Song Yunxuan is the one who is least loved and valued.

This is because Song Yunxuan was delivered by a third-rate star called social butterfly.

Moreover, her mother is dead now, and basically she has become a pushover that everyone can bully.

She leans back against the bedside, seemingly at random, but she asks Amah deeply shrewd: “was I caught in the accident on the car when my brother took me back to Yuncheng?”