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C32 - Revenge BeginsChapter 32

Chapter 32: Revenge Begins
After Fanxing magazine is classified as Song Yunxuan’s personal assets, the first issue of the magazine is released smoothly.

The revised magazine is named “ZUI Queen”, which shares one common Chinese Character with Song Yunying’s “ZUI Fashion”.

Most people think that Song Yunying’s magazines have new publications, so they buy them one after another.

Sales of magazines are also rising.

Its sales on the first day exceeds that of “ZUI Fashion”. And many readers are attracted by ZUI Queen due to its strategies such as creating and describing the powerful women in the workplace.

The Fanxing magazine is going to hold a banquet in a Korean restaurant to celebrate the sales of its first publication.

Song Yunxuan is also informed to attend it. But when she’s about to leave the magazine building, she finds a red limousine parked at the door of the magazine.

She has well eyesight and a good memory.

It suddenly occurs to her that this is the luxury car parked beside the fountain in the front yard of the Song family when she returned home that night.

She takes two steps forward, meanwhile, the man inside the car is about to open the door and get off immediately.

But only the sound of the door opening is heard, and the person inside does not come out.

She has guessed that it should belong to Song Yunying who wants to drive away at the sight of her.

She anticipates the bad thing to happen so that she busily rings Song Yunying up.

After Song Yunying picks up the phone, the first sentence Song Yunxuan says is not a greeting to her sister, but a serious warning: “Sister, what’s the hurry for? Do you want me to reveal your secret?”

Song Yunying stops the car without saying a word.

Song Yunxuan walks forward with steely eyes, opens the passenger’s door of her luxury car and bends down to sit in.

When her staff passes by, she deliberately lowers the window and says hello to her colleagues: “Say to my colleagues that I’ll be absent tonight because I’m going to have dinner with my sister.”

The magazine staff are surprised to see that the driver is Song Yunying.

Some even begin to discuss: “Miss Song’s sister is actually the second daughter of Song Family!”

“Then Miss Song…”

“The little daughter of Song Family!”

Everyone feels that they have discovered a big secret, but Song Yunying, who is driving, winds up the window in a vexed manner, then backs up, accelerates through the gate of Fanxing Magazine.

While driving in high speed, Song Yunying says in a quite sarcastic tone: “Yunxuan, I can’t imagine you dare to set up your own magazine company by purchasing.”

Song Yunxuan objects her: “Sister, the Song is a big family of businessmen. As the daughter of the Song family, I do my own business which is a very common thing that nobody should be surprised, isn’t it.”

Song Yunying sneers: “But, you know, Dad doesn’t want you to do business.”

“That’s why I let my sister stop the car,” says Song Yunxuan, looking sideways at Song Yunying, with a smile but in a cold voice. “Lest my sister tells father on me.”

Song Yunying’s mind has been seen through so that she no longer conceals it. She simply takes off the sunglasses on her face and throws them aside. She asks furiously, “I had come to meet the head of the magazine on purpose. Since you are the man in charge, I’ll just say that my magazine is called “ZUI Fashion”, while you also name your magazine as “ZUI Queen”, which is obviously misleading the audience to purchase your product, using our company’s influence to improve your sales.

Song Yunxuan does not deny: “Sister, this is just a marketing strategy which is legal”

“But you…”

Song Yunxuan interrupts her in a cool voice, persuading her strongly, “Sister, instead of discussing the company’s performance with me, the most important thing for you now is to keep healthy and then give birth to the eldest son of Xue family safely. Otherwise, you will become a failure in marriage even if you turn the magazine office into a hegemony business of Yuncheng.

After that, she can’t help laughing. “I don’t think Xue Tao is an honest man. You can’t satisfy him because of your pregnancy now. But, remember to keep a close eye on him. Don’t get deceived by the Apple of Sodom.”

She means something else.

Everyone knows that Xue Tao is a playboy who often hooks up with beautiful women in Yuncheng. Before marriage, Xue Tao is surrounded by countless beautiful women. After getting married… It’s still possible of his promiscuous behavior.

Song Yunying has been hinted in such a way that her face turns pale in an instant. But her tone is still hard: “Don’t talk about Xue Tao like that, he is not that kind of person.”

Song Yunxuan looks ahead leisurely and says, “You know whether he is such a person or not.”

Song Yunying has no intention of telling a complaint against her anymore. She pulls over suddenly, turns her head and then asks her out fiercely: “Get off!”

“Sister, don’t talk much.” When she gets off, she reminds Song Yunying faintly.

Song Yunying is upset: “I’m too lazy to take care of your shit!”

Song Yunxuan nods, closes the door and watches Song Yunying’s sports car running farther and farther on the highway: “Although you look down on my business now, however,” her eyes suddenly flashes, “a single spark can start a prairie fire!”

Her voice is faint, but she has a kind of courage and domineering power that can’t be ignored.

When she looks at her watch, she finds that she can still catch up with the time to attend the magazine’s celebration banquet. But when she turns around, she notices a beauty salon on her opposite.

