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C23 - Invite a Wolf into the House

C23 - Invite a Wolf into the House

Song Yunxuan does not know why her father and brother ask her go home in such a hurry.

On the way back, she can’t help looking at the street view outside the car and asking the driver in front of her, “Uncle Zhang, do you know why my father and elder brother let me go back home earlier?”

Lao Zhang, a driver in the Song family, has been a driver for more than ten years. Gu Changge has seen him before. However, such a person has no interest relationship with her. So, she did not take him seriously in the past.

Now, she is reborn as Song Yunxuan, hiring this middle-aged man who looks straightforward and honest to be her own driver, which reminds her of her previous impression of him.

Lao Zhang is called Uncle Zhang by Song Yunxuan, which makes him feel flattered.

“Miss, I wish you would call me Lao Zhang.” When the driver finishes, he sees Song Yunxuan laughing at him and says, “I don’t know very well about Mr. Song and his son, but this morning Mr. Song said that there are guests coming, so you should go back earlier.”

Song Yunxuan nods quietly and looks out the window at the street scenery which is moving fast backward.

But most of the guests invited by Song Yunqiang are wolves.

Whoever it will be, she has to brace herself up to deal with him or her, so that she would not be slackened and sold by her eldest brother.

In such an upper-class family, if you do not defend yourself step by step, you can only become the fish to be cooked on the board.

As Gu Changge, she has been cooking other fishes for so many years. And she will never let others have the chance to cook her.

When she thinks about it, she half lowers her eyes and hides the cold light deep in her eyes.

When Song Yunxuan arrives home, the driver gets out of the car first to open the door for her.

Song Yunxuan disembarks with her bag and tells the driver, “Uncle Zhang, if my eldest brother asks, you just say that I went to Zhao’s to meet my classmates. Do you understand?”

Lao Zhang nods. “Miss, no worry, I’ll do as you say.”

Song Yunxuan sweetly smiles and nods, like a high school girl returning home from school, gently walking to the Song family’s big house.

When the driver sees her go far, he closes the door and gets on to drive away.

But before he moved, he saw a man in the rearview mirror not far behind his car, standing tall, with his fingers in his trousers pocket, looking at this side with a smile.

“Is this… Childe Chu?”

The driver is shocked. What’s more frightening is that the eldest son of the Chu family seems to have been standing there for a long time.

And standing there, you see… It was Song Yunxuan who got off the train just now.

The driver is startled — the eldest son of the Chu family was looking at Miss Yunxuan of his family.

With this idea, the driver dares not to go on thinking.

He is probably surprised to understand the purpose of young master Yunqiang’s early return of Miss Yunxuan.

Probably,they want to regard Miss Yunxuan as a marriage tool to associate other powerful family.

“Well, Miss Song, it’s a pity.”

Song Yunxuan enters the door and finds Song Yunqiang walking back and forth in the living room at a glance.

Seeing Song Yunxuan, he quickly asks the domestic servants to carry her bag.

Song Yunxuan’s bag is taken over by the servant and she can’t help smiling: “Brother, why are you so upset?”

Song Yunqiang comes up to her and scolds, “Haven’t I told you to come back earlier? Why are you here now? Childe Chu is about to lose his patience for waiting for you.”

When Song Yunxuan sensitively captures the title Childe Chu, the smile on her face disappears instantly.

“Brother, who did you say came?”

“Childe Chu, Chu Mochen, don’t you know each other?” Song Yunqiang feels a bit strange.

Looking at the smile on Song Yunxuan’s face has disappeared already, he immediately feels that her sister’s expression tells that there is something wrong. And he asks her with a little fear, “What’s wrong? Do you have a good relationship with Childe Chu?

Good relationship?

Song Yunxuan can hardly help sneering.

Definitely, she has a relationship with Chu Mochen which could not be worse.

The last time Chu Mochen fished in her troubled water, which she will never forget. She did tell him not to contact her again. But he actually calls and says he wants to marry her as if he was a fool.

Will Gu Changge marry him so easily?

Childe Chu is so naive.

Song Yunxuan notices that her elder brother is confused with the expression on her face. So, she calms down, and makes a smile: “I only met him once. He is not a close friend of mine. What makes you invite him as a guest to our home?”

The idea of inviting Chu Mochen to his home is not something decided by Song Yunqiang.

Song’s friendship with Chu’s family is just so-so. To invite Chu Mochen to come over, Song Yunqiang’s prestige is not enough. Only his father, Song Yan, can make it by himself.

Sure enough, Song Yunqiang coughs a little embarrassingly. “Actually, this is not my idea. I just told my father that Chu Shao called me and asked for your mobile phone number. My father called Chu’s home personally and invited Childe Chu to come to our home.”

Song Yunxuan’s face is still smiling, but her eyes are cold.

It has to be said that Song Yan, who has spent his whole life crawling and rolling in the commercial circles, really has a powerful diplomacy.

