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C3 - Return to Song Family in Yuncheng

C3 - Return to Song Family in Yuncheng

Amah nods: “Miss, you didn’t want to go back, but Master Yunqiang just wanted to take you back. Don’t worry, Amah is here and I will try my best to stop Master Yunqiang take you away.”

Gu Changge is relieved and even shows a seemingly sardonic grin.

When she was still alive, she already heard of the Song Family’s awful mess.

Despite that the Song Family has a large fortune, several sons fail to live up to expectations. In order to enable the family to achieve success one way or another, the old householder of the Song Family gets back all his daughters who were born after a romantic period in his youth and then marries them to others for buildings connections in business.

If it weren’t for her Gu Changge, who was in charge of the family at that time, the Song Family might also cast eyes at her family.

However, even if the Song Family cannot send her a woman to marry, they have never forgot to woo her husband Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia, the eldest daughter of the Song Family, were college classmates and both studied medicine.

Speaking of it, it seems that when Shao Tianze was digging her heart, she saw Song Yunjia’s peach-blossom eyes as well.

Such a thought reassures Gu Changge: “Amah, now that I can live a good life in Yuncheng, why should we live in such a small town? Let’s go to Yuncheng. Don’t bother my brother to pick us up. When my injury is healed, let’s go to Yuncheng by car.”

“But, Miss …” Amah still wants to stop it.

Gu Changge raises her hand to interrupt her, with a faint smile in her eyes: “Amah, we have a lot of acquaintances in Yuncheng, don’t we?”

She Gu Changge revives in a new guise and has to visit them one by one.

In this way, it will be convenient for her to have “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”!

Amah feels that the Song Family’s lady she is taking care of has changed, but no matter what she turns out to be, her face and her blood are all Song Yunxuan’s, which do not allow her to go off into wild flights of fancy.

Gu Changge has been taken care of by Amah for several days, during which she beats about the bush to clearly find out Amah’s background and Song Yunxuan’s preferences.

Song Yunxuan is indeed the illegitimate daughter of a third-rate star who is a social butterfly, as rumored, and Amah is the nanny her mother paid a lot of money to hire before she died.

Since the two children Amah gave birth to all her life both died young, she brought up Song Yunxuan as if she were her own daughter.

Gu Changge chooses to trust Amah, but not completely.

She went into business at the age of 15 and took over the position of the president of Gu Family at the age of 18, married Shao Tianze at the age of 21 and became the first female director of Gu Family and even the four big families of Yuncheng. She was 32 when she died.

After 17 years of doing business, she realizes that no one is entirely trustworthy.

Because, her life was ended in the hands of her husband whom she trusted so much.

She is now in Qingcheng Town, 800 miles from Yuncheng on the coast, where the fog is very heavy in the morning.

She rests for a month to conserve strength and store up energy.

The phone calls from the Song Family have not been discontinued.

On the day when she is removing the steel nail, Amah holds the phone over and says to her carefully, “Master Yunqiang calls in person.”

And she reminds her to be respectful and careful.

She already dealt with Song Yunqiang when she was still Gu Changge.

A tall, fat and mischievous head of the family is all that matters. He has little ability, but he really wants to marry all his younger sisters as a tool for marriage.

It is really foolish to think that a family with many connections through marriages can borrow some strength.

In the business circle, where real feelings can be built?

People will not help you for no apparent reason, unless there are great interests to plot.

She takes over the phone and tries to make her tone gentle, rendering herself to appear to be weak: “brother …”

“Are your legs all right?”

“All right.”

“I will pick you up tomorrow.”

Gu Changge, no, maybe she should turn herself into Song Yunxuan now.

She rolls her eyes slightly and looks out of the window: “brother, don’t pick me up. I’m already on my way to Yuncheng.”

There is an obvious panic the other side, asking: “which train are you taking?”

Song Yunxuan smiles: “brother, to get to Yuncheng safely, I think I will not tell you. When I arrive, I will go home myself.”

Finished, before Song Yunqiang is talking on the phone, she decisively presses the key to end the call.

Amah feels very strange: “Miss, why did you lie to Master Yunqiang?”

Song Yunxuan wears a sweet smile: “it is just a joke.”

As a matter of fact, this is just a way to save her life.

However, from the last car accident, it can be seen that some people really want to end her life before she returns to the Song Family.

But who on earth is this person?