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C34 - Make You a Woman

Chapter 34: Make You a Woman
Song Yunxuan has a very nasty feeling in her heart about Chu Mochen’s arrival.

Chu Mochen comes for a showdown.

If the old man knew that Xue Tao was knocked unconscious by her with a bottle of wine, he would definitely treat her as a harm to the Song family and clean her up.

No, no, no, absolutely not.

She is Gu Changge. She will never allow her revenge plan to be destroyed like this.

With a bang, she pushes the door open.

Some of the loud noises echo abruptly in the old man’s room.

Song Yan and Chu Mochen, who are chatting very happily in the room, turn their heads to the door at the same time.

Song Yunxuan stands at the doorway, glaring at Chu Mochen with her steely eyes.

Chu Mochen’s eyes meet that of hers. And he notices the obvious hostility in her eyes. He shakes his head slightly with a sense of being amused: “You’re back.”

Song Yunxuan ignores him, but goes straight into the room. In order to calm down, she closes the door as gently as possible and then walks towards her father, Song Yan.

“Yunxuan, why don’t you talk to Mochen?” Song Yan blames her in a way that hides his great dislike towards her.

He can tell that Chu Mochen is really interested in his little daughter. If he shows any disgust with her in front of Chu Mochen, Chu family will have a bad impression on the Song family after they get related by marriage.

Because of this, Song Yan’s attitude toward Song Yunxuan is much kinder than usual.

Hearing her father’s voice, Song Yunxuan is shocked slightly. Soon after, she understands what her father is thinking.

Previously, she had been hustling in Yuncheng’s commercial circle for so many years. So she is already very familiar with the games in the big families. Song Yan changes his attitude today. She can easily guess that it is because of Chu Mochen.

Because of this, she turns her head, looking at Chu Mochen intentionally.

Chu Mochen has a handsome face, muscular shoulders, and a straight back. When he notices Song Yunxuan is looking at him, he gently lifts up his lips and smiles in a harmonious and charming way.

Men in their thirties or so, who come from a well-known family, having all the three factors that girls can’t resist, are really attractive and excellent.

However, this is not what Song Yunxuan after.

Her father is sitting in a wheelchair with a soft blanket on his legs. She wraps her skirt up gently and then kneels down in front of his wheelchair, not with a humble attitude, but with the filial one.

“Dad, you look much better today.”

The opening remarks are very dull, but she thinks that Song Yan should like her lines very much, which can show his children’s filial piety to him as well as their tenderness and delicacy.

In this way, Chu Mochen will like it when he sees it.

In a deeper sense, the Chu family will prefer it while they’re watching it.

Song Yan nods and smiles kindly: “Yunxuan, Dad is much better today. Why did you suddenly come in without knocking the door?”


As soon as she is about to speak, Chu Mochen says in a mellow voice: “I’m afraid that Yunxuan knew I was here, so she forgot to knock at the door.”

This answer pleases Song Yan a lot: “Mochen, you know her personality better than I do. I am still kept in the dark by her.”

Song Yan’s laughter does show great love for her daughter, but what he said surprised Song Yunxuan: “Dad, what do you mean?”

Song Yan shakes his head. He is angry at his daughter’s deliberate deception: “Yunxuan, since the die is cast, why don’t you tell Dad? Dad won’t blame you. ”

“um…” She frowns, wondering why her father is so happy. “Dad, what do you mean by saying that?”

Song Yan frowns and looks seriously at Chu Mochen. “Mochen has told me that the time you met each other was the night you went to Xue Tao.”

In this way, Song Yunxuan’s face turns pale.

She leans back in some surprise. Chu Mochen immediately supports her from the behind, softly says, “The floor is cold, get up to continue our conversation.”

Chu Mochen’s movements are very gentle, but Song Yunxuan’s face seems to be swept over by the cold winter wind, in a pale color.

The meaning of Song Yan’s sentence is not difficult to understand. Obviously, he’s already known what happened that night.

Chu Mochen has told him everything.

Chu Mochen supports Song Yunxuan, whose eyes are instantly filled with a layer of haze and anger as if someone stabs her on her back.

She raises her hand to cover that of his. With the resentment in her heart is almost transformed into the force applied to her nails, she pinches his big hand so hard that Chu Mochen’s hands are bleeding.

However, even though she tries so hard, Chu Mochen still keeps a decent smile. Even when her fingernails pinch into his skin, he does not frown.

Song Yan can’t help but nods satisfactorily when he finds that Chu Mochen’s gesture of lifting her up is very tender and gentle.

Chu Mochen perceives Song Yunxuan’s pale face. As he holds her, he says to Song Yan, “I don’t think Yunxuan is very comfortable, so I’d better send her to the room to rest first.”

“Well, that’s all right.” Song Yan nods, looking at Song Yunxuan’s pale face. He finds that drooped long black eyelashes are trembling slightly as if she is frightened, covering the expression in her eyes. He assures her by saying, “Yunxuan, Mochen is a responsible man. Therefore, you need not to be worried. He has made a proposal to you.

