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C30 - Discharge Zhang Xia

C30 - Discharge Zhang Xia

Song Yunxuan is in a bad mood this morning.

After she finishes the breakfast, Song Yunqiang knocks her door.

Song Yunxuan gently opens the door and then meets her eldest brother. The expression in her eyes changes at once, then a smile rises on her face: “Brother, I’m sorry, I got up late today.”

No doubt, Song Yunqiang doesn’t blame her.

Instead, he pretends to be concerned, “Yunnan, it doesn’t matter since you’re still young. But you need to take good care of yourself, otherwise Chu…”

Song Yunnan would like him to continue.

But Song Yunqiang stops right away as if meets some taboos.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes fill with disappointment and she asks him, “Brother, why did you come to me?”

“You’d better go to the doctor with me after lunch. We’ll go to the dermatology department of Yuncheng Peoples Hospital to cure your wounds. Otherwise, the scars will be left on your skin.”

Song Yunxuan nods at him but still wonders: “Brother, why don’t we go to the Dermatology Hospital? People in Yuncheng always go there to cure skin allergies.”

Song Yunqiang remembers his father’s orders then says in a choked voice: “I know a good doctor in Yuncheng People’s Hospital. Only entrust you to the doctor I know, I can feel at ease.”

Song Yunxuan nods gratefully, “Thank you.”

After he leaves, she closes the door, with the grateful look in her eyes disappearing.

Then an unpunctual alarm clock on the bedside table is thrown into the basket by her.

Listening to a muffled sound, she goes to change clothes and prepares to go out after lunch.

She’s never a sentimental girl so she won’t keep that unpunctual clock which has been

She shows a glacial look and sneers: “The dermatology department of that hospital is not very well-known, instead, the cardio-cerebral department is.”

Song Yunqiang must go there to visit Gu Changle.

What’s more, Song Yunjia, her eldest sister, is still working as a doctor there.

Song Yunjia! That infatuated girl!

After changing her clothes, she calls Xiao Hong, the magazine’s editor in chief.

As soon as Xiao Hong sees her number, she immediately answers the phone with an eager tone, “Miss Song, how is your wound?”

Song Yunxuan smiles and replies with a comforting tone: “It’s much better now. Don’t worry, Mrs. Xiao.”

“It’s so polite of you, Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan asks again, “Has Zhang Xiao been fired?”

Xiao Hong immediately feels embarrassed then begins to prevaricate: “Although she violated the rules of our magazine, she’s our senior colleague. She… still refuses to leave.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help sneering in mind.

She’s really importunate.

She never keeps her brain ticking over. But when falling on hard times, she only knows hurting others innocent.

She never has mercy on such people.


“As Zhang Xiao is our senior colleague, it’s really not suitable to dismissal her.”

“It’s true.” Xiao Hong echoes her view.

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan raises her lips. Then she turns the subject: “But we can’t tolerate that she hit other colleagues. If we don’t fire her this time, our magazine rules will exist in name only.”

“Miss Song, we must expel Zhang Xiao. She exerted a bad impact on our company.” After listening to Song Yunxuan’s words, Xiao Hong’s attitude becomes firm instantly.

Song Yunxuan tells her: “She intentionally hurt other people. This behavior should be punished by law.”

Xiao Hong understands what Song Yunxuan said and is surprised by the means and schemes that this young girl has.

However, Song Yunxuan is not totally ruthless. She guides Xiao Hong to tell Zhang Xiao: “If she leaves our company obediently, you will allow her to put her resume in ZUI Fashion, I promise she must be hired as she has such a good taste.”

ZUI Fashion belongs to Song Family’s estate, but Song Yan gave it to Song Yunying as her dowry.

So, it must be Song Yunying who charges it now.

If Zhang Xiao were hired, then she needn’t bother to arrange anything. If not, she would only have to ask for Song Yunying.

After all, she has caught Song Yunying tripping. As long as she keeps her secret, Song Yunying will obey her orders.

And offering Zhang Xiao a job is reasonable. After all, she couldn’t know Shao Xue’s past without Zhang Xiao’s soup spilled over Shao Xue.

Song Yunqiang takes her to Yuncheng Peoples Hospital. On the way, she enjoys the familiar scenery of this city.

Gu Changge grows up in Yuncheng. So she knows several noted hospitals and famous doctors in Yuncheng.

Even if she doesn’t know other hospitals, she must know Yuncheng Peoples Hospital as she was amputated and lost her heart there.

When she opens the door from the car, Song Yunxuan narrows her eyes and squeezes her fingers tightly.

Song Yunxuan can’t help rising her lips happily with her strong heartbeat. That smile looks brilliant to others.

Only she knows how terrible this hospital is.

