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C13 - Offer Yourself to Me

C13 - Offer Yourself to Me

Chu Mochen is a master kisser who uses his tongue to entangle hers, making her unable to escape.

His big hands move gently around her waist.

Her skin can feel the heat on his fingers through her clothes.

There is a look of extreme disgust in her eyes. When he kisses her neck, she suddenly pushes him away and then gives him a slap with a sudden wave.

She Gu Changge never likes to be played and forced by men with brute force.

No man can make it!

The slap makes a crisp sound.

There is a sudden silence after the slap.

While Chu Mochen’s deflected handsome face suddenly shows a strange smile.

“Are you really Song Yunxuan?”

He turns his head, raises his eyebrows slightly and asks her with great interest.

“I increasingly feel that you are like an old friend of mine very much, Song Yunxuan.”

Gu Changge does not want to talk to him, pushes him away and walks forward directly.

Chu Mochen refuses to let her go, grabs her by the wrist and pulls her back hard. He leans towards her with tall body and bows his head to meet her eyes. “Although you look different, you are just like Gu Changge. Gu Changge is of your style that makes people want to eat her.”

Song Yunxuan raises her eyebrows lightly: “Mr. Chu, do you think a slap is not enough?”

“I think if you have strength, don’t hesitate to use it later, otherwise you will regret for using it up.”

She frowns: “Mr Chu, you’d better respect yourself.”

“But, Miss Song, shouldn’t you send Xue Tao and your sister to the same room next?”

Song Yunxuan’s face clouds over.

Damn it, this man actually knows what she is going to do.

Seeing that she draws together her beautiful fine eyebrows more deeply, Chu Mochen gently attaches himself to her ear, reminding her in a low, hoarse voice: “I know the contact information of all media in Yuncheng. If I request, they can come within ten minutes and then help your sister to marry Xue Family smoothly.”

With eyes trembling, Song Yunxuan looks at Chu Mochen with disbelief: “You …”

“How do I know what you are going to do?”

Chu Mochen laughs, with his chest shaking slightly. The sexy laughter and voice make Song Yunxuan begin to feel hotter.

But Song Yunxuan wants to leave the man’s arms immediately.

Chu Mochen does not allow her to do so at all.

She hugs her from behind, presses his chest against her thin and straight back, rests his chin on her thin shoulder, and gently smells the faint fragrance on her: “You and Changge are really alike, and Changge likes to play with others in such a crafty way most.”

She still wants to say something.

Chu Mochen bites her delicate earlobe with his mouth.

She can’t help it. Ah, with a low cry, she struggles to get out of his arms.

While he negotiates with her in her ear: “Give yourself to me and I will help you take control of Song Family.”

This condition makes Song Yunxuan frozen, who has always weighed her whole life with gains and losses.

She stops struggling.

Eyes full of hatred.

If she can take revenge step by step and tear Shao Tianze into pieces, it is just a body.

If she can get great benefits and help, then just let Chu Mochen take it if he likes.

It’s just …

“I will only give you only once, you must promise that you will never marry me.”

She turns around and looks at Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen looks at her black eyes and suddenly feels that the woman’s eyes are too deep to see the end.

She definitely has another purpose.

He feels that he cannot guess what she is thinking.

But now that she is willing to offer herself,

Why not?

She wants to take advantage of him, so he lets her take advantage.

He would like to see how ambitious this woman is.