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C16 - How Would You Reciprocate Me?

C16 - How Would You Reciprocate Me?

It should be expected that Song Yunxuan would stay out all night.

But this time, after she comes back, Song Yunqiang pulls her aside with a grim face. “Where had you been last night?”, he asks.

As soon as Song Yunxuan recalls last night, she immediately pretends to be scared, and gives her sobbingly answer, “Last night I felt very hot, and then…”.

“Then what?”

Song Yunqiang can’t wait to question her further.

And Song Yunying can’t help interrupting with her comment, “Then we won’t know who has taken away her virginity. Yet, she also should not be eligible to marry into Xue Family due to her impurity.”

Song Yunxuan glances at her sister Yunying through her tears.

Looking into her eyes, Song Yunying actually finds a trace of a warning-like smirk. And she shuts up unconsciously.

“Yunxuan, where did you wake up this morning?”

An abacus is crackling in Song Yunqiang’s heart. He thinks that it will do no harm if she woke up by the side of a son of a rich family because it offers opportunity to get united with a wealthy family by her marriage.

And there can be another person for marrying into Xue Family.

However, Song Yunxuan breaks all his fantasies, says “Brother, I woke up in the hospital this morning. The doctor said that I went unconscious overnight due to high fever and was sent to the hospital by a waiter in Yunting Yese Bar.”

“Here is my medical record” she shows Song Yunqiang the fake documents she forged in hospital this morning as if to prove her stay at hospital last night.

Song Yunqiang hurriedly takes the paper for a look. At the sight of this, he is heavily disappointed.

He realizes that his little sister has lost such a good opportunity to make acquaintance with any rich heirs.

And Song Yunying…

Song Yunying also feels sorry about the current situation. She consoles her brother, saying “Brother, now, our little sister is out. You have to rely on my marriage to get related with Xue Family.”

It makes Song Yunqiang almost burst with anger.

He grasps the morning paper on the table, and then throws them all onto Song Yunying, “Look at what you’ve done. Now the whole city knows that you are caught with Xue Tao for adultery. Since Song Family had previously proclaimed that Yunxuan would marry Xue Tao, what a ridiculous behavior of yours to rob your sister of her fiancé.”

A dismissing simile appears on Song Yunying’s face, she says “Brother, in order to save the reputation of the Song Family, you just need to announce that it is not the youngest daughter of Song Family Yunxuan but their second daughter Song Yunying who was going to marry into Xue Family.”

These words make Song Yunqiang mad.

He stares at Song Yunying, eager to tear her up because of her arrogance.

Although Song Yunying has a straight style, her mother is a scheming woman.

Song Family’s patriarch has the plan to give Song Yunying and her mother half of the family property.

If Song Yunying married into Xue Family, it was difficult to ensure that she and her mother wouldn’t compete for the throne of Song Family by allying themselves with Xue Family, which is the reason why in any case Song Yunqiang would prevent her marrying into Xue Family.

And now, he has lost control.

For the sake of honor, Xue Family are bound to marry Song Yunying.

Anyway, it makes no difference for them to marry a girl or her sister. All these works are polishing the external surface, disguising their wicked essence.

Song Yunqiang is furiously angry. He stands there few seconds before he turns around and goes away. “I will go to the patriarch”, he says.

Song Yunying gives a snort of contempt, showing no fear.

Song Yunxuan stands still though. Until her brother has gone does she slowly turn her head to look at Song Yunying. She says “My sister, I have helped you fulfill your wish. How would you reciprocate me?”.