This is a purgatory.

It was in this hospital that Gu Changge ended her life.

But now that she is reborn, she is bound to destroy it and tear up the monsters in this purgatory!

“Let’s go, Yunxuan.” Song Yunqiang shouts at her.

“I’m coming.” She smiles. The fierce look flashing across her eyes shows that she’s ruthless.

She follows Song Yunqiang all the way to the hospital.

Song Yunqiang makes several phone calls in the hall without success.

He cannot help being a little upset.

Only looking at Song Yunqiang’s face, she knows he is phoning to Song Yunjia.

She waits in the hall so long that she starts to feel bored.

But Song Yunqiang repeatedly dials Song Yunjia’s phone and cannot get through smoothly.

In the end, he comes to the lobby desk directly and asks the nurse for the number of Song Yunjia’s office.

Then he gets the number, but he still fails in getting through.

Song Yunxuan becomes impatient. After Song Yunqiang hangs up the phone, she asks curiously, “Brother. Is she always busy? Why doesn’t she go back home and visit father?”

Song Yunqiang becomes impatient, too, as he couldn’t get through the phone. After being asked, he couldn’t help scolding without sparing Yunxuan’s feeling, “She is blind by lard. She must be crazy.”

In fact, that sentence is usually used to scold Song Yunqiang by Song Yan.

But now listening to Song Yunqiang scolding Song Yunjia so angrily, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help laughing.

She can’t agree with him too much, Song Yunjia is really infatuated with Shao Tianze.

She has loved Shao Tianze since they were in college.

Moreover, she is Shao Tianze’s best partner.

Not only is she the partner during the operation, but in some other respects, too…

Thinking of this, Song Yunxuan feels bored. She takes her hands away from the ornamental plant, fiercely pulls down the green leaves, and crumbs them in her fingers.

“Don’t touch it. Don’t you know the civism?”

It seems that Song Yunxuan’s whole blood is congealed. She raises her head and fixes her eyes firmly on the woman coming in.

She wears white cloth shoes. She is tall, has slender and well-proportioned legs.

The white coat conceals her figure. However, her height of over 1.7 meters plus her beautiful features make her look more attractive.

Song Yunxuan has long black hair which reaches her waist. Wearing a pair of black-framed glasses, she has bright eyes. And her lips are as beautiful as Sakura.

But when she sees Song Yunxuan, her younger sister, she does not feel excited at all. Instead, she frowns at her disgustedly. She walks past her as if Song Yunnan were not here, then looks at Song Yunqiang, “Is she the illegitimate child whom you brought from a small town?”

Song Yunqiang reminds her, “Stop. She’s your sister.”

“Ah…” Song Yunjia can’t help sneering. She turns her head to glance at Song Yunnan’s clothes, and then looks back at Song Yunqiang. “Brother, father loved Fan Caidie just because of her pretty face. Song Yunxuan is just the daughter of starlet! You shouldn’t have brought her back!”

It seems Song Yunjia has more experience than Song Yunying in terms of nastily talking.

But Song Yunxuan is not angry and doesn’t want to argue with her. She just feels it’s absurd and can’t help smiling, silently.

When Song Yunjia says this, she will absolutely not expect that the soul of Gu Changge is living in Song Yunxuan’s body. Gu Changge, the elder daughter of Gu Family, is the girl whom she will never equal to even she spares no effort.

She just dares to say that to Song Yunxuan.

How dare she do that if she faces Gu Changge?

Actually, that doesn’t irritate Song Yunxuan at all. She just looks around with her bright eyes.

This hospital, very soon, will lose everything it owns today.

Don’t blame her. It’s just because the hospital employs immoral people as their medical staff.

Such a hospital can’t cure the sickness and help the patient. Instead, it always harms people.

She grips her hands and turns back.

After seeing the smile on her face, Song Yunjia feels her eyelids jumps. She has a sense of foreboding.

“Yunjia, our father asked me to visit Miss Gu Changle. Would you take us away?”

Song Yunjia tries her best to overcome her aversion to Song Yunxuan. She restrains herself and says without a hint of irony, “Come with me then, brother.”

Song Yunjia leads the way ahead.

As she passes by Song Yunxuan, she stops for an instant and meets her gaze.

What frightens her is the extreme coldness in her sister’s eyes.

Those eyes are like a dark abyss which can make people tremble when seeing at a glance.

Song Yunjia quickly averts her gaze, but she feels puzzled.

But why does such an eighteen-year-old girl make her so afraid?

Song Yunxuan follows Song Yunqiang, feeling a bit complacent.

Gu Changle…

She will see Gu Changle soon.

Gu Changle, her adoptive sister who makes her husband show his cruelty, always pretends to be kind.