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C27 - Confess

C27 - Confess

That boiling soup is spilled onto Song Yunxuan.

The soup is so hot that her thin clothes can’t insulate her against the heat at all.

Through the chiffon shirt, it burns Song Yunxuan’s skin. She wrinkles her brow in pain and can’t help groaning.

It is really so unexpected.

Zhang Xiao doesn’t know when Song Yunxuan appears in the dining hall at all. What’s more, she feels astounded about the fact that she rushes out to prevent Shao Xue from being hurt by that soup at this moment.

All the staff who are eating around enter into a state of panic.

They gather around Song Yunxuan to check her injury.

Someone strips away her cloth covering the shoulder where the hot soup was spilled on. She changes color, “Call the ambulance quickly! Miss Song is scalded. It’s quite severe!”

Shao Xue gets up from the ground and hurriedly come to check Song Yunxuan’s wounds. After seeing her neck and shoulders are burned into red, she turns pale and asks her nervously, “Miss Song, how does it feel? Are you okay?”

Soon, the employee who dialed the ambulance phone returns. He supports Song Yunxuan: “Miss Song, hold on! The ambulance is coming! Wait! I’m going to find some cold water for you.”

Some employees around her are looking for cold water and towels to relieve her pain, while others are accompanying her.

Although Song Yunxuan feels it hurts so much, she clenches teeth to endure the pain. She hears Shao Xue’s voice. She turns back and asks, “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. I’m okay…”

Shao Xue is so nervous that she sobs these words.

Song Yunxuan nods at her: “Fine.”

Then she is held to the ambulance by many people. Although she is in pain, she keeps clenching her teeth to hold back her tears.

On the way to the ambulance, the doctor notices her white lower lip, which has been biting for a while, then comforts her: “Relax. If it hurts, call it out.”

Song Yunxuan still keeps silent. Although the pain has made her sweat all over, she keeps going.

She has endured what’s more painful than this, so now, a bowl of hot soup can’t make her cry out.

In fact, in this world, all the physical pain is better than the mental one.

She is enduring.

When uncovering her shirt, the doctor accidentally touches her scalded skin.

Suddenly, she blacks out, losing her consciousness due to the huge pain.

Shao Xue follows her to the ambulance. When seeing Song Yunxuan collapse suddenly, she looks worriedly at the doctor and says, “Doctor, what’s wrong with her?”

“She went unconscious. She seems sensitive to pain.”

Shao Xue is sad and worried, she looks at Song Yunxuan’s face, can’t help weeping.

It is evening when Song Yunxuan wakes up.

Shao Xue is sitting beside the bed. Finding Song Yunxuan wakes up, Shao Xue wipes tears from her swollen eyes at once and grabs Yunxuan’s hand, “Miss Song, how do you feel


Song Yunxuan does not answer, she feels her mind chaotic.

Watching the worried look on Shao Xue’s face, she recalls what had happened before slowly.

She remembers that she fainted.

Yes, it’s her who fainted.

She remembers helping Shao Xue prevent that hot soup, but she can’t believe she fainted from the pain.

How could I be so weak?

Shao Xue is holding her hand: “How do you feel now? If it hurts much, I’ll call a doctor for you right away.

Song Yunxuan shakes her head, “No, thanks. I’m okay.”

Shao Xue glances at her then she can’t help but lowers her head, with tears in her eyes.

Song Yunxuan looks at her, for a moment a tinge of sadness passes over her eyes.

“Are you crying?”

“Sorry,” says Shao Xue, with one hand holding Song Yunxuan and the other covering half of her face. She feels as if a lump comes into her throat. Her voice becomes muffled, “Apart from my parents, no one has protected me like you since my childhood.”

Song Yunxuan stares at her without saying anything.

She’s right. Indeed, in this world, we cannot trust anyone except our parents.

Even husbands can be the ones who would kill you anytime.

Her father, Gu Yun, once said, in a huge family, or in the business field where the money comes to the first priority, you will lose everything if you are merciful.

Entrepreneurs who fail in business often choose to suicide by throwing themselves out of the building, because they can’t repay their colossal debts.

The wealthy children who lose their parents’ shelter and money,usually suffer a great decline in their social status after such a family change. They will be ridiculed by others and some of them may even be downgraded to the underclass, which makes them lose the will to live on.

In this world, since you are born with an identity, you have to keep it well.

Gu Changge is a girl from a large business family. Her father’s iron fist has formed an indestructible force, which leaves an indelible impression in her immature mind.

That is —win or die!

She desires success!

She must win!

