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C33 - Business Card

Chapter 33: Business Card

Song Yunxuan has no time to look at the street scene out of the window, just staring at Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze constantly turns his head to look at Shao Xue anxiously.

Shao Xue seems to have a real ankle sprain, frowning hard. She has white translucent skin, but now her long thin eyebrows are wrinkled, which makes her look weak and pitiful.

Song Yunxuan comforts Shao Xue: “We will get to the hospital right away.”

Then she turns her head to Shao Tianze who is looking at Shao Xue: “Thank you very much, sir.”

Shao Tianze answers, “Not at all. I’m…”

“Mind your own business!” Shao Xue suddenly interrupts Shao Tianze with a loud voice, and her expression shows some detestation to him.

Song Yunxuan is shocked and then tells her, “Shao Xue, don’t say that. This gentleman helped us.”

“I don’t need his help. If it weren’t for him, how could I be in such a situation today! Yunxuan, you don’t know, he is an anima…”

“Shao Xue!”

Suddenly, Shao Tianze utters a cry.

That makes Shao Xue, with tears in her eyes, stops to accuse Shao Tianze of crimes.

Shao Xue glares at him, sadly. “Why should you shout at me now?”

Shao Tianze becomes tongue-tied but soon responds, “Shao Xue, what you knew before is unilateral, the truth is not like that.” A tint of darkness flashes across his eyes behind the metal-rimmed glasses.

“So tell me the truth.” Shao Xue asks.

Shao Tianze knits his brows and looks at Song Yunxuan who feels confused. He says, “I’ll explain it to you afterward. Now we must go to the hospital first.”

“I don’t need you to send me!”

Shao Xue really hates Shao Tianze. She reaches to the door, “Stop! I want to get off now!”

Shao Tianze, suddenly becoming panicky, is about to reach out to grab her.

Song Yunxuan hugs Shao Xue from behind, “Calm down, Shao Xue!”

Hearing that, Shao Xue feels her frozen there.

Song Yunxuan looks back at Shao Tianze and apologies, “Sorry, sir, my friend is a little emotional. Don’t worry, I’ll comfort her.”

Shao Tianze also feels embarrassed as Shao Xue feels disgust for him. He nods at Song Yunxuan and turns back.

At this point, Shao Xue stares at Song Yunxuan with tears.

Song Yunxuan shakes her head slightly, indicating it is enough to do so.

However, it seems that Shao Xue is thinking of something. She hangs her head, with tears starting to drop.

Song Yunxuan pats her back and gently comforts her: “Don’t cry, Shao Xue, calm down, okay?”

Perhaps Shao Xue really can’t control herself, she starts to choke and cries bitterly. Finally, she throws herself into Song Yunxuan’s arms.

Song Yunxuan looks at the distance. Nobody knows her sentimental condition.

Her feelings are hidden at somewhere deep in her heart, which makes people confused, and which also will never be seen through.

Shao Tianze watches this beautiful young girl comforting Shao Xue, and suddenly feels that she is merciful and graceful.

But she’s still too tough to be approached.

Song Yunxuan’s voice is soft and gentle: “Don’t cry, Shao Xue…”

Why are you crying?

We can’t cry before we take revenge on him.

How could you weep when the man who killed your families hasn’t been punished yet?

Gu Changge hates tears because it is a sign of cowardice and incompetence.

She always believes that strong will is more useful than tears.

With her strong will supporting her whole life, she can stage a comeback and shatter the disguise and future of these heartless people.

When they get to the hospital, Shao Xue refuses Shao Tianze’s company.

Accompanied by Song Yunxuan, Shao Xue goes to a doctor. Suddenly, Shao Tianze reaches out to grab Song Yunxuan’s arm. He looks anxious and worried, “Miss Song, please take good care of my sister.”

“She is your sister.” Shao Xue’s identity finally gets recognized by Shao Tianze himself, Song Yunxuan feels a little bit of upset.

Shao Tianze will never know that his sister is going to ruin him.

Otherwise, Shao Tianze shouldn’t be so anxious, he would tell his trusted followers, “Never let Shao Xue exist in this city.”

Thinking of this, Song Yunxuan shows a happy smile: “She’s my friend; I will take good care of her.”

Shao Tianze nods at her.

Shao Xue enters the consulting room with the help of Song Yunxuan.

The doctor lifts Shao Xue’s ankle, observes it, and touches it again and again. Then, with one hand holding the thick black-framed glasses, he says with a serious tone, “Miss, it seems that your ankle is not sprained…”

A stack of banknotes of the large denomination is put on the table in front of the doctor. At the same time, Song Yunxuan says firmly and coldly: “It’s a sprain.”

The doctor is astonished to see the stack of bills. With the thick black-framed glasses sliding down, he seems to be in a trance.

When Shao Xue notices the doctor’s eyes are greedily staring at the bills in Song Yunxuan’s hands, she grits her teeth with hatred.

This is so-called medical ethics!

