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C15 - Changge, I Love You

C15 - Changge, I Love You

Chu Mochen’s words make Song Yunxuan suddenly stunned with her eyes wide open.

She looks at Chu Mochen in fright and even horror.

She can’t believe it. Why does this man know she is Gu Changge?

No, it’s impossible.

This man has no reason to know that she is the soul of Gu Changge.

No one will believe such a strange rebirth.

Then, there is only one possibility.

“Who is Changge?” She looks into his eyes and wants to see something from the man’s lustful eyes.

Chu Mochen smiles, leans close to her ear and whispers huskily, “that’s the woman I wanted.”

“You can’t get her.”

“It’s not that I can’t get her,” Chu Mochen kisses down her cheek. Only when the kiss falls on her delicate neck does she hear a word that she can hardly recognize his feelings, “it is that she died.”

Gu Changge died.

Chu Mochen really doesn’t know that Gu Changge’s soul lives inside Song Yunxuan.

She finds Chu Mochen’s words somewhat ridiculous: “As far as I know, Gu Changge had a husband. Do you feel sick about a married woman?”

“That man is not worthy of her.”

“Then why did she marry that man?”

“She valued interests too much, just like you do.”

Song Yunxuan suddenly freezes, as if she has been poked into a dead hole. Just as she is about to rage, Chu Mochen begins to exert his strength.

“Ah, it hurts!”

“I told you that I will make you cry.”

Song Yunxuan cannot stop him, since Chu Mochen is filled with anger that cannot be vented.

At this moment, just let him vent all this anger on her.

She is like a small boat floating and swaying in the sea. With more and more intense waves and collisions, she finally drifts down in a trance overwhelmed state.

However, just before the end, Chu Mochen attaches himself to her ear and whispers to her, “I love you, Changge.”

Changge …

Chu Mochen likes Gu Changge?

This joke is really a little too big.

She is in a trance all night.

It has already been 9 a.m. when she wakes up the next day.

She is sore all over and her waist is too soft to allow her to stand up straight.

She touches her hair, but it is still a little wet.

The sound of opening the door gently reaches her ears.

Then comes a young woman in Yunting’s room service uniform.

The woman sees her with a smile in her eyes and on her mouth corner, and helps her sit up: “Miss Song, are you awake?”

Song Yunxuan looks around and finds no trace of Chu Mochen.

“Mr. Chu has an early meeting in the morning and has left first. Before he left, he told me to give this to you.”

Finished, she delivers a box of pills to her.

Song Yunxuan glances at it and can’t help laughing. She takes out the pills, puts some in her mouth and swallows them.

Throwing the pills on the bedside table, she looks up at the attendant: “I will take the initiative to buy and eat the contraceptive pills without your sending it.”

She has no intention of giving birth to a baby for a man who just has a one night stand with her. Besides, the most important thing at the moment is not love, but to kill Shao Tianze.

Her eyes always beam with the sharp cold light of resentment.

Seeing that she has taken the pills, the room attendant politely conveys a few Chu Mochen’s words to her and leaves away.

Song Yunxuan props herself up and pulls over the clothes she worn yesterday.

She is surprised to find that the clothes stained with liquor have been dry cleaned as new.

And her own body has been washed as well.

Suddenly she feels very funny: “It is rare to see such a Chu Mochen who understands taking care of women.”

Dressed well, she does not stay long.

She should hurry back to Song Family to see the situation at home.

If the persons ordered by Chu Mochen have well completed her plan, then Song Family should have already been in a great disorder at the moment.

Thought of this, she can’t help feeling better.