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Lekhny composition -10-Jan-2023, Open

 " Topic : OPEN "

" Open it is a song by Rhye from album Woman , it is released in 2013 this song is Genre ( Alternative/Indie ). This song is available on you tube and all music platforms .  RHYE IS A MAN just thought I'd put that out there everyone. This song is about pure effing passion. He's passionate about this women! He's mesmerized by her! The thought of her going away for even just a second makes him plead NO! "

Open means , something which is not closed and we can say that something which has no restrictions . It means anyone can freely access, use , modify and share for any purpose ( subject , at most requirement that preserve provenance and openness) , it is not closed or barred at the time , as a doorway by a door , a window by a sash or a gateway by a gate.

But the word open has different meanings in different areas it depends upon the what  we are talking about . 
    Examples :-
          1. If we are talking about door, window so ; If you open something such as these things then what happened , its position is changed . These are non living thing.
          2.  In living thing , If we describe a person or their character as open, this means the person is honest and do not want or try to hide anything or to deceive anyone .

Being an open person can mean many different things , all of them positive . It's a term with no set definition , but it generally includes some combination of friendliness, approachability , honesty , open-mindedness and personal authenticity.

Keeping an open mind can help you grow as a person. You learn new things about the world and the people around you. Become mentally strong. Staying open to new ideas and experiences can help you become a stronger, more vibrant person.

Openness is how open-minded, imaginative, creative and insightful a person is or can be. More open minded people tend to prefer variety, seek new experiences and are curious and perceptive to their environment. Less open minded people tend to avoid change, dislike disruption and focus on a few specific interests.

 In lastly , Keeping an open mind is always important . It is a most important quality once we can posses it, our minds close , we stop evolving.



Gunjan Kamal

02-Feb-2023 06:41 PM

Nice 👍🏼


Abhilasha deshpande

12-Jan-2023 06:21 PM

Very nice


Punam verma

12-Jan-2023 09:09 AM

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