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C20 - I want to marry you

C20 - I want to marry you

Even Song Yunying would never guess that her secret would be clearly known by Song Yunxuan.

The contact number on Song Yunxuan’s mobile phone makes her feel extremely dazzling.

She can’t help but want to reach out and grab that mobile phone, and then ruthlessly throw it on the ground and step on it.

However, when she really starts to try to grab it, Song Yunxuan cleverly steps back and reminds her, “If you want to grab it, maybe, this person will call Xue Tao and contend for the custody of the child.”

Song Yunying’s face turns pale in an instant.

As if she were beaten hard with a whip, she steps back unsteadily. “How do you have Wang Qi’s telephone number?”

“As the aunt of the child in your belly, of course I have to find out who the child’s biological father is.”

Yes, Song Yunying had more than one boyfriend before. Xue Tao is one of them.

Another one named Wang Qi also has a close relationship with her.

As long as Xue Tao knew that the child’s biological father was not him, how could he marry Song Yunying?

However, in order to know the secret, she broke Song Yunying’s cell phone graphics lock, which really took her a lot of effort.

She used to be very interested in such complicated things.

When Shao Tianze’s cellphone secret code pattern was changed again and again, she could always crack it in less than ten minutes.

Whenever Shao Tianze found out that she had peeked at his cell phone, he would laugh and pull her into her arms and ask if she had found anything.

She could not have found nothing.

But she was always treating him harshly by pretending to have found something.

He was not angry at all.

Now think about it, Shao Tianze had already betrayed her at that time. How could he put all his secrets on his mobile phone?

The cell phone she was shown was just a cover-up tool.

Song Yunying is speechless and shocked by the phone number that she gives out.

Song Yunxuan walks over and smiles. “Sister, remember what I’ve said. The next day after your marriage, I will receive the equivalent of your dowry. Otherwise, don’t blame me.”

Her last few words are gentle, but having a chilling effect.

With tears in her eyes, Song Yunying says, “Yunxuan, how can I have so much money?”

“You don’t have that amount of money, but it doesn’t mean your mother doesn’t. Over the years, your mother has been embezzling a lot from the Song Family.”

Song Yunxuan passes by Song Yunying who stands there feeling startled, and the words she said makes Song Yunying feel that all the secrets were penetrated by her.

Song Yunxuan keeps on walking, looking sideways at the man driving a blue Porsche sports car. He rolls halfway down the window, smiling at her.

She is shocked: “Chu Mochen.”

Before she can respond, her cell phone in her pocket suddenly rings.

She picks up the phone, and then hears a familiar and magnetic voice from a man: “Xuanxuan.”

Her lips pouts slightly and her eyebrows frowns. “Chu Mochen, how do you know my mobile phone number?”

“Your eldest brother told me.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyebrows wrinkles up.

Therefore, Chu Mochen has already met Song Yunqiang, she thinks.

According to Song Yunqiang’s personality, as long as he knows that Chu Mochen has any affection for his sister, he will let her marry to him at once.

What on earth does this man want to do?

“Do you remember what you promised me that day?”

“You are already my woman. I want to marry you.”

Song Yunxuan smiles and looks faintly at the blue Porsche that has dropped half of its windowpane. Her eyes meet the man’s. “I won’t associate with the man who wants to marry me. Goodbye, Mr. Chu.”

After that, she presses the end button to end the call.

The man wants her body.

She wants to take advantage of the man’s connections.

Now that mutual use is over, she has no plan to meet him again for the time being.

Chu Mochen wants to marry her?

Let’s see if she can be touched by his skill.

With a lesson from Shao Tianze, she is extremely disgusted with these ruthless lower-body animals and marriage.