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C29 - A Night Visitor in the Bedroom

C29 - A Night Visitor in the Bedroom

Song Yunqiang’s face suddenly becomes very funny.

He wants to get up from his seat out of anger, but he does not have enough confidence.

Song Yunxuan looks at her eldest brother with her tearful eyes and says, “Brother, will this become a scar?”

Song Yunqiang frowns, and then stretches his eyebrows. His expression is very complex.

Fortunately, it hurt her body instead of her face. Otherwise, she really becomes disfigured.

Song Yunqiang put on a friendly expression to assure Song Yunxuan, “Yunxuan, this is merely allergy. Tomorrow I will go to the hospital with you, okay?”

“But is it not a cosmetic accident? If it were done on my face, I would be disfigured!” Song Yunxuan touches her neck and feels grievance about it.

Song Yunqiang wants to appease his sister, “Yunxuan, you go to take a bath and rest, brother will consult a doctor for you, okay?”

Song Yunxuan is pacified by his eldest brother before she calms down temporarily.

Song Yunqiang goes upstairs to his father’s room after seeing Song Yunxuan return to her room for a rest.

Song Yan is playing chess in his room alone. Although it is not interesting, it is rarely quiet.

Song Yunqiang opens the door. Song Yan gives a glance at him and then looks back at his chessboard.

Song Yunqiang dares not to disturb his father.

After all, although his father has been sick for a long time now, the power of the Song family is still firmly in the hands of the old man.

The old man spends his whole life in the market, trying to cultivate his son, but does not give up his rights as soon as he falls ill.

Because of this, Song Yunqiang does not dare to refute his father without authorization.

And it’s necessary for him to consult Song Yan about family decisions no matter it is significant or trivial.

In the wheelchair, Song Yan pinches the chess pieces with his fingers, hesitates before settles chess pieces, ending the game ahead of time.

Next to him, Song Yunqiang reaches out and holds the wheelchair’s pusher, and serving Song Yan with filial piety, “Dad, feel like a cup of tea?”

Song Yan gives a hum.

Song Yunqiang immediately pushes the wheelchair to the long table of scented rosewood.

Song Yan is handed a cup of hot tea.

Song Yan takes a sip, then raises his eyelids and looks lazily at his eldest son, “What’s the problem?”

According to his father’s tone, Song Yunqiang knows that his father is tired of him because he can’t make his own decisions.

However, if he takes the initiative to do things that don’t fit in with his father’s intention, the result will be equally bad.

Instead of letting the old man think that he is a poor worker, it is better to ask the old man for advice and to be a calm son in his eyes.

When Song Yunqiang is asked, he thinks it over and replies carefully, “Actually, Dad, this time it’s not my business, it’s about Yunxuan.”

Obviously, Mr. Song does not take Song Yunxuan seriously. He thinks that the daughter is a young maid who wastes time freely.

“Yunxuan, what’s the matter with her?”

Song Yunqiang looks worried, “Yunxuan went to a beauty salon to do SPA. She was allergic all of a sudden. A large piece of skin was burned. What a…”

After all, Song Yan is the father of Song Yunxuan, and Song Yunxuan is the daughter of the Song family. If she suffered from a beauty treatment accident while the Song family dare not complain about it, doesn’t it make people feel that the Song family has become cowards?

Song Yan is a man with a strong sense of honor. Listening to his eldest son’s saying, he is very angry. He puts his teacup heavily on the table and asks Song Yunqiang with a serious face, “Where did she do it? You still need to come back and ask me about it?”

Song Yunqiang dares not speak.

Song Yan murmurs, “Purchase that salon, let it be closed immediately!”

Song Yunqiang waits for Song Yan calming down a little before carefully him in a very subtle tone, “Dad, I also think about it, but… Tianxiang salon used to be Gu Changge’s property.”

Song Yan’s angry eyes immediately calm down a bit. He turns his head, looking at his eldest son with his black pupils.

The room goes silent for a few seconds.

Song Yunqiang dares not speak.

After a while, Song Yan opens his mouth and his voice is somewhat tired and low: “Gu Changge, even as the women of hegemony in Yuncheng, has now disappeared. Her property has now fallen into the hands of her husband Shao Tianze, Shao Tianze… he is not a fuel-efficient lamp either.”

“That…” Song Yunqiang, occurred with an inspiration, tentatively asks, “Dad, you mean…”

“Shao Tianze is also an ambitious man. Yunxuan went to his beauty salon to do SPA, maybe the beautician deliberately made Yunxuan allergic.”

After hearing his father’s words, Song Yunqiang says, “Dad, do you mean Shao Tianze was afraid that the Chu family would marry us, deliberately harming Yunxuan and preventing Yunxuan from marrying into the Chu family?”

Song Yan nods, “In the business circle, even a slight vibration can trigger a storm. Yunqiang, you must think before you leap”

Song Yan’s words are thought-provoking.

Song Yunqiang nods repeatedly.

“Yunqiang, you take Yunxuan to the hospital where Yunjia works tomorrow. And by the way pay a visit to Gu Changle, the adopted sister of Gu Changge, to check her recovery. Although the friendship between our family and Gu Changle is not very good, superficial efforts still need to be done.”

