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C22 - Employment of Shao Xue

C22 - Employment of Shao Xue

Xue Tao does not really show a happy appearance even at the day he marries Song Yunying.

On the contrary, Song Yunxuan looks at them with a smile as an audience, with a devout expression of blessing on her face.

For many years in business, it seems that every expression of hers has become a mask.

The most commonly used mask is the smile on the face.

As the saying goes, no one will hit a smiling face.

Many people are set up by the smiling faces.

At the end of the wedding, Chu Mochen wants to send her home. She refuses firmly: “Mr. Chu, I don’t want to see you again.”

“Then I will visit Song Yan personally and asks him to marry me his little daughter.”

After that, before Song Yunxuan refuses, he decides to drive away.

The stylish Porsche sports car is gone.

She is left angry by the roadside.

The man seems to like to mess up her business, Song Yunxuan thinks.

She had no time to think about what he wants to do. On the second day of Song Yunying’s wedding, she plans to ask for the money.

Unexpectedly, 80 million CNY is transferred into her account in such a fast speed that she feels ridiculous about it.

From this, we can see that the child Song Yunying is pregnant with is indeed not Xue Tao’s.

Otherwise, she won’t hand out that money so quick.

She has long been interested in a magazine office which is about to collapse. The magazine is called Zhao’s magazine. Their main magazines are all full of gossip information in the entertainment circle.

But apparently, Yuncheng has countless magazine companies that are experts in collecting information about the entertainment circle.

As a result, Zhao’s magazine enters a state of insufficient income.

She goes to the editorial office on the weekend, finding that its staffs are waiting for the company to go bankrupt.

Therefore, when she enters the magazine office as a young lady of Song Group, the president bows down to welcome her first.

When she is led into the magazine president’s office, without even drinking the coffee she was offered in front of her, she directly came to the point, “I’m going to buy your magazine business this time.”

The president has been longing to throw out this unprofitable business for a long time, so he smiles happily: “Will Miss Song buy it in the name of Song’s company?”

Her lips are pouting and her eyes flashing with maturity and indifference that does not meet her age: “The president should know that if I met you in the name of Song Group, it would not be called acquisition, but merger.”

The president has never thought that an 18-year-old young girl will explain the meaning of each word for him, so he is embarrassed.

“What does Miss Song mean?”

“I’m buying your magazine in my own name. You tell me the price directly.”

The president is absorbed in thought.

If the magazine is purchased in the name of Song’s company, Song’s company would not care whether the price is higher or not.

If the young lady purchases the magazine in her own name, it will be impossible to raise the price too much.

After all, individual acquisitions will do as much as they can.

If the price offered by the magazine is too high and the profit prospects of the magazine are uncertain, the other party will certainly not accept it.


“Miss Song, may I think about it for a little while?”

“I only give you three minutes.”

Song Yunxuan sits in the chair opposite the president, her eyelids slightly drooping, and begins to watch her mobile phone for timing.

As the saying goes, a long night invites bad dreams.

If the other party is uncertain or is still thinking about other good ways, what she pays attention to is to intimidate the other party, let the other party make the fastest and seemingly the most favorable decision in a short term.

“President, you know that your magazine is going to close down. If I don’t take it into my hands now, your staff will probably leave the company in the near future.”

Instead of looking up at the increasingly anxious president on her opposite, she analyzes the actual situation of the magazine for him.

“I’ve heard that you’ve been in arrears with your employee’s salary for two months. If you go on like this, people will be of different minds. Somebody will eventually resign first.”

“Miss Song.”

The President can’t help interrupting her.

Song Yunxuan raises her eyelids, but still keeping a kind and soft smile on her face: “What? Do you have your answer now?”

“If Miss Song can manage the magazine well, I would like to transfer the magazine to Miss Song at a low price of 10 million yuan.”

“Will this be good? After all, the magazine has more than twenty years of history, and it’s not easy to become what it is today.”

Zhao’s magazine is not expanded by magazines at first, but by the morning paper.

Later, Yuncheng Morning Paper emerges. The competition between the two companies leads to Zhao’s transformation into a magazine.

The magazine industry seems to have the same process as the morning news, but in fact, the content is totally different.

The magazine has a single type of audience.

And the content of magazines is most meticulous and quality-oriented.

For example, beauty, clothing, styling, and occasionally it puts in some hot gossip to attract attention.

The veteran editors of Zhao’s magazine insist that they are unwilling to discuss fashion with young editors, which makes the magazines of Zhao’s magazine unsuccessful in attracting young people’s attention.

So the magazine company is becoming worse year after year, and eventually it is going to go bankrupt.

The president knows the magazine’s own situation very well, so he implores Song Yunxuan: “Please do not dismiss my staff.”

“President, you can rest assured that after I take it over, not only will I not dismiss your employees, but I will also help you to make up for the salary arrears of two months.