Song Yunxuan succeeds in bribing the doctor, who treats Shao Xue’s ankle and wraps it with bandage to go through the motion. Then he issues a diagnostic certificate and prescribes Shao Xue.

Song Yunxuan takes a look at the doctor when she leaves. The doctor is somewhat startled, and he firmly believes that although this girl looks young, she is complicated.

He stuffs the money into his pocket, determines that in no case will he reveal the fact that the girl named Shao Xue has not sprained her wrist at all.

Shao Xue doesn’t look well, even after leaving the consulting room, her face is somewhat pale.

Shao Tianze is waiting for them in front of the hospital, beside which there are private cars of Gu Family. The passerby who knows Shao Tianze well stops to talk to him.

As Shao Tianze sees Song Yunxuan coming out with Shao Xue, he hurries forward to ask: “What’s wrong with your ankle? Is it serious?”

Shao Xue endures the pain and goes forward, with a cold voice: “It’s none of your business.”

Shao Tianze is stunned, and his face freezes.

Song Yunxuan comforts him: “Sir, it is not serious. I have helped her take the medicine, relax.”

After saying that, she intends to chase Shao Xue.

Shao Tianze abruptly says to her, “Wait a minute, please.”

Song Yunxuan stops and turns back to him.

Shao Tianze comes forward and hastily pulls a golden business card from the inside pocket of his suit jacket. “This is my business card. If there is any problem with Shao Xue’s injury, please tell me.”

“Well.” Song Yunxuan nods at him, and then looks at the name on the business card, showing a slightly surprised expression. “Are you the chairman of Gu’s company?”

“Yes.” Shao Tianze nods. “You can come to me anytime. Just tell my secretary your name.”

“Do you know my name, Mr. Shao?”

“Yes, you are Yunjia’s sister.”

Song Yunxuan puts a brilliant smile on her face, but in her heart, she is sighing that he has such a good memory, but without a pair of wise eyes which can make him see through people’s minds.”

“Okay, I’m going to find Shao Xue.”

“Be careful.”

Song Yunxuan turns around and hurries to chase Shao Xue. She clenches that card, trying to regard it as someone, and then crushes it.

Shao Tianze watches Song Yunxuan going away.

Suddenly, a tall woman comes to him at a brisk pace.

She wears the doctor’s overall and delicate makeup. She notices Shao Tianze is looking into the distance. She could not help looking along his line of sight. “Who are you looking at?”

As soon as she finds that two distant figures, her heart beats wildly and she can’t help exclaiming in a low voice: “Song Yunxuan!”

Her voice brings Shao Tianze to earth. He asks, “Why are you here?”

“Well,” Her face blushes, “I heard it from Director Zhang that he saw you at the door, so I come to find you. Why are you here? Are you hurt?”

Shao Tianze shakes his head, “No, I’m fine.”

Song Yunjia is a little reassured: “So, who is hurt? What are you doing here?”

Song Yunjia recalls Shao Tianze’s expression in the eyes toward Song Yunxuan just now.

He never pays more attention to unimportant women. But he just now stared at her sister for so long.

Shao Tianze smiles: “It’s Shao Xue. I sent her to the hospital to see the doctor.”

Song Yunjia says, “Who is Shao Xue?”

The smile on his face gradually disappears. He answers, “She’s my sister.”

Before Song Yunjia recovers from the surprise that Shao Tianze has a sister, Shao Tianze turns to the hospital and says, “Since I’m here, I’m going to visit Changle by the way.”

Song Yunjia’s expression suddenly becomes bleak.

Changle, Changle.

What? He must come to visit Changle especially. All he has in mind is Gu Changle.

His eyes can only see Gu Changle.

Song Yunjia stands in front of the hospital. The wind blows, making her feel a little cold.

She raises her hand to turn up her coat collar then goes back into the hospital.

Song Yunxuan hails a taxi to send Shao Xue home. Shao Xue is absent-minded all the way.

It seems Song Yunxuan knows what she is thinking. She says with a calm voice: “Money can make people crazy. This sentence has started to be popularized long ago.”

Shao Xue nods, “I know.”

That’s why her parents were killed.

Now, she has to accept the truth. Only with the help of Song Yunxuan can she revenge her parents and make them rest in peace.

Song Yunxuan goes back home directly after sending Shao Xue away.

In the afternoon, Song Yunqiang will go home to accompany his father if he’s not busy.

In order to prevent Song Yunqiang from knowing her plan, she has to stay in her room as much as possible when Song Yunqiang stays at home.

When she steps into the door, she sees a black private car in the parking area, a luxury car of a famous brand.

She has no interest in that car and just goes towards the room to have a rest.

The servant takes her coat over, with a smile, she reminds Song Yunxuan, who is going upstairs, “Miss, Childe Chu has come.”

Song Yunxuan frowns: “Why does he come here?”

The servant also frowns, tries her best to recall, “It seems he comes for a showdown.”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan feels her heart starts to beat vigorously. She looks gloomy, and then immediately goes toward Song Yan’s room on the second floor.