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C14 - Changge, Don't Be Afraid

C14 - Changge, Don't Be Afraid

Chu Mochen holds her across his arms, with a heart beating slightly fast in his strong and powerful chest.

He stretches out his hand to open the door.

Outside the door are waiting bodyguards.

He orders in a low voice: “Zhang Wei, send Xue Tao to the room on the third floor of Yunting, and give the room card to Song Yunying who has been stopped at the front desk.”

The black-clad bodyguard called Zhang Wei nods, “Yes, Master.”

Song Yunxuan feels that something is missing in Chu Mochen’s order. She reaches his shoulder with fingers and flexes her fingers slightly.

Chu Mochen notices her little movements and looks down at her face.

Song Yunxuan bites her lip and does not look at him directly, with her eyes covered with long, thick black eyelashes.

He reminds again in a bland voice: “Zhang Wei, remember to notify the media. It’s up to this time for the joint-marriage between Xue Family and Song Family.”

“Rest assured, Master, I know how to do it.”

Zhang Wei has been following Chu Mochen for over ten years from childhood to adulthood, and naturally he can understand what Chu Mochen wants him to do.

The order is over.

Chu Mochen lowers his head and gently asks Song Yunxuan, “are you satisfied?”

Song Yunxuan does not move, and her lip-biting look is very attractive.

Seeing her silence, Chu Mochen feels extremely happy.

The woman in her arms is quiet, withdrawn and cunning.

Her shrewdness is much deeper than her superficial age.

He holds her in his arms all the way to his office in Yunting.

Song Yunxuan is wrapped in his arms and does not say a word of refusal.

However, when she is placed on the sofa in the office, she frowns and subconsciously puts her hands on the collar.

“Do you want to refuse?” Chu Mochen’s says with a smile and his handsome face looks somewhat evil, “or do you want to resist?”

Song Yunxuan carefully considers whether she should struggle following the instinct of psychological aversion to men.

But when Chu Mochen kisses down, her body under the action of the drug effect is easier to accept Chu Mochen’s every move than her mind.

He kisses her mouth corner and then moves towards her lips step by step.

While she still snaps her lips uncontrollably to refuse to kiss him.

She can’t let the man kiss her lips.

She hates those men who betray and cheat in love.

No, I don’t want you to kiss my lips.

She frowns and turns away again and again as he tries to kiss her lips.

“Don’t you like men kissing your lips?”

She turns away her face and looks at the furnishings in the office, answering him indifferently: “You just want a body. Where do you get so many demands?”

Clearly she is asking him in reply, but there is a clear refusal from the bottom of her heart.

Chu Mochen raises his hands to loosen his tie and nods vigorously: “You are right. Since you are taking advantage of me at the cost of your body, then you are not allowed to cry out for pain. If I want you to cry, you must cry to me, understand?”

As long as she cries, he will stop.

He has no habit of making a woman cry.

Moreover, it has always been that those women who pay to keep their paramours eagerly. When did he force a woman to accept his capture?

The overwhelming kisses fall on her neck and shoulders, and his big hands drift along her coccyx and waist.

The unbearable low groan is severely suppressed between her lips and teeth. Although her body seems to be burned by fire, she does not even utter a word.

His technique is softer than what he looks.

Only when he really enters her body does she feel as if she has been stabbed, and hunched up in agony and fear, she even wants to bounce off the bed to escape from it.

He presses her down, stops all movements, kisses her gently between the eyebrows, and soothes her with some tenderness: “Changge, don’t be afraid, I will do it gently.”

He says these words, making her like being struck by lightning.