The cold eyes reveal the determination in her deep heart.

Song Yunxuan feels Shao Xue’s hand is shaking slightly, she comforts her in a soft voice: “You must miss your parents very much?”

Shao Xue nods vigorously.

Song Yunxuan smiles weakly, she proposes: “If you miss them, you can take them to Yuncheng, your salary can be enough to support their’ lives.”

She’s eager to invest the 8 million in a person who deserves it.

It’s easy for her to pay Shao Xue a high salary.

However, Shao Xue shakes her head, with her teary eyes. She sobs, “No, I can’t.”

Song Yunxuan

With tears rolling down her fair face: “They’re all dead… No more… I don’t have parents anymore…

Song Yunxuan feels surprised: “What?”

“They died seven years ago…”

Shao Xue clutches her fist tightly, which makes Song Yunxuan feels Shao Xue’s agony is conveyed to her.

Shao Xue sniffs, trying to calm himself down, but she fails. She needs time.

“Did your parents die of illness?”

Shao Xue looks up at Song Yunxuan. There is a sorrowful look in her eyes.

“No, even if they died in operation, they were not incurable at all. They were misdiagnosed!”

Shao Xue gnashes her teeth. A look of hate comes into her eyes: “My brother is a jerk! He is a beast! My parents didn’t suffer gastric cancer at all, but he deceived them into the surgery! They all died in the operations! He killed my parents! I hate him!”

Shao Xue couldn’t help trembling when she remembers the past, and her fingers become cold as they are clenched too tightly.

Song Yunxuan grabs her hands and comforts her: “Calm down, Shao Xue, you can’t be too sad, or it will harm your health.”

Shao Xue doesn’t care. The hatred in her eyes is cold and penetrating: “Shao Tianze is a beast! My parents took him away from the orphanage, raised him and sent him to the college. But how could he bite the hands that have fed him? In order to avoid being despised about his poor background, he married a wealthy girl and even killed my parents, trying to conceal the fact that he is an orphan.”

Song Yunxuan is stunned for a moment.

After a long time, she asks, “Is he really an orphan from Qingcheng?”

Her tone is subtle.

She had been married to Shao Tianze for seven years before which they studied in the same college for four years, but she did not know Shao Tianze is an orphan at all.

He has said that he is the youngest son of Shao Family, which is a medical family in Haicheng. As his brother and parents settle abroad, he could marry her and live in Gu Family.

Shao Xue is trembling with anger.

Looking at Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan finds her intense hatred is all true. At this point, she gradually has an impulse to sneer.

She is fully unexpected that Shao Tianze is a fantastic liar from the beginning.

So, when she asked someone to check his background, he had been ready in advance.

Moreover, to prevent others from uncovering his false identity, he killed his foster parents.

Shao Tianze…he is so cruel and merciless.

Gu Changge really underestimates his ruthlessness.

Shao Xue is immersed in sadness, with tears were falling down her cheeks.

Song Yunxuan grabs her hand and shakes it hard, which attracts Shao Xue’s attention.

When Shao Xue looks up, an encouraging and compassionate smile appears on Song Yunxuan’s face: “Shao Xue, God will punish him.”

Shao Xue shakes her head. “No, I don’t believe it. In this world, good people always die young. I can’t wait!”

Song Yunxuan peers at her, “Then, what are you going to do?”

“I want revenge!” She stares at Song Yunxuan. The hatred in her eyes is as ferocious as floods, “I will punish Shao Tianze! He killed my parents, and I’ll never let him off! ”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head: “But you can’t take revenge on him now.”

Although Shao Xue wants to avenge her parents’ death on Shao Tianze, it is absolutely impossible to achieve it by her own power.

Let alone, if Shao Tianze realizes Shao Xue’s strong hatred, he may find an excuse to murder her.

After all, rich people are horrible.

You can’t imagine how useful the money is in their hands.

You never know how many evildoers are urged by his money.

People are always crazy about money.

Money drives countless people to protect him from bad luck.

Song Yunxuan says to her: “Calm down, Shao Xue. After all, he is your eldest brother. As he feels guilty, you should get along well with him.”

Shao Xue frowns and pulls her hand out of Song Yunxuan’s hands, “I can’t do that!”

Song Yunxuan firmly holds her hands. Her eyes are so dark and the smile on her lips is very confusing. Then she says slowly and resolutely, “Only in this way can you have something on him and kill him!”

Shao Xue feels as if she were stabbed by the resentful look in Song Yunxuan’s eyes.

Everything around becomes silent in a moment.

It seems she understands what Song Yunxuan said.