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C5 - Gu Changge is Back

Chapter 5: Gu Changge is Back

Song Yunxuan chooses to take a plane because the previous car accident has already killed the real Song Yunxuan.

If she wants to return to Yuncheng smoothly, she must do it by surprise.

However, the journey is too surprising.

This is because Chu Mochen should be among the passengers of this plane.

She met Chu Mochen twice when she was still Gu Changge.

Once at the age of four, and once at the age of eight.

When she was four years old, Chu Mochen of the same age as her came to her home to play. He thought she was very cute, so he robbed her doll and let her cry to him.

Not only did she not cry, she also ordered her Huskie to bite Chu Mochen.

As a result, the old householder of Chu Family gave up his plan to unite by marriage with the eldest daughter of Gu Family.

At the age of eight, Chu Mochen was designated as the first heir of the Chu Family.

She went with her father to congratulate him on behalf of Gu Family’s next successor.

Chu Mochen said many words that an heir should say wisely, but when he sent her away, Chu Mochen suddenly attached himself to her ear and said in a gloomy voice, “I will swallow the Gu Family.”

She held on to the good manners taught by the family and nodded with pride: “I am waiting for you, Master.”

She was not afraid of him or any man.

Since she was born in Gu Family, a powerful family in Yuncheng, and she was one of the candidates for the next successor of the high-ranking family since childhood.

At that time, she just thought – Chu Mochen might be a person bearing grudges.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said such thoughtless words to her at the age of eight.

Of course, when she got married at the age of 21, he almost brought down Gu Family and helped her father’s only illegitimate child to usurp the power of Gu Family.

As a result, she sacrificed her first child and put her illegitimate only brother into prison.

And in the following year, she forced this ‘mortal malady’ to death without leaving any handle.

Later, in order to gain the power of Gu Family firmly in her hands, she married all her illegitimate sisters who were unwilling to serve as a marriage tool to useless men one by one, leaving them unable to shake her position until death.

Chu Mochen wouldn’t have been unaware of all this even if he was abroad.

However, her domineering life has ended prematurely at the age of 32.

It is ruined by her husband.

Thinking of this, she is a little sad.

When she reaches for the magazine,

The plane is shaking again.

Her body is off balance, and suddenly she is leaning down.

At that instant, the hand that passes her the magazine grabs her by the wrist and pulls her over.

The short distance makes her feel dizzy until the plane becomes stable.

Only then does she find herself pulled into his arms, and she frowns at him.

Looking at his appearance carefully, the man has pretty and elegant facial features, heroic eyebrows, graceful lips and a natural coldness on his face.

Looking at his eyes, it seemed as if something serene and dark is buried in them deeply.

She feels very uncomfortable: “Sir …”

“My name is Chu Mochen.” He interrupts and corrects her.

She feels a little nervous and cries secretly – he is indeed Chu Mochen!

She immediately gets up from him: “Mr. Chu, please let me go first.”

She sits on his leg and feels unwell.

Chu Mochen gently opens his lips, with a hint of scorn at the corner of his eyes: “I think you came at me on purpose.”

Song Yunxuan is startled and angry, but cannot help sneering softly: “Mr. Chu, you really think too much.”

Then she walks away from him, holds on to the back of the seat, waves the magazine in her hand, and walks toward her own seat. “thank you for your magazine, Mr. Chu.”

Chu Mochen remains silent, with a pair of his sharp, eagle-like eyes fixed on Song Yunxuan.

This girl really doesn’t look like a pure girl.

Her words and actions are really like that woman.

The flight gets to Yuncheng at 9 p.m.

The plane glides slowly towards the runway, and the neon lights at night in Yuncheng are beautiful and prosperous.

She looks out of the window at the bustling city and feels a surge of blood at an accelerated manner.

She bends up her slender, white fingers and clasps them in her palm; her eyes are cold and piercing; her beautiful, smiling eyebrows are cruel impeccably: “Shao Tianze, I’m back.”