Song Yunqiang nods busily: “Dad, you can rest assured that I will visit Changle tomorrow.”

Maybe Song Yunqiang can understand the reasons why his father asks him to visit Gu Changle. The implied meaning is to explore Shao Tianze’s attitude towards the Song family.

Song Yunxuan mops herself up after taking a bath, and then throws the big white bath towel on the shelf beside her.

She stands in front of the bathroom mirror, scrutinizing her own body.

What she is examining is a very thin and delicate body. At first glance, one will find the body has a skeleton of a virgin girl. Even on the cheeks, there is a little baby fat.

She has a beautiful face, but it’s still inferior than that of Gu Changle.

She takes a deep breath. It looks pale between her eyebrows and eyes.

She raises her hands, looks up, turns around and gets dressed.

Her every movement is as light and smooth as clouds and streams.

Even when her clothes are pulled from her curvy waist to her shoulders, she does not look at the unforgettable beauty of her body.

With a loose belt around her waist, she gets dressed up, leaving her collar open to expose her burned skin where the ointment is applied.

As soon as she arrives at her bed before she has time to tighten the lid of the ointment in her hand, she notices the mobile phone that is thrown casually on the bed vibrating and ringing.

She glances at the caller’s display with a little impatience.

She slowly tightens the lid of the ointment and puts it back in the drawer.

The mobile phone that is ignored by her keeps ringing.

Since the first time she did not pick up the call, the phone began to ring continuously

By the third time, she has to raise her hand and press the answer button, “Who do you want to talk to?”

There comes a man’s magnetic and elegant chuckle: “Why so serious? Yunxuan.”

When Song Yunxuan raises up her eyebrows, recognizing it is Chu Mochen speaking, she immediately hangs up the phone.

Chu Mochen’s is really a haunting ghost. The lesson he learned last time when he was slapped by Song Yunxuan was not tough enough for him. He dares to call her again.

She lifts the quilt and goes to bed.

The tip of her nose has a smell of ointment.

When she turns over in the middle of the night, she feels the door creaks slightly.

Suddenly a sense of excitement comes to her mind, and she snaps the lamp by the window on.

Orange light pours out, warming the whole room.

But the room still feels cold.

She looks warily around the room, but finds nothing.

She gets out of her bed without even slippers and hurries to check the lock of her room.

Every time she sleeps, she has the habit of locking the door, which is the habit she formed when she was Gu Changge.

She keeps it so far.

Examining the door lock, she reaches out to twist it a few times before she realizes that it is really locked.

She makes a sigh of relief, and then returns to bed powerlessly, picks up the cup on the bedside cupboard, pours some sleeping pills out of the bottle, and swallows them.

It isn’t a good sleep last night.

She turns over again and over again in the middle of the night. She always feels that someone is gently touching her scalded neck and her skin below her collarbone.

She groans in pain as she is touched.

It seems that someone is tightly biting her ear tips, scolding her in an unhappy and angry voice, “What a mad woman! In order to buy people’s hearts, you dare to practice in such a self-mutilating way!”

She is so drowsy that she only feels that she is dreaming, but the voice of this conversation is like that of Chu Mochen.

The next morning after that night, she wakes up sadly and looks up at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It is only five o’clock, but the light on the curtain is so bright.

She lays down uncomfortably and falls asleep again, feeling the night is still young.

When she is awakened by a knock on the door, she gives a look at the alarm clock, which is just over seven.

She gets up and opens the door.

Outside the door, nurse Mama, carrying a breakfast tray, asks her in surprise, “Miss Yunxuan, why do you get up so late?” Are you sick?”

Song Yunxuan rubs her neck: “I feel a little uncomfortable so that I sleep over seven o’clock by chance.”

She used to get up early, get up at 6 o’clock, wash and go downstairs to have breakfast at 7 o’clock on time.

Now it’s over seven o’clock. No wonder nurse Wang brings breakfast.

However, nurse Wang says in surprise, “Miss Yunxuan, it’s over ten o’clock now.”

With her hand stopping rubbing her neck, Song Yunxuan looks at nurse Wang’s suspiciously, “What time do you say now?”

“Over ten o’clock.”

Mama Wang repeats it again.

Song Yunxuan immediately returns to her bedside to check her alarm clock. The mechanical pointer on the alarm clock moves in order.

But the hour hand is clearly on the seventh.

She takes out her cell phone to check the time again, and finds that it is 10:35 AM.

Song Yunxuan’s fingers tighten one by one, and her delicate eyebrows wrinkles coldly.

Then, she raises her hand and touches the scalded skin under her collar. She asks without turning her head, “Nurse Wang, did anyone come to our house last night?”

“No, Miss, what’s the problem?”

Song Yunxuan raises her head slightly, with her pointed chin rising and her eyes narrowing unconsciously. “But I think our family did come guest last night.”

She has always been a disciplined person. If someone had not adjusted her deliberately, she would never sleep over 7 AM.

Last night, someone visited her room.