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan’s body shivers violently. And she looks up at Chu Mochen suspiciously.

Chu Mochen notices that her pale little face does not have a trace of pleasure instead there are a pure shock and a slight frown.

Since Song Yan is here, he has to pat her on the back and comfort her gently. “Well, I’ll tell you this alone. First, I’ll send you back to your room for a rest.”

Song Yunxuan does not resist. She is led to her barn like a sheep following Chu Mochen.

Song Yan sees the two people go out. The loving smile on his face fades gradually, and the expression in his eyes begins to become relaxed and tired.

“The boy of the Chu family, as a matter of fact, is in love with the daughter of Caidie.”

The impression of Song Yunxuan’s mother has faded in his mind, but he can still vaguely remember the beautiful appearance of the little star when she first appeared 18 years ago.

One daughter of the Song family marries to the Chu family, which also can be called climbing the high branch. The daughter of Fan Caidie is somewhat useful.

When Song Yunxuan is sent to the room by Chu Mochen, she is quiet and gentle which is so rare.

Seeing her in such a pitiful appearance, Chu Mochen can’t help hugging her from behind and kissing her earlobe gently after he closes the door.

With such a kiss imprinted on the earlobe, Song Yunxuan immediately pulls back her mind.

She turns around and raises her hand so as to give Chu Mochen a big slap in the face.

Unfortunately, at the moment when her hand has just been raised, Chu Mochen grabs her wrist with his powerful hand, then pushes her, pressing her whole body against the wall.

“You let go of me! Damn it! Hmm… Ah…”

No matter how she struggles, Chu Mochen grasps her hands and raises them over her head. He attaches his thin lips to her face and her skin, giving her burning kisses.

Her skin is as delicate as porcelain, with the fragrance of a girl.

However, Song Yunxuan refuses to respond as the same as other women who are eager to be kissed by him.

She avoids his kiss, gritting her teeth tightly and refusing to let his kiss invade her mouth.

When Chu Mochen holds her earlobe, Song Yunxuan can’t help uttering a painful groan.

That is how it felt that night.

In her sleep, Chu Mochen kissed her earlobe like this.

With a little fierce hatred, he gives her hot and sexy kisses as if to swallow her into his belly.

She had never been treated so cruelly. She turns her head, wanting to speak something.

Chu Mochen suddenly says hoarsely, “Are you going to marry me?”

“You’re crazy.”

Song Yunxuan’s voice trembles slightly.

She really feels that Chu Mochen is mad.

According to the routines of the Chu family, the girls whom Chu family proclaim to marry are all from powerful prominent families in Yuncheng.

And Song Yunxuan is just a bastard of the Song family.

How could Chu Mochen be so mad? Is it really because he likes Song Yunxuan’s face?

As if to understand her inner thoughts, Chu Mochen no longer kisses her. He slightly stays away from her with his eyes as tranquil and mystique as a lake, looking at her eyes: “I want to marry you, not because of your face.”

“Chu Mochen,” she gasps, even with some compromise that would not easily appear, “I know I can’t change your mind now. If you want to hold me, I won’t refuse. But you can’t marry me anyway.”

“I want to marry you!” He has a determined voice.

Song Yunxuan looks at him unbelievably, as if she can’t understand why he made such a funny decision.

“Don’t you like my body?”

“Of course.” Chu Mochen does not deny it.

Song Yunxuan takes a breath, trying to calm herself down. Then she undresses her clothes, saying, “I’ll give it to you.”

Chu Mochen pinches her tiny chin with his fingers to force her to look into his eyes. “Song Yunxuan, you are not a woman soliciting on the street. Before you sell your body, think it over!”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes are so hollow as if it isn’t him reflected in her pupils even though she looks straight at him in the eyes.

Her voice is gentle but with a trace of chilly feeling: “You can rest assured that since you take my virginity, my body belongs to you only. No man other than you can touch me.”

Yeah, since it was given to this man for the first time.

If later this man would not disturb her, hindering her revenge, it is ok to give him a few more hugs?

It’s just a flirting game in which there is no true love.

There will always be sacrifices on the way forward. It’s just worthwhile or not to be sacrificed.

And Chu Mochen… Even if he gets her body today for free, maybe he still has to pay for it later.

Her eyes narrow, and a cold light wanders by.

Chu Mochen quickly catches the cold light in her eyes, gritting his teeth with hatred: “Song Yunxuan, you are not a woman at all!”

Song Yunxuan feels funny: “Who am I then?”

“Devil.” He separates his thin lips and vomits out the words with great force.

After a moment of hesitation, Song Yunxuan can’t help laughing. “You’re right, Chu Mochen.”

Chu Mochen hates her so much that he picks her up, goes to the bedside and throws her heavily on the bed.

Without waiting for her to resist, he leans over and presses his thin lips over her neck, which is tightened because she looks up. “I will make you a real woman.”

A tender and happy woman who will only teach her son and act as a servant of his husband, and who will not get colluded in meticulously calculating others.