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C21 - Farewell, Shao Tianze

C21 - Farewell, Shao Tianze

Song Yunying, the second child of the Song Family,is an attractive woman who is well-known throughout Yuncheng.

Many rich young men know her lovely look.

Therefore, a lot of people come to attend her wedding, especially the successors of Business Families from the upper class of Yuncheng.

Few who can’t attend also send costly presents by special messenger.

While wearing a beautiful white wedding dress, Song Yunying is laden with anxiety.

Song Yunxuan wears a light purple dress. After praising her sister’s beauty in front of the mirror, she turns away with a smiling face. The little dress is not studded with diamonds, but with crystals. A silver-white crystal belt is tied around her waist, which sets off her slender waist and beautiful upper circumference. She is not only pure, but also sexy.

Young ladies from the upper class and the rich young men wander around the wedding hall.

Most of them want to utilize this opportunity to discover some information benefiting them.

Meanwhile, Song Yunxuan is drinking cocktail behind an inconspicuous fountain.

The flavor of the cocktail opens her taste buds slightly. She lifts her eyes, watching those distant strangers who are familiar to her ever. She raises mouth, a faint sneer played on her lips.

So, will Shao Tianze come?

She wonders if the man whose wife has just died would attend the wedding.

After all, there is a cooperative relationship between Gu Family and Song Family.

Shao Tianze likes to be elegant as well as decent, he always treats everyone with courtesy. Now, he must pretend to mourn for his wife.

While Song Yunxuan is thinking, a murmur comes from the crowd outside.

It is some young girls in gowns. They are whispering at the outdoor manor: “Look! That is Chu Mochen, the heir of the Chu Family.”

“What? I heard that he was abroad. So why did he come back?”

“It is said he came back for giving condolence to his old friend.”


“Gu Changge, the woman who is still discussed by public even died.”

“Are you saying that tigress of Gu Family?”

At this time, people hear a wine glass cracks with a snap.

Those two talking girls are shocked by the glass which falls at their feet. Then they wince in a hurry, but are still unable to restrain the liquor from spilling on dresses.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Haven’t you got eyes in your head?”

Those two girls say rudely. Although they come from rich and genteel family, their impolite attitude shows their essence.

Song Yunxuan looks down at the broken glass on the ground and looks up at the two girls.

“I’m sorry. But I just heard you were talking Gu Changge who is died, I’m just a little surprised.”

Song Yunxuan’s words alerts those two talking girls. They ask, “You are not her relatives?”

Song Yunxuan smiles and says, “No, no, my surname is Song and her surname is Gu. How can we possibly be relatives?”

The two girls think it’s reasonable.

One of the girls warns the other: “We should always be careful when discussing Gu Changge in private. After all, although Gu Changge is dead, her husband is alive.”

They have no interest in discussing Gu Changge again. Then they mutter about their dresses and head toward the bathroom.

Song Yunxuan shakes her head. She feels it’s very ridiculous that someone fear Gu Changge’s husband after her death.

Shao Tianze is indeed an admirable actor.

He is a wonderful husband in everyone’s eyes.

With a graceful turn-back, Song Yunxuan finds a man standing in her not far away looked back suddenly.

When looking at this man, her expression changes. She feels her whole body frozen at her place.

It seems that her heart jumps again after freezing for a while, quickly and crazily.

It’s Shao Tianze!

Here Shao Tianze comes!

Shao Tianze is a gentle and handsome man.

From a distance, Song Yunxuan perceives a certain gloom in his smiling face. A kind of perfunctory expression displays on his face obviously——Song Yunxuan knows Shao Tianze is exhausted for disguising himself.

Everyone sighs in heart for Shao Tianze silently because they know he is distressed about losing his wife.

Actually, Shao Tianze is happy with his wife’s death, which gives him an opportunity to master Gu Family’s property.

Moreover, if she’s right, Shao Tianze has made her heart transplanted to Gu Changle successfully.

Otherwise, he would not deign to attend Song Yunying’s wedding.

Song Yunying gets on well with Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia helped Shao Tianze perform the heart-transplantation operation, and now she is observing Gu Changle’s postoperative situation in the hospital.

Shao Tianze appreciates Song Yunjia very much, so he comes to this wedding.

She looks Shao Tianze up and down from a distance and she is surprised that this man becomes thinner than before.

With a faint smile on her lips, she glances at the red wine in her glass, suddenly she wants to talk to Shao Tianze.

She wonders if Shao Tianze can recognize the appearance of his terrible wife who is living in

Song Yunxuan’s body to revenge after being murdered.

She holds her glass, with a gorgeous smile at the corner of her mouth, and goes over step by step to Shao Tianze’s.

Everything around her seems to have nothing to do with her. In her eyes, in her heart, there is only Shao Tianze.

The hostility from the depth of her eyes locks tightly on Shao Tianze. She itches she could scrape Shao Tianze from his head to feet, and then use the sharp blades to cut him into strips.

At this moment, she feels a violent beat of her heart. Then she clutches the glass in her hand.


Suddenly, a familiar male voice around her exclaims.

