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C39 - What Do You Want?

Chapter 39: What Do You Want?

Song Yunxuan feels her heart beating wildly, and even feels a bit short of breath.

Then she hears the sound of approaching footsteps, which makes her become uptight.

She straightens up her back and clenches the cutlery.

At this time, she begins to think about how irritated the man should be.

But it’s not bad to let him know the fact, which may enable him to give up the intention to marry her.

With that in mind, she tries to get relaxed.

The sound of footsteps disappears in her ears.

She feels Shao Xue and Shao Tianze’s gaze are falling on her side.

So she soon realizes that Chu Mochen stops by her, and then she turns head sideways.

Chu Mochen’s flat voice comes: “How about the food? Does it suit your taste?”

In a daze, Song Yunxuan nods, “Very good.”

“Well, enjoy yourself please.”

Suddenly, Song Yunxuan feels her body is gently twisted by his arm, then, a soft kiss falls on her forehead.

She frowns and looks up at Chu Mochen’s face in surprise. It is amazing.

The man kisses her forehead in the dining room.

He’s not angry?

“Doesn’t he feel angry about that I eat with Shao Tianze secretly?”

Looking at her surprised look, Chu Mochen shows a soft smile: “Sorry, I have other things to deal with, so I can’t send you home. Have a good time.”

After that, he straightens up to pull her shoulder into his arms, and looks at Shao Tianze. “Please take care of my fiancee, Chairman Shao.”

Shao Tianze’s face softens: “Childe Chu, you can rest assured. Miss Yunxuan is my good friend.”

Chu Mochen nods. He enjoins on her with a smile, and then leaves with an assistant.

After he leaves, Song Yunxuan doesn’t recover from the surprise for a long time. Shao Tianze notices her blank expression then he sinks in deep gloom.

It’s so unexpected that Chu Mochen reacts in this way. He has thought that this man would be angry at being fooled.

It seems the food becomes insipid so that Song Yunxuan loses her appetite. Looking at Song Yunxuan, Shao Xue starts to get worried about her.

But Song Yunxuan recovers after dinner. Shao Tianze offers to send her home.

She declines him and takes a taxi at the place where Shao Xue got off.

Before she leaves, Shao Tianze jokes with her: “Yunxuan, you worry that Childe Chu may treat me as his rival, so you don’t let me take you home, right?”

Song Yunxuan smiles: “Chairman Shao, I’m afraid that you misunderstood it. I’m just worried that will make my elder sister misunderstand.

After that, she gets off.

Shao Tianze looks a bit stiff. He answers, “Song Yunjia and I are just colleagues.”

Song Yunxuan gives a faint smile, “She will be upset if she hears that. My families have thought that you would announce the engagement soon.”

Shao Tianze looks sad. “My wife has just died. I’m not a heartless man, so I won’t find a new wife now.”

Song Yunxuan curled up her lips and sighs, “Chairman Shao, you really have a deep love for you wife.”

Her words seem to jogs his memory.

But Song Yunxuan cannot help sneering at him, silently.

Shao Tianze is always like this. No matter who he faces, he can always act in an appropriate way to make people sympathize with him.

Then she leaves by taxi.

After returning home, nurse Wang sees her at the door, worries, “Miss Yunxuan, why are you late?”

Song Yunxuan glances at the living room, asks with her querying eyebrows, “What’s wrong? Is there any guest at home?”

Nurse Wang nods, but still looks worried: “Childe Chu comes.”

Song Yunxuan feels her heart sinks. She becomes upset in an instant.

Looking her sad face, nurse Wang takes over her handbag and coat, whispers, “Miss Yunxuan, as Childe Chu says he intends to marry you, you’d better try to get on well with him.”

Song Yunxuan is distressed over her words, “That’s not true. It must be my eldest brother who asks you to say that to me.”

Nurse Wang doesn’t answer.

Song Yunxuan also stops asking as thinking that since Chu Mochen comes, it will be better to see him.

Anyway, he must come to talk about nothing but what he met in the restaurant

She thinks how to reply if being questioned by Song Yunqiang later. As soon as she enters the living room, Song Yunqiang, tinged with surprise, calls out: “Look! Yunxuan returns, Childe Chu.”

