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C17 - Asking for a Reward

C17 - Asking for a Reward

Song Yunying’s face changes, and looks at Song Yunxuan all at once.

“What do you mean?”

Song Yunxuan knows that she wants to pretend to be confused. She takes steps to approach Song Yunying, bends down and whispers words near her ears, “Sister, be wise. I can not only help you marry into Xue Family but also let Xue Family sweep you out of the door.”

“You…” Song Yunying is a little bit frightened by her sister’s sudden change of personality. “How should you become like this?”

Song Yunxuan stands up with a tranquil expression on her face. “Sister, I had always been living in the small town named Qingcheng. How can you know me since we haven’t much contact with each other?”

Song Yunying has nothing to say. In her mind, her sister had always been a nobody living in Qingcheng town.

If it weren’t for the Song Family wanting her back as a tool for business marriage, she might never be able to return to Song Family.

And Song Yunxuan is right, how could she know what kind of person Song Yunxuan used to be since they just get contacted not long ago.

Perhaps, this sister has always pretended to be innocent and childish in outer appearance, while internally she is cunning and calculating.

Song Yunying begins to be wary and afraid of Song Yunxuan.

“What do you want to do, Yunxuan?”

Sitting on the sofa, Song Yunxuan reaches for longan in the fruit plate with her fingers. She says, “Sister, I’ve already made it clear on the phone. I was gonna send you a wonderful gift. Now, you’ve received it. It’s time to show your gratitude for that.”

Song Yunying frowns tightly, she can’t believe what she’s assuming. “You’re going to set Xue Tao up?”

“No, no, no. I just feel it unfair for you that you like Xue Tao and you’ve said you have conceived his child while he is trying to abandon you. So, I just helped you marry into Xue Family only.”

Having heard of that, Song Yunying does not speak because she knows that her sister must have some words left.

Song Yunxuan also casts a sidelong glance on her, “You needn’t to be so vigilant. It is easy for you to reciprocate me. I merely want you to promise me a condition.”

“What kind of conditions?”

“It won’t cost your life but take a little money out of your hand.”

“How much do you want?”

“The equivalent of your dowry.”

The tremendous volume shocked Song Yunying.

At the very moment when she’s about to stand up and scold Song Yunxuan, the servant upstairs suddenly comes down and says, “Ladies, Mr. Song requests your presence.”

With a sweet smile on her face, Song Yunxuan nods and says, “I’ll be there in a sec.”

The servant leaves.

Song Yunxuan leaves the room immediately, stopping arguing with Song Yunying.

Only a word of hers is left for Song Yunying, “If you don’t believe I can make you down, then you can have a try.”

It can tell her solid confidence from that sentence.

When dealing with people like Song Yunying, she is quite sure that she can manipulate her into meeting any conditions she has brought up.

The negotiation with her is no more than a way of testing her attitude.

The old man lives in a large room on the second floor. Yet, Mr. Song has been seriously ill for a long time.

At death’s door, the old man sustains his life by constantly consuming the family wealth.

Walking through the door, Song Yunxuan sees a skinny old man in the bed as her first sight. She calls him father.

Mr. Song opens his muddy eyes. After having a casual glimpse of Song Yunxuan, he casts all his view over Song Yunying.

Song Yunying hurries over, kneeling in front of Mr. Song’s bed. “Dad, are you feeling well?”

Previously, she had heard some rumors that Mr. Song gives most of his preference to his second daughter. The scene of today has proven it.

Mr. Song looks Song Yunying in the eye, saying, “Are you determined to marry Xue Tao?”

Though there is a moment of hesitation, Song Yunying finally nods her head. “I’ve already conceived his child, father” she says without thinking about how disappointed Mr. Song will feel.

Song Yunxuan clearly notices the disappointment in Mr. Song’s eyes.

She cannot refrain from showing an invisible smile, sighing in her heart, “Song Yunying, you are doomed.”