She stops dead in her track, seeing a man walking towards her. Then the man slips an arm around her waist and turns her away to bypass Shao Tianze ingeniously.

“Why are you here, Chu Mochen?” she asks.

What exactly does he want to do?

She stops short of talking to Shao Tianze but only just.

“I come to congratulate on your sister’s marriage. Don’t you welcome me?”, Chu Mochen said.

There’s a brilliant smile on his lips, and the mild light of his eyes reveals his concern.

“What do you want to do?”

“I helped a lot to your younger sister’s marrying into Xue Family not long ago. Don’t you remember?”

“I have exchanged equal reward for your help. Don’t bargain with me. There’s no word “insatiable” in my dictionary!

After hearing her amusing remarks, Chu Mochen can’t help laughing. He reaches his arm around her waist with force. Then he moves close to her ears and whispers to her in a very close gesture: “If I’m not mistaken, would you like to say hello to Shao Tianze just now?”

Song Yunxuan frowns at him and says: “It’s none of your business.”

“He just loses his wife. And he certainly is not interested in you.”

Song Yunxuan sneers, “I am not interested in him, either.”

“All right, it better be.”

“What if I’m interested in him?” she says as her face shows a slightly aggressive expression.

Chu Mochen kisses her hair lightly and says: “It depends on whether he is interested in you.”

“Maybe we’ll fall in love with each other.”

He moves gently close to her and says in a cold tone, “I will warn him in a special way that he should keep you away because you are my girlfriend.”

“You will invite a nemesis if you destroy other people’s love.”

“But you are mine.”

Song Yunxuan’s heart sinks and the smiles on her face falters. She reaches to push Chu Mochen aside: “I don’t belong to anybody.”

After that, she walks towards the waiter with the tray.

But she doesn’t realize Shao Tianze has noticed her proud facial expression of indifference.

“Mr. Shao, what are you looking for?”

“Nothing.” Shao Tianze answers.

He feels as if he has seen Gu Changge in a piece of illusion.

When fighting over the property rights of Gu Family, Gu Changge beamed with a same

proud expression as Song Yunxuan.

Gu Changge never trusts anyone and always treats people with cold manners.

Actually, she wasn’t a heartless when she was a student.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t stay in the manor yard, but walks into the guest room to rest.

When passing the second floor, she hears Song Yunying’s helpless voice: “Mom, give me that 80 million yuan, please.”

Then a middle-aged woman refused in a cold voice: “Never! I have made great efforts to get the 80 million yuan by forging false accounts. This is the only saving we can get since we’ve been struggling in Song Family for so many years.”

“But, Mom, if I marry to Xue Tao, he will help me seize part of the Song family’s property, and Dad loves me so much.”

As soon as hearing that, Song Yunying’s mother sneers. She tells Song Yunying: “Do you know you’ll be removed from the list of successors once you marry into Xue Family?

Obviously, Song Yunying doesn’t understand what her mother said.

Her mother continues: “I have thought Song Yunqiang only did superficial practice, and he would never matter much. I’ve been hoping you inherit the family fortune. But I’ve never expected that you’ll conceive and marry into Xue Family. Even if your father values you, he won’t allow you to manage the family property if you get married.

“After all, I’m the daughter of So Family, mom.”

“You are also the daughter-in-law of Xue Family.”

That remark settles Song Yunying hash.

Song Yunxuan leans on the wall, waiting to see if Song Yunying could get the 80 million Yuan from her mother’s hands.

Song Yunying seems to have understood what her mother had said and whispers, “Since father has given up on me, I’m hopeless.”

“No, it isn’t like what you think. Aren’t you going to marry Xue Tao? Her mother analyses in no hurry, “As long as you have Xue Tao’s baby and bears the first grandson of Xue Family in the future, even though you can’t hold the Song family’s property, you can still get a firm foothold in the Xue family.

“Mom…” Song Yunying says with a wry smile.

“What’s wrong?” Song Yunying’s mother asks with concern as she finds something different with her daughter.

At this point, Song Yunying looks up at her mother and says: “I am not pregnant with Xue”

“What?” Song Yunying’s mother holds her daughter’s shoulder, “What are you talking about?”

“If Xue Tao knows, he will not marry me! I’ll lose everything at that time!”

Needless to say, Song Yunying’s mother understands the truth that a mother’s dignity depends on her daughter’s. So, when she hears her daughter’s words, her face turns white.

“Mom, someone is going to tell Xue Tao that secret. She extorts 80 million dollars from me as a condition for keeping secret! Give me the money, please.”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan has no relish for keeping listening to it.

Mostly Song Yunying’s mother will struggle.

But no matter how long she struggles, as long as she is clear-thinking, she will surrender eighty million dollars.

That’s because Song Yunying can only enter into Xue Family by keeping this secret.

And if she marries into the Xue family and gains a firm foothold, 80 million will be a small sacrifice for her.

No doubt, for Song Yunxuan, it means she will get one step closer to killing Shao Tianze.

In the hands of a businessman who has entered into business circle since fifteen and has seventeen years of experience, eighty million yuan can be fully utilized, creating huge profits that are unimaginable for others.