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C19 - What are You Threatening Me with?

C19 - What are You Threatening Me with?

Song Yunxuan realizes that Mr. Song is indeed rejecting her after she reflects on his words for a while.

He’d rather let his second daughter stay with him and make his youngest daughter married.

This father does have strong partiality for his children.

With no more word, Song Yunxuan slightly nods her head.

“If you have any beloved one, please tell your brother who will give you a hand.”

“Yes, Father. Thanks!”

The old man looks at his docile daughter whom he thinks is not bad.

“Now, you go out. Let me have a word with your brother alone.”

Song Yunxuan has to leave.

Yet, she deliberately leaves a gap when she quietly closes the door.

From the inside, there is a very low voice she can barely hears. The old man says, “Your little sister is born a beauty. You may find her a good husband.”

“Yes, Father”

“But beware of her”

Song Yunqiang strikes dumb with puzzlement.

“Why is that, Father?”

Mr. Song looks away. Nobody knows where he’s looking at. He murmurs his words, “I always feel that this child is not simple.”

Song Yunqiang does not understand what his father means in fact.

He just follows his father’s order, to beware of this sister.

Several days later, there are always servants following Song Yunxuan no matter what she’s doing.

Of course, she’s annoyed.

Otherwise, her brother would be the one being disturbed.

Song Yunying’s wedding date is set in haste.

After hearing that Song Yunying is pregnant, Xue Family slightly alters their attitude, who attempt to prevent Song Yunying marrying Xue Tao before.

But Xue Tao is still dismissive of Song Yunying’s love.

Song Yunying asks Song Yunxuan to company her for purchasing wedding dress so as to show the public their affection for sisters.

Song Yunxuan is bored during the event while Song Yunying still remembers the word last time Song Yunxuan said to her.

“Yunxuan, what did father tell you last time?”


She certainly won’t reveal to her the whole content of the conversation with her father.

Song Yunying stops questioning her since her effort will be in vain.

While Song Yunxuan repeatedly dials a phone number when she is quietly waiting for her trying on her wedding dress.

She hangs up before the man picks it up.

After several times, the man finally gets pissed off and sends an info to ask her what’s the problem.

Only then does she send Song Yunying’s photos in wedding dress.

Then, the number goes silent, with no more news.

At this time, Song Yunying gets out of the fitting room. Brushing her red hair, she tells the clerk charmingly, “I want to order that wine-red wedding dress fully studded with real diamond.”

Song Yunxuan curls her mouth but says nothing.

Shocked by Song Yunying’s spendthrift action, those waiters nod their heads like rain dropping.

When they have gotten out of the shop, Song Yunxuan opens her mouth again, saying, “Sister, father had promised you a generous dowry. It seems that he keeps his word.”

“It’s none of your business.”

Song Yunxuan stops walking, “Sister, do you forget that these should be mine?”

Song Yunying is stunned.

Song Yunxuan laughs and says, “Sister, that’s not a joke. Please exchange all your dowry into US dollar, and then transfer them to me.”

“Song Yunxuan, don’t push your luck?!”

Song Yunying points her fingers onto Song Yunxuan’s nose.

Song Yunxuan gently pushes aside her fingers and looks at her with a tranquil smile: “Sister, there is only interest in the world, but no pure love. If you want to marry Xue family smoothly, you must obediently agree my request. Otherwise, you may not have the chance to wear that red dress with diamonds.”

Song Yunying is irritated. Instead, she splits her bright red lips and asks her with a smile, “What are you threaten me with?”

“You are so obsessed, Sister.” Song Yunxuan shakes her head helplessly and shows her the number on her mobile phone. “It’s just this man.”