In this way, employees will feel good about their new boss.

Employees have no bad opinions about their boss, therefore, it’s easier to get along with them in the future, and to lead them too.

Although the president of Zhao’s magazine is not willing to give up the magazine, he nods under the successful plan put forward by Song Yunxuan and promises to give the magazine to Song Yunxuan.

Before Song Yunxuan leaves, President Zhao stretches out his hand, eager to shake hands with her.

But associating her with the unmarried daughter of the Song family who may not be used to shaking hands with old man, he feels embarrassed, withdrawing his hand.

Song Yunxuan smiles and stretches out her hand. “Mr. Song, it’s my pleasure to meet you. I’ll come and sign the contract myself tomorrow.”

She takes the initiative to stretch out her hand in a generous manner, with a natural and dignified smile on her face.

The maturity and intellectuality in her eyes make her more beautiful and dazzling.

Zhao’s president is stunned for a moment before he carefully reaches over and shakes hands with her.

Song Yunxuan gives his palm a light grip, neither light nor heavy.

When she retracts her hand, the self-confidence in her eyes brightens her personality.

Before boarding the bus, she slightly restrains her smile, facing the skyscraper office Shao building on her opposite.

The serene pupil in her eyes reflects the building, as if there are ripples stirred by whirlpools, which pull the building deep into the dark and hazy eyes.

Mr. Shao’s.

I have personally raised and run a business empire, but now it’s dominated by a treacherous thief…

Wait a minute, I’ll get everything back soon. Everything!

No one can take away my belongings

Even if that person used to be my intimate companion.

All these are reflected in her eyes. After a hurried departure, there comes the acquisition of Zhao’s magazine the next day.

The Editorial Department of Zhao’s magazine is renamed Fanxing Magazine. Although the editorial department does not expel the old staff, it begins to recruit new editors at her behest.

She goes to the recruiting department of the editorial office as an interviewer herself.

A woman with short hair gets into her sight in a dark purple three quarter-sleeve sweater jacket.

She looks up slightly and sees her white face with melon seeds like dark pupils, with a gentle smile on her face: “Sit down, please.”

Instead of wearing professional black-and-white suits like other applicants, she’s in a simple three-quarter sleeve jacket with cropped pants and a pair of casual flat shoes that show her unconstrained personality.

Suddenly she feels that the young girl is somewhat similar to her younger self.

“What’s your name?”

Even though her name is on her resume, she asks her before checking her papers.

“Shao Xue.”

“Your surname is Shao?”

Song Yunxuan is slightly surprised because she is now very sensitive to the Chinese character, Shao.

But whenever there is this character, she will pay more attention to it.

The woman nods her head. Her face is clean and beautiful, and her eyebrows are cold and distant.

She does not open her resume and ask her routinely about it.

Instead, she puts her resume under her hand, folds her hands, straightens up her waist, and asks her kindly, “Don’t you think your dress is a little inappropriate for an interview with the editor of a magazine today?”

“I’m here to apply for the position of Data Collection Editor.”

Song Yunxuan smiles at her and says, “Sure? This is not an ordinary job.”

To be frank, data collection editors are no more than paparazzo.

And they’re doing their job in the rain and wind.

Normally, graduates will not apply for this position voluntarily.

It’s a tough job. If you go out frequently, you’ll tan your delicate skin.

You may also encounter accidents when you go to other places.

“Do you usually work in sandals?”

“I don’t think data collection is suitable for wearing high-heels because it often needs you to go out and walk.”

Song Yunxuan thinks the girl is very interesting.

You know, very few girls in their twenties can give up high heels and skirts, but this girl does not have long hair, nor wear high heels and skirts.

Looking at her slight makeup, we can see that the girl is a very practical girl.

Such a girl may not become a qualified fashion editor for a magazine, but she believes that there is a kind of persistence and energy in her heart that no one else can match.

“I’ve noted down your contact information. You can leave and wait for my notification.”

Shao Xue stands up, bows politely, says thank you and leave.

An old editor next to her acting as an interviewer is about to throw Shao Xue’s profile directly into the trash can.

Song Yunxuan takes her wrist with one hand and reminds her, “This girl, we can hire her.”

The thirty-year-old editor looks at her sideways, being met with her pitiless eyes.

A strong coolness is reflected quietly from the bottom of her eyes.

The editor is shocked. And he has to embarrassedly put his resume back on the table.

Song Yunxuan is tired of continuing to act as an interviewer here. She gets up and leaves. An old and well-behaved employee follows her out and says, “Miss Song, don’t you keep looking after the interviews of new employees?”

“No, there’s something wrong with my family. Let me go back home at this time.”

She doesn’t know what the sick old man wants to say.

Early in this morning when she went out, Mr. Song had told her the time to go home.