He knows where the fish is when he senses a little fishy smell.

Now that Chu Mochen has come, she can’t get rid of it.

Instead of behaving like a child shutting herself up in the room and refusing to see visitors, it would be better to see which play Song and Chu Mochen are going to perform.

“Brother, why didn’t I see Chu Shao?”

Song Yunqiang looks at the door of the living room and is anxious. “You come too slowly. He said he would go out and walk around alone.”

Song Yunxuan looks at the expression on his eldest brother’s face and speaks knowingly according to his idea: “Then I’ll go and get Childe Chu back.”

As soon as Song Yunqiang finds that his little sister is so exquisite and sensible, he immediately puts on a smile of appreciation: “If you find Chu Shao, please invite him to the restaurant. Dad has invited foreign chiefs to cook, who will make Chu Shao’s favorite Italian dish.”

Song Yunxuan nods and goes out to find Chu Mochen.

The family even invited foreign cooks, taxing their ingenuity for Chu Mochen.

She could already know what her father and brother want to do.

But she’s afraid that her elder brother and father will be disappointed.

She walks down the flat cement road to the backyard. And within a dozen steps, she feels that there is someone staring at her back.

Stop, turn back. Sideway looking, her pupils are filled with coldness.

Her actions cause the man to laugh lightly: “I just looked at your back from the behind a few times, why do you show such a frightening look?”

It’s Chu Mochen.

She turns back and say, “Why are you here?”

“Your father and brother invited me to your house.”

His answer is as natural as running water.

But Song Yunxuan can’t help sneering and looks up at the man standing in front of her. She is very unhappy: “You can totally refuse, your relationship with our family is just so-so.”

“But I have a special relationship with you.” He bends slightly, his tall body covers her, and his lips are close to her ears.

Even when talking, Song Yunxuan hears clearly the slight hoarseness in his voice.

Song Yunxuan is frightened. She pushes him away with her hands.

Chu Mochen has never expected that she will push him away with all her strength.

Unexpectedly, in no difficult position, he takes only a few steps backward, which stops the push.

Song Yunxuan takes a breath and warns him with the gloominess in her pupils: “Please be polite to me later and don’t approach me casually.”

“You have a mysophobia, or you hate men?” he says slowly, standing still and staring at her as if his deep eyes could look directly into her heart. “Has a man ever hurt you?”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t bother to respond to him and starts to move forward, “Please Mr. Chu, come with me. My father and elder brother deliberately invited foreign chefs in order to entertain Mr. Chu. Do not let the dishes cool.”

She has to pass Chu Muchen’s side to return to the big house of the Song family.

But she has never expected that at the very moment when she brushes past him, Chu Mochen suddenly embraces her from behind.

She frowns, trying to push the man away who is pressing his chest against her back.

The man’s strength is much greater than hers.

His voice echoes clearly in her ear, with a bit of bitter coldness and oppression: “You are only eighteen years old. Why do you hate men so much?”

Flowering season like 18 years old is just a good time for romance.

If you do not adapt to the trend of love in this age of being interested in the opposite sex, you will be considered to be weird.

And Song Yunxuan is just considered a defective person by Chu Mochen.

“Mr. Chu, you turn a deaf ear to my words.”

“Who hurts you?”

Song Yunxuan closes her eyes. And there appears instantly Shao Tianze’s face in her mind.

When she opens her eyes again, the cold and bloodthirsty feelings in her eyes are frightening.

Chu Mochen can’t see her expression because he is behind her.

She says softly, “Mr. Chu, even if all the people in the Song family saw you holding me, they all knew that you have held me, I will not marry you.”

Chu Mochen’s tall body becomes slightly stiff.

Looking at a distant place, Song Yunxuan makes her statement wisely and calmly: “You will not know what I want the most.”

She raises her hand and undoes Chu Mochen’s hands around her waist.

The man has very delicate fingers, long bones and powerful hands.

When she touches his hand, she can remember the night when she handed over herself. It was his hand that forced her to bite her red lips.

The feeling of being embraced forcefully and eagerly made her breathless. As Gu Changge, she had never received such a brutal embrace.

Shao Tianze has always been very gentle, whether in daily life or in soft bed, even at night.

However, it is such a gentle person who has a wolf’s ambition.

On the contrary, since gentle people will tear you to flesh and blood, how good can a man as powerful as Chu Mochen be?

To put it simply, men are all the same.

Using their lower body to think about how to get a woman.

Or, using their heart to think about how to get financial power.

She is Gu Changge.

She is the first heir of Gu’s family and the real ruler of Gu’s power.

She is taught to control everything around her as a man.

Once out of control, as a woman, she will be devastated completely.

She has tried the taste of being destroyed all over by Shao Tianze’s, the benevolent and cold-hearted man.

So, this time, she will not let anyone hurt her.

She will conquer everything around her.

As for the men around her, if he can’t be controlled, she has to stay away from him.