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C6 - Lend me a Hand

Chapter 6: Lend me a Hand
She gets off the plane and switches her mobile phone to normal mode.

Continuous text messages and missed calls seem to crush this mobile phone.

Chu Mochen, who has met her on the plane just now, glances at her coldly as he passes her.

Amah is somewhat worried and whispers to Song Yunxuan: “Miss, this young man seems not too simple.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Amah, none of the family heirs who can rank among the top ones in Yuncheng is simple.”

Amah wonders: “Miss, do you know that man?”

Song Yunxuan smiles and shakes her head: “no, I don’t know.”

Yes, Song Yunxuan does not know him.

Only Gu Changge knew.

Amah feels strange: “Then how do you know he is the family heir of Yuncheng?”

Song Yunxuan opens the borrowed magazine and hands it to Amah: “there is a column about his interview.”

Amah takes it over, but she falls into deep thought.

Chu Mochen.

Ten years after emigrating to the United States, he suddenly returns home.

It really makes people feel strange.

Obviously, Chu Family’s assets in Yuncheng are less than one tenth of his assets in the U.S. headquarters.

Then why does he come back?

She would like to know what he is going to do, but at this moment, she is not in the mood to know the details.

The top priority for her is to return to Song Family.

And then …

She squints, and a business lady’s scheming and bullying expression skim over her eyes.

Song Family is a pretty good stepping stone to revenge.

A smile breaks on the corner of Song Yunxuan’s mouth and she turns to call Amah: “Amah, now that you remember the way to Song Family in Yuncheng, let’s take a taxi back.”

Amah nods repeatedly: “ok, Miss Yunxuan.”

When Song Yunxuan and Amah get to Song Family’s house, Song Yunqiang comes out of the door in a panic.

Seeing Amah dragging the suitcase, he frowns and asks her, “Amah is not too young already, how can you still ask her to come and serve you?”

Then, he casts disgusting eyesight at Amah.

Amah gives a slight pause. Song Yunxuan smiles and takes over the suitcase from Amah’s hand: “brother, I’m new here. If I hadn’t been taken care of by Amah, I’m afraid I would have caused a lot of trouble to Song Family. Besides, I come from the small town dragging my luggage. When other young ladies and young masters see me, they might have thought that I am not Song Family’s own daughter at all.”

After Song Yunqiang hears this, a pair of his puckered heavy eyebrows seem to pucker closer.

Song Yunxuan is right. People arranged for joint-marriage also want to marry the noble ladies of Song Family, not the village girls whom Song Family fobs off.

As a result, Song Yunxuan’s presence with a nanny can also elevate Song Yunxuan’s identity, proving that she is indeed a noble lady of Song Family, and that she is so delicate that requires the help of a servant.

However, this Amah is loyal to Song Yunxuan, and such a servant besides her will only hinder him and ruin his plan.

Song Yunqiang thinks that it is not so urgent to get Amah away, and there will be plenty of opportunities and excuses to dismiss her later.

He unfolds his eyebrows, assumes a happy expression, and comes forward to hold Song Yunxuan’s shoulder: “good sister, it is really great that you can arrive safely.”

Song Yunxuan says nothing, and Song Yunqiang takes her forward: “Over the years, you have been wronged living in a small town. However, now that you have returned to Song Family, we will take good care of you.”

Moved, Song Yunxuan nods: “brother, why are you so anxious to pick me up?”

Song Yunqiang doesn’t expect Song Yunxuan to go straight to the point. He chokes a little before adjusting his facial expression and says with a dignified expression: “To tell you the truth, father is seriously ill, and our Song companies are meeting some difficulties at present. Perhaps only you Yunxuan can lend a hand.”

Lend a hand?