Suddenly an idea strikes her. Then she takes out her cell phone to call Shao Xue.

“Shao Xue, are you there?”

Shao Xue’s voice comes from the microphone: “Well, I didn’t go to the banquet.”

She wonders, ” You didn’t go to the banquet?”

“Well,” she says in a slight embarrassment, “I think I should take the initiative to say hello to Shao Tianze. He’s not off work yet.”

Song Yunxuan is stunned for a moment, but very quickly, from the depths of her eyes emerges a hint of appreciation: “You haven’t eaten yet, right? I’ll buy dinner and share it with you.”

“Thank you, Miss Song.”

“You’re welcome. Just call me Yunxuan.”

“Well.” Shao Xue’s voice is a little hesitant and a little worried.

Song Yunxuan soon buys fast food from a snack bar. Although she does not know whether Shao Xue has planned as she thought, Shao Xue’s initiative to approach Shao Tianze is a good start.

When she returns to the company, Shao Xue is waiting for her at the door. At the sight of the bento in her hands, she quickly comes to her, carrying it for Song Yunxuan.

They chat all the way back to the office where they look through the window at the door of Gu’s office building.

Song Yunxuan listens to Shao Xue’s explanation while eating the bento.

“I have observed that Shao Tianze leaves work at 5:30 PM every day and sometimes works half an hour overtime. Before he leaves work, a black private car will be parked in front of the gate which drives him home later.”

Song Yunxuan looks at her watch, “It’s 5:50 PM now.”

“Let’s go down, Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan raises her eyebrows: “Hmm? What did you call me just now?

“Well, Yunxuan, we should go down.” Shao Xue can’t even.

Only when Song Yunxuan gets a satisfactory answer does she come downstairs with Shao Xue easily.

As soon as they come downstairs, they find a black Rolls-Royce slowly stop at the gate of Gu’s office building.

Looking at each other, they don’t even bother to guess— it is Shao Tianze’s private car.

Song Yunxuan can already see the shape of the car, and several numbers on license plates.

After her death, Shao Tianze seems to be afraid that the car she had used would be unlucky, so he has replaced the car and even the license plate with new ones.

She goes out with Shao Xue, talking about trivial things. After perceiving the license plate number of the car, she stops talking and keeps silent.

Feeling very strange, Shao Xue asks her, “Yunxuan, what’s wrong?”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head. Looking at Gu’s private car license plate number in front of his office building, she smiles, “This license plate number is my sister’s birthday.”

Yes, it’s Gu Changle’s birthday.

521 (Its homophone in Mandarin is “wo ai ni” which means I love you.)

I love you!

What a birthday, that is so easy to remember because of the implied meaning of its number.

Shao Tianze changes the license plate number of his private car to Gu Changle’s birthday, showing his love every day. It’s really a precious love.

She pouts her lips and smiles. She looks happy but full of coldness.

Shao Xue does not make any further question, nor does she know that Song Yunxuan has no sister at all.

Just after seeing Shao Tianze’s figure in distance, she bows her head and says, “He’s here.”

As soon as her sentence is finished, she hears a cry of pain from Shao Xue.

Song Yunxuan crouches to hold her arm. “Are you OK?”

Shao Xue gives her surreptitious wink. Song Yunxuan understands it and quickly touches her ankle. She asks anxiously, “Is your ankle hurt? I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“No, no, it’s all right…”

Shao Xue tries hard to get up from the ground with Song Yunxuan’s help several times but fails.

When Song Yunxuan finds it is difficult to pull Shao Xue up, she simply turns around and half squats down: “Come up, I’ll carry you.”

Then a familiar footstep comes hurriedly towards them.

Soon a man reaches out to pull Shao Xue up from the ground, then hugs her horizontally.

Both Song Yunxuan and Shao Xue are stunned.

It is Shao Tianze who holds her up.

There is no anxious expression on Shao Tianze’s face. Instead, he strides forward with her in his arms.

Being shocked, she immediately shouts angrily, “You let me go! Put me down!”

Shao Tianze frowns at Shao Xue’s struggle. He has to look back at Song Yunxuan, who is standing in the same place. He speaks in a warm voice: “Miss Yunxuan, can you accompany my sister to the hospital?”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t say anything, but she actually wants it.

Why not? What she’s waiting for is exactly this moment when the two parallel lines are finally joined by external forces.

And that’s just the beginning of her massive revenge plan.

She nods and walks towards him in a gentle and clever way.

It’s as easy as running to him for the first time on campus many years ago.

But this time, it is doomed not to be a happy and beautiful result.

This time, Gu Changge will not bring Shao Tianze into a marriage, making him a highly praised model husband in Yuncheng upper-class society.

This time, Gu Changge will personally send Shao Tianze to his grave, let him lose his reputation forever!

She strides forward as if she has the ability to shake the earth.

With him, she sits in a private car that is supposed to belong to her.

Having a glance at the agitation in Shao Tianze’s eyes, she smiles quietly – revenge begins.