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37: Venus Salon

Ch - 37: Venus Salon

Shao Tianze instantly turns on a blue face.

He turns his head to the direction in which Chu Mochen’s car disappears, and suddenly realizes, “He just went through the motion.”

Since a long time ago, Chu Mochen has known that he is not able to purchase Tianxiang Salon successfully. But he came here just to disrupt his trip, and in the meantime, let people buy the beauty agency he likes.

The secretary next to him says with regret: “If you keep your promise by attending the meeting with the provider on time, maybe we will be able to buy Venus Salon successfully.”

“Now what’s the use of complaining about it?”

He raves at his assistant.

The assistant turns on a blue face also. When being criticized like this, he has to bow his head.

Shao Tianze strides away. Glancing at his back, the assistant can’t help but regret: “If Chairman Gu were still there, she would never temporarily change her schedule for Childe Chu’s sake.”

There are reasons behind the fact that Shao Tianze changes his plan for Chu Mochen.

At least when he personally greets Chu Mochen, he can see clearly what attitude Chu Mochen has towards Gu family’s new power holder.

But now it seems that Chu Mochen does not want to coexist with him peacefully.

He has mercilessly robbed him of a fat chance even in the first round.

Shao Tianze is a little annoyed with his eyes showing his fiery emotion. No moderate feelings can be found in his amorous eyes.

Shao Tianze never shows up again at the meeting room where shareholders gather around. Only assistants come to inform that the meeting is over.

Song Yunxuan chills up for a while in the dining room after dinner, and then returns to her room with her poker face.

Song Yunying’s angrily returns to her mother-in-law’s place. She chokes with silent fury before she leaves.

After all, the Chu family is a big tree that the Song family wants to climb up to.

The Chu family has a solid foundation in Yuncheng. Except for Gu’s industry whose master used to be Gu Changge, other industries are just trivial factors when compared with the Chu family.

It is shocking that such an only son of the Chu family should have taken a fancy to the Song family’s youngest daughter.

It is thought that the upper-class ladies must gnash their silver teeth with jealousy when they hear the news.

However, the lucky dog seems unhappy.

After seeing Song Yunxuan go back to her room with a cold face, Song Yunqiang goes to his father’s room to have a word with him.

“Dad, Yunxuan doesn’t look happy at all.”

Song Yan speaks in a cold tone as if to dispose of the garbage: “Being happy or not, she doesn’t have a choice”

“Well.” Song Yunqiang answers, and then tells Song Yan that Song Yunxuan spilled a glass of milk on Song Yunying.

Song Yan scorns: “Yingying does not have a brain, how could she casually say such a nasty thing. After all, she is still young.” 

Song Yunqiang nods worriedly: “Dad, do you think Yunxuan has no fond of Chu, I heard her last night… crying out loudly…”

Song Yan’s face is cold: “She is very young. But if she had been growing up in Yuncheng, she would not be so ignorant as now. And she should be happy about marrying Chu Mochen something all women in Yuncheng dream of. It’s a fool of her to reject his love.

Song Yunqiang just agrees with his father’s words.

Tired of sitting, Song Yan is supported to bed by Song Yunqiang. Before sending Song Yunqiang out, he tells him, “The Chu family has issued a marriage announcement. But, don’t tell Yunxuan anything about it.”

Song Yunqiang nods: “Dad, don’t worry. I will watch my mouth.”

Song Yan nods satisfactorily.

In the evening, Yuncheng broadcasts the news about the Chu family’s disclosure of the marriage news.

In a moment, many people make phone calls to the Song family to show their congratulation.

Song Yan personally answers several calls, expressing his joy implicitly.

Song Yunqiang becomes more ostentatious and arrogant after receiving congratulations from his friends who are the officiallings, the children of families holding official rank for generations.

Overnight, because of the marriage, the Song family seems to have raised its class status.

In the Song family, Song Yunxuan becomes a young lady who enjoys the family’s extra care.

At night, Song Yunxuan suffers insomnia again. She gets up in her clothes and goes to the drawer, searching for the hypnotic pills.

But she fails to find it. Finally, she impatiently sweeps everything down the desktop.

The sound of objects falling on the ground attracts the attention of the servants outside, and the door is soon knocked.

Song Yunxuan ignores it, but the servant outside the door says softly, “Miss, I’ve brought you warm milk.”

Only then does Song Yunxuan open the door. When she takes the milk, she finds that there is a servant she had never seen before.

She has some doubts.

The servant was in her thirties, round-faced and mild-eyed, and seems to be a kind and honest woman.

Being scrutinized by Song Yunxuan, she says, “I am a servant who just arrives here today. I used to be a servant in the Chu family.”

Song Yunxuan thinks of Chu Mochen at once.

She puts back the milk into the servant’s hand and says coldly, “Take it away, I won’t drink it.”

After that, she slams the door shut.

She can’t fall asleep in the night. Shao Tianze’s business card occurs to her. So she searches for it through boxes and cupboards, and the floor under the bed.

When she gets up the next morning, she is in a bad state of mind.

Song Yunqiang makes his greetings to her.

Song Yunxuan speaks a few words and then leaves with her bag.

