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C31 - Visiting Gu Changle

Chapter 31: Visiting Gu Changle
Song Yunjia stops in front of the VIP ward on the eleventh floor and knocks gently at the door.

Inside comes a weak, silky voice: “Come in, please.”

Come in, please?

Song Yunxuan’s eyebrows bend slightly.

This sister is five years younger than herself. She has an oval face, big eyes, with a height of 1.65 meters, and a delicate and fragile body. She looks pure and harmless. She makes people feel her as holy and clean as a white lotus flower.

She hasn’t seen her for a long time. She really wants to know if she has changed the soft appearance after her heart has been replaced with Gu Changge’s in her chest.

Song Yunjia opens the door and lets Song Yunqiang carry things in first.

When Song Yunxuan arrives, Song Yunjia suddenly raises her arm stopping her, “You don’t know Changle, just wait outside.”

Song Yunxuan looks at Song Yunjia, but there is no emotion in her eyes.

Song Yunjia has no idea whether Song Yunxuan wants to go in or not, so she looks at her sister and stands at the door with her rigidly.

At this time, there suddenly appears a sound of footsteps from far to near in the corridor.

Then there comes a pleasant and low voice of a man: “Yunjia, what are you doing?”

Song Yunjia’s face changes. When she hears this voice, she immediately looks at the strangers with surprise as if she has waited for someone who has been longing for a long time. “Tianze, you are here.”

Tianze… Shao Tianze!

Song Yunxuan’s blood is surging in her heart. She turns her head and eyes to Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze’s vision falls on Song Yunjia at first. And when he perceives the person who is stopped by Song Yunjia’s hand, his vision moves onto Song Yunxuan’s face.


He unconsciously utters a word in a low voice. The narrow eyes on his handsome face obscures the flash of surprise in his eyes.

He steps over to stand in front of Song Yunxuan and Song Yunjia, smiling: “Yunjia, who is this lady?”

Song Yunjia glances at Song Yunxuan and gives Shao Tianze a brief introduction: “This is my father’s little daughter, who had been fostered in a small town before, and just came back a few days ago, called Song Yunxuan.”

Shao Tianze nods politely to Song Yunxuan, and then puts his eyes on the ward with concern: “I probably saw your eldest brother just now, did I?”

Song Yunjia puts down her hand and opens the door to let Shao Tianze in. “My eldest brother knows Changle has been allowed to be visited these days, so he comes to see Changle, hoping she can recover soon.”

Shao Tianze smiles at Song Yunjia. “Your family are really considerate and hospitable.”

Song Yunjia turns on a tender expression, despite she always has a cold face. And the expression in her eyes is very gentle. When she hears Shao Tianze say so, she nods gently.

Shao Tianze wants to go into the ward, calling them in by the way: “Changle can be visited for a short time. Come in.”

Shao Tianze nods gently to Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan looks at his cute and gentle smile that she used to know it well, but she can’t respond to it in any way.

The coldness in her heart boils, about to gush out from her eyes. But she strives to restrain it so that finally she does not show the bitter hatred.

Of course, Song Yunjia wants to follow them in.

But Song Yunxuan does not move.

In the room there comes Shao Tianze’s attentive greeting to Gu Changle.

“Does it still hurt today?”

“It’s better now.”

“If it hurts, call me and I’ll be there for you.”

“Really, why did you skip your work and come to see me again? Didn’t you say that you should manage my sister’s company and work well?”

“You’re ill, it doesn’t matter.”


Eventually, Song Yunxuan makes a sound of laughing.

She stands at the door and turns to see Song Yunjia, who has stops at the door without moving a step.

She finds that Song Yunjia is staring at the ward with her beautiful face covered with dark clouds of sadness and weakness.

Also, how can she not be sad at this time?

She has always been fond of Shao Tianze since she was in college, but he gave up Gu Changge for Gu Changle.

She helped Shao Tianze get rid of Gu Changge without complaint and regret. However, Gu Changge dies and Gu Changle lives well.

Seeing Song Yunjia’s sad expression, Song Yunxuan feels pity for her.

She always stands by the side of the man she loves. No matter what he does, she always tries her best to help him, but the man does not seem to notice her standing beside him all his life.

Song Yunxuan steps out of the ward and sits on the chair in the corridor. She smiles quietly and silently, looking at Song Yunjia in distress and sadness.

She takes out her cell phone to check it over, finding a message from Xiao Hong that Zhang Xiao has been successfully expelled.

She sends back an info to Xiao Hong, asking her to instruct the staff to make statistics on Yuncheng’s famous beauty agencies, and by the way, to make a report, and prepare to do a special issue of beauty for the next publication.

By sending her a message, Xiao Hong promises her and that she will do well so that she can rest assured.

Song Yunxuan only feels a bit assured since there are still some things need her to deal with in person.

Shortly after Shao Tianze enters the ward, Song Yunqiang comes out with a big smile.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia go to the elevator together.

“Gu Changle is really a woman like Lin Daiyu (a character in Chinese Classics, Red Mansion, who is a noble lover famous for her delicate but sickly body). She is sentimental. She has been very sad since her sister died.”

“Well.” Song Yunjia nods. “She said she always dreamed of her sister recently.”

