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C7 - Second Sister Song Yunying

Chapter 7: Second Sister Song Yunying
As soon as Song Yunqiang asks her to lend a hand, Song Yunxuan feels that the opportunity has come.

As a businesswoman, she can judge any opportunity on the way.

And try every means to seize this opportunity so as to gain the most considerable benefits for herself.

As Gu Changge, she made full use of the instinct of a business woman, so she climbed to the top of the business that no woman in Yuncheng can match.

Though now she has become Song Yunxuan, this instinct still exists deep in her heart.

She agrees to Song Yunqiang’s request without hesitation: “Brother, I am the daughter of Song Family, and you are my family. If you have any difficulties, I will surely help you.”

Amah is surprised to hear her say so.

She does not expect that Song Yunxuan, who was always obsequious before, will voluntarily say such kind words that show consideration for her family.

Song Yunqiang is even more contented with his sister’s words.

He stretches out his hand and grabs her by the wrist and walks straight to the luxurious front hall of Song Family: “Yunxuan, since you have lived in Qingcheng Town for over ten years and are not familiar with the family members, I’ll take you to see our family members first.”


Song Yunxuan looks at Song Family’s luxurious three-story villa with calm facial expressions. A strong desire to seize the whole Song Family arises in her heart.

She follows Song Yunqiang to her home, just like a beast of prey following a stupid rabbit leading the way into the rabbit’s lair.

She likes this Song Family.

The environment is good, and people are stupid and have a lot of money.

Although it is not as strong and prosperous as her Gu Family in wealth and power, it is still a good stepping stone for her to get in power.

To her best knowledge, Song Family’s business is not bad, but only the family are too brainless.

Because there are so many illegitimate children, all of whom want to assume sole power after the death of the old householder, so the infighting among them is especially fierce, and vortex undercurrent spreads almost everywhere.

She is first taken into the Song Family by Song Yunqiang, who is naturally the one Song Yunqian wants to woo.

And the person who has caused the car accident to her should also be in Song Family.

Song Yunqiang pulls her into the main entrance of the villa. Upon entering, she sees a red-haired woman wearing a tight red skirt sitting on the European-style sofa.

The woman looks exactly like she is in her mid-twenties. She is dressed up mature and sexy, with a protruding and warping figure. Only with a glance can one judge that she is a voluptuous stunner in some aspect.

Song Yunqiang calls her, “Yunying, come and meet your little sister.”

Song Yunying.

Song Yunxuan reads her name silently. Before Song Yunying comes over, she smiles at her and says, “sister!”

“Who is your sister, you are just the daughter of a bitch of a third-rate star!” Obviously, Song Yunying does not like her at all.

Song Yunying still does not vent her spleen after scolding her, turns to Song Yunqiang and asks him unwillingly and resentfully, “brother, you can choose me if you want Song Family’s daughter to marry Xue Family. Why this little bitch?”

Finished, she angrily points to Song Yunxuan with her finger with black nail polish, itching to stab Song Yunxuan to death on the spot.

Song Yunxuan only finds this resentful Song Yunying ridiculous, but now she can’t laugh.

Because the person in Song Family who wants her to die on the road is obviously Song Yunying.

Her second sister.

She pretends to be afraid and leans against Song Yunqiang, asking Song Yunqiang in a low voice: “brother, does my sister hate me?”

Song Yunqiang obviously hates Song Yunying’s statement and pats her on the shoulder: “you go upstairs with Amah to the third room, and it is your bedroom. Your sister is in a bad mood recently, and just leave her alone.”

Song Yunxuan nods obediently.

She takes a look at Amah and walks upstairs.

Song Yunying is very upset and rushes to the front of Song Yunqiang, asking him loudly, “why don’t you let me marry Xue Tao?!”

“Xue Tao wants to marry a wife, Yingying. You should be clear that marrying a wife home is different from playing outside. He wants to marry a clean lady from Song Family.”

Song Yunxuan has excellent hearing, though Song Yunqiang keeps his voice as low as possible when he says these words.

But Song Yunxuan still hears it.

She looks slightly sideways at Song Yunying’s face.

Song Yunying’s arrogant and angry expression on her face has entirely disappeared, and only surprise and disappointment lingers.

Needless to say, her relationship with Xue Tao is not simple.