Over there, Song Yunqiang suddenly says, “Yunxuan, the last time you said you wanted to go to university, I’ve already inquired others about it for you. Childe Chu said he could help you to run Yuncheng Business School.”

Song Yunxuan’s face turns gloomy even when she hears the two words, Childe Chu: “Brother, let’s talk about it later.”

She no longer needs to attend business school again. And the last time when she mentioned it, she just used it as an excuse to go out.

For her part, her ten years of practical experience is more useful than attending business schools.

Besides, she graduates from a famous school.

After breakfast, she puts on her coat and sets off to Fanxing magazine. When she arrives there, she finds Shao Tianze’s car parked at the door.

Shao Tianze is talking to the Secretary in front of the office building. He stops to walk towards her after seeing Song Yunxuan get out of the taxi.

“Miss Song?”

Song Yunxuan is surprised.

Shao Tianze who is behind her comes quickly across the street. Noticing her surprised look, he smiles and says, “I’m sorry to bother you. Pass this to Shao Xue, thank you.”

Then he hands over a paper bag.

Looks into the paper bag, Song Yunxuan finds a new mobile phone issued abroad which is so expensive that netizens joke that they almost have to sold their kidneys to buy it.

She couldn’t help laughing. “Chairman Shao really cares about his sister.”

When will Shao Tianze’s mask of a gentle elder brother be torn?

As long as she thinks about it, she could not help but look forward to that day.

Shao Tianze nods after she takes the paper bag over. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.”

Song Yunxuan turns into Fanxing magazine.

Shao Tianze goes back, making assignments to his secretary again. But when Shao Tianze is about to get on the car, the secretary suddenly says uncertainly, “That girl probably is the youngest daughter of the Song family.”


Shao Tianze nods.

The Secretary opens a little cautiously: “Although she’s pretty, she has been Chu Mochen’s fiancee.”

After hearing that, Shao Tianze squints at the secretary in astonishment.

The Secretary feels that the chairman’s glance is not a good sign, so he stops talking abruptly.

Shao Tianze turns back to look at the magazine opposite. His eyes are in dark black. “Is she Chu Mochen’s fiancee?”

It seems that things start to become interesting.

He does his cunning calculation, spinning his eyes. And the Secretary says nothing.

Song Yunxuan hands Shao Xue the paper bag that is from Shao Tianze.

Looking at the new mobile phone inside, Shao Xue shows no interest in playing it. 

Song Yunxuan reminds her, “Only the monkeys in the zoo don’t have vanity. Do you understand?”

Shao Xue helplessly picks up his mobile phone and begins to check it out.

Song Yunxuan is very satisfied, Shao Tianze should hope that his sister would be bought by luxury goods.

Then he will not anticipate the crisis, at least he won’t feel that his tiffany sister is hostile to him in order to revenge his parents.

He really is a “good” brother who knows how to use high-end luxury goods to dispel his sister’s hatred.

Song Yunxuan goes to the office. Xiao Hong, the editor-in-chief, comes to debriefed by her on the magazine’s work over the recent days and send her the last report that Song Yunxuan has ordered.

While turning the papers, she explains to her: “Yuncheng’s more famous beauty agency is no other than Tianxiang Salon, because it belongs to Gu’s industry. Gu’s chairman, Gu Changge, attaches great importance to Tianxiang Salon and almost makes it a monopoly in the cosmetic industry.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “I heard that Venus also does a good job.”

Xiao Hong nods in agreement: “Venus Beauty is also a well-known beauty agency in Yuncheng. But because of a cosmetology accident before, it has been in litigation for two years. So, it declines. Even now, it has not been fully restored. And recently there are rumors that Venus will be bought by Gu’s.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes are cold: “Gu’s seems to have a good appetite.”

Xiao Hong smiles: “Because the new chairman of Gu’s has good strategies.”

Song Yunxuan sneers: ” Beauty ranking will be shown on the next issue. You go to discuss with the editors, but…”

She looks up at Xiao Hong and says, “Focus on the accident of Venus Salon. You know, people in the same trade like to deliberately smear each other, don’t they?”

Xiao Hong frowns: “But…”

Song Yunxuan smiles, and her eyes are as deep and tranquil as a lake: “Venus’ only opponent can be regarded as Tianxiang Salon which wins its market as Venus falls down.”

Xiao Hong is astonished. Looking at Song Yunxuan, she instantly understands her meaning.

There’s a chill in the bottom of her heart.

She doesn’t know what this young girl really wants to do, taking her aim at Tianxiang Salon.

Xiao Hong certainly won’t ask much.

Yet at the moment when the door of the office is shut, Song Yunxuan smiles faintly: “The reason why Venus goes downhill is exactly that Tianxiang Salon is smearing it secretly.”

Now she still can easily find out the two disfigurers who fought so hard against Venus.

However, she had never foreseen today’s situation when she’s trying her best to screw Venus Salon up several years ago.

It seems that she needs to spend some efforts to raise it up for what she’d done in the past.

Otherwise, she will lose her bargaining chip in the deal with Shao Tianze.

It’s time for Shao Tianze to have a taste of being held up and down by Gu Changge.