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C8 - To Make the Joint-marriage Well in Hand

C8 - To Make the Joint-marriage Well in Hand

After Amah helps her tidy up her luggage and room, she is called away by Song Family’s housekeeper.

Song Yunqiang comes around eleven o’clock, and his slightly fat face becomes slightly sweaty.

Seeing this, Song Yunxuan hurries to deliver him a paper towel, asking him with concern, “Brother, what’s the matter with you? Why are you sweating so much?”

Song Yunqiang takes over the paper towel and wipes the sweat on his head, then grabs her wrist and walks out: “Xue Tao has drunk too much, and he demands to meet you his fiancee before going home to talk about the joint-marriage with Uncle Xue and Aunt Xue. Please go with me to see him quickly.”

Xue Tao is also a minor celebrity in Yuncheng.

Despite that he is a little younger than her Gu Changge, he is spoiled as a child. His mother used to be a well-renowned singer, but later married Xue Family and thus quit acting.

After giving birth to the son, Xue’s couple almost want to pick all the stars from the sky for their son.

As a result, Xue Tao is so pampered that he spends money like water, becoming one of the four libertines in Yuncheng.

He has sexual relations with almost all the top first-line actresses in Yuncheng.

To be clear, he is just a scumbag who spoils women.

Undoubtedly, she does not want to marry Xue Tao.

However, it is acceptable to accompany Song Yunqiang to see Xue Tao making a fool of himself.

By the way, let Xue Tao, who is going to marry her, wipe his eyes and see if he can be worthy of her Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunqiang pulls Song Yunxuan into the car. In the white Porsche SUV, Song Yunqiang sighs several times before looking at her with some embarrassment: “Yunxuan.”

“Brother, what is it?”

Song Yunqiang’s ears are a little red, and it seems that he has something embarrassing to say.

Song Yunxuan smiles softly and considerately: “Brother, I am your sister, and you can tell me anything you want.”

After hearing what she has said, Song Yunqiang feels a little relieved and drives his car all the way forward: “Yunxuan, to tell you the truth, you were born in Qingcheng Town and probably don’t know how far Yuncheng has developed.”

Song Yunxuan raises her eyebrows slightly and a faint smile flits across her eyes like a hairspring.

She has a strong feeling that Song Yunqiang will next talk about the man-woman relationship and the openness of children of rich families.

As if to verify that her precognition is accurate.

As expected, Song Yunqiang pauses, and then says: “Yunxuan, if you are satisfied with the Master of Xue Family this time, don’t be restrained too much as a noble lady, and just be generous to date with Master Xue.”

Song Yunxuan’s smile freezes, and she looks at Song Yunqiang with bright, limpid eyes: “Brother, what does this mean?”

Undoubtedly, she knows what Song Yunqiang means.

Song Yunqiang earnestly wishes that when she sees Xue Tao, she will throw herself at Xue Tao’s arms and make a sexual intercourse with him. In that way, even if Xue Tao is not satisfied with her, Song Yunqiang will force Xue Family to marry her entirely beyond him.

As long as marrying the sister to Xue Family successfully, he will have a guarantee to hold the power of Song Family.

After all, living in such a big family, everything must be calculated accurately.

Song Yunqiang comes to the bar where Xue Tao is staying, leans slightly and whispers to Song Yunxuan: “Xue Tao is young and hot-blooded. If he has a little impulse after drinking, you just satisfy him. Anyway, you are also going to marry him.”

After hearing this, Song Yunxuan lowers her eyelids slightly, as if she is in a dilemma.

Song Yunqiang does not see it. The scheming hidden in her eyes is as sharp as a knife drawn out of its sheath.

Song Yunqiang wants to take sole control of Song Family.

Doesn’t she?

Obey Xue Tao?

If that is the case, how can she take sole control of Song Family?

Brother is really joking with her.

Today, she will let Xue Tao give up the idea of marrying her once and for all.

No, she intends to not merely allow Xue Tao to give up the idea of marrying her, but take advantage of this chance to win over the hearts of the people.