“Maybe it’s a heart problem. After all, it’s her sister’s organ.”

Song Yunxuan just listens to them without interruption.

After arriving downstairs, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia separate from each other. Before leaving, he still can’t help telling her, “Yunjia, Dad has been seriously ill, so you should come back when you have time.”

Song Yunjia nods perfunctorily: “I will go back home when I am free.”

Song Yunqiang can’t say anything else. He leads Song Yunxuan to get on the bus and leave.

After watching them get on the bus, Song Yunjia returns to the hospital at once. She seems to have deeper feelings for her patient than her family.

After getting on the bus, Song Yunxuan looks out of the window at the back of her elder sister entering the hospital and asks him in puzzlement, “Brother, why does elder sister not live at home?”

Song Yunqiang starts the car: “Your elder sister is a very reassuring person to my father. She has good grades in school as well as a pretty face, and she will not mess around. Our father found her personality quite peaceful so that he gave her the duplex building near the hospital as a birthday gift. She has been living there since she graduated from her internship.”

“Is she married?”

Of course, she knows that Song Yunjia is merely waiting for Shao Tianze to get married to her, but she still wants to hear about Song Yunqiang’s views on this matter.

Song Yunqiang does not seem to have any opinion on this matter, but says casually: “Although your elder sister is not young, she has no intention of getting married.”

After that, he has another interesting comment, “Maybe your elder sister has a good prospect that she will be able to marry Shao in the future.”

“But Mr. Shao’s wife has just died.”

Although Gu Changge is dead, she can’t believe that Shao Tianze will marry another wife within three years, making himself a fool, which is not good for him to control the family business.

If he wants to marry a wife, the remnants of Gu Changge must be cleaned up before he can do so.

Song Yunxuan looks out of the window at the street scene with the corners of her mouth slightly upward.

When she returns home in the evening, a red sports car is parked next to the fountain.

It is said that Song Yunying has come back home. Song Yunxuan feels tired. When she comes home, she finds her second sister Song Yunying in her father’s room. And she does not wait any longer.

At night, she locks the door and puts the bottle of sleeping pills in a conspicuous position. But she lies in bed only after drinking a cup of strong coffee.

In the middle of the night, she is still sleepless.

There is no movement outside the door.

She thinks it strange that if someone really came into her room last night, maybe he would come tonight.

So, she waits till over 3 AM.

The cell phone next to the pillow suddenly rings, giving her a shock. She takes it over, frowning. She finds a strange number shown on the screen.

After thinking about it, she quickly presses the answer button.

There’s a familiar voice of a man coming from the other side.

“It’s so slow to answer the phone. You haven’t slept yet!”

Song Yunxuan is very annoyed: “Chu Mochen, why do you call me in the middle of the night?”

After that, she suddenly realizes that there is something wrong with Chu Mochen’s first sentence.

What is it that you haven’t slept yet? Does this man know she’s going to lie awake tonight?

Probably because he hears her breathing a little bit faster and feels her anger, he says in an amusing tone, “Don’t be angry, honey, I did go to your house last night, but I just thought you slept late and got up early, afraid of you being too tired, so I reset your alarm clock to let you sleep more.”

“Why did you come into my room?!” She suddenly becomes stern.

She doesn’t like anyone breaking into her private territory at all.

On the other end, Chu Mochen’s voice becomes a little hoarse subtly: “You know, you took sleeping pills before sleep last night. Even if I did something to you, you couldn’t resist it.”

“Chu Mochen!” She remembers that someone had bitten the tip of her ear and kissed her neck as well as her chest last night. She couldn’t help warning him severely as if to crunch the name, “You’d better not mess around in the future. Next time if you come into my room, I’ll make you pay a terrible price!”

Chu Mochen goes silent for a moment, then laughs hoarsely.

Song Yunxuan is about to hang up the phone out of her wrath.

Suddenly, the man’s voice comes clearly: “Don’t hurt yourself anymore.”

She frowns and does not hang up immediately.

Chu Mochen’s voice over there becomes mellow and gentle: “What do you want, I’ll give you.”

Song Yunxuan’s heart suddenly makes a strong beat.

Since entering the body of Song Yunxuan, for the first time, she really feels the heartbeat so clearly.

The expression in her eyes changes slightly. And she is somewhat lost in silence that no one else can understand.

Quickly, however, her fingers respond faster than her brain, snapping and cutting off the call.

No one can give her what she wants, only she can get it by stealing it herself.

Chu Mochen sighs as he listens to the monotonous busy tone at the other end of the phone.

Sitting beside him, his father looks at him sternly and kindly, “Are you sure you want to marry the little daughter of the Chu family?”

Chu Mochen looks at his father with a bitter smile rising on his handsome face: “Although I might marry her first before making her loves me, yet you know, dad, I would spend a tasteless life without her as my wife.”

Slightly bending down his head, his father can’t help smiling, “It’s not easy for you to get up at such an early time in order to tell me this. I thought you’d lost your appetite for woman after Gu Changge’s death.”

With no word, Chu Mochen’s smile fades away. The color of his pupils grows darker.

Gu Changge……

He feels that Song Yunxuan is another Gu Changge.

Such a similar feeling traps him up.