This sentence seems to signify Chu Mochen did not mention the restaurant.

Thus, she has no need to stay here.

Chu Mochen looks up at her, who pauses at the door of the living room, with a warm smile on his face.

Chu Mochen is handsome and tall, and his eyebrows show a kind of maturity of a young adult.

He gazes at Song Yunxuan with such a smile, which makes Song Yunqiang feel his unsophisticated sister must have been fascinated head over heels by him.

But the fact is not as good as Song Yunqiang thinks it is going to be.

Chu Mochen’s gaze locks with hers. But she just slightly close her lips, then says casually: “Brother, I’m sorry, I feel a little uncomfortable and I’m going to have a rest.”

That makes Song Yunqiang embarrassed. He reaches out to call her, “Yunxuan, please sit down and talk with Chu Shao for a while!”

Song Yunxuan ignores his view, just glances at Chu Mochen before leaving.

It seems Chu Mochen’s gaze holds hers again.

In fact, her eyes are dark, even fills with a bit of disappointment.

Song Yunqiang hurriedly explains for her sister: “I’m sorry, Childe Chu, Yunxuan is young. She must be shy when seeing you. ”

Chu Mochen manages a weak smile: “I know.”

Then Song Yunqiang nods at him.

Chu Mochen’s eyes droop to the coffee. His black thick eyelashes cover the expression in his eyes.

Song Yunxuan is almost as obstinate as Gu Changge.

When returning to her room, Song Yunxuan begins to look for the magazines she has collected. She looks through them one by one to find news of Yuncheng’s beauty sector.

She doesn’t finish till ten o’clock, but she’s still sleepless.

At this moment, she hears a knock at the door, and nurse Wang’s voice cuts through the silence: “It’s ten o’clock now, Miss Yunxuan. Please have a drink of milk and go to bed.”

Song Yunxuan closes her book. Wearing slippers and pajamas, she goes to open the door.

She opens the door the instant she finds something strange.

Through the peep hole of the door, she sees that it is Chu Mochen rather than nurse Wang who stands outside the door. She is stunned. But Chu Mochen has reached out and opened the door, “Let me in.”


She can’t stop him. The man pushes the door to come in, with one hand holding a glass of milk and the other closing the door naturally.

Song Yunxuan frowns at him: “Why haven’t you left yet?”

Chu Mochen raises his eyes, with a handsome face staring at Song Yunxuan, “I’m afraid you would lose sleep.”

Song Yunxuan feels amused: “I’m sleepless only if you are here. If you leave, I’ll have a good night.”

Chu Mochen compresses his lips to smile lightly: “You always lie.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyelids start to twitch.

He continues, “I’ve sent one of my servants to you. She told me that you have trouble in sleeping. You often suffer insomnia and sometimes have the symptoms of bipolar disorder.”

Song Yunxuan’s face crumples and thinks of that woman who delivered milk to her last night. So she says coldly: “Send her back, please. I don’t need!”

Chu Mochen’s fingers are delicate. He gently picks up the glass of milk and hands it to her, “Drink it please, it’s still warm.”

Song Yunxuan looks at the milk with a puzzled frown, she refuses, “Thanks. But I don’t like drinking milk before going to bed.”

Chu Mochen does not withdraw his hand: “Drink milk, please. Eating too much sleeping pills will harm your memory.”

It’s so inconceivable that makes Song Yunxuan’s heart leap with shock. Her piercing gaze holds him, “You are monitoring me?!”

Chu Mochen stuffs the milk cup into her hand and says lightly, “I haven’t been so crazy. Have you forgotten that night? When I came over, I saw you taking sleeping pills. Do you always have nightmares at night?”

Song Yunxuan holds the cup and turns back, with cold eyes: “It’s none of your business.”

Chu Mochen does not reply. Song Yunxuan frowns at the milk and drinks it all as if wants to send him away as soon as possible.

After drinking the whole glass of milk, she walks to open the door. “All right, please come back.”

Chu Mochen doesn’t leave, but sits on the edge of her bed and looks at the lonely pillow: “Why do you only put one pillow? What about the other one?”

“I threw it away!” She says bluntly, without emotion.

Chu Mochen is dumbfounded and turns back to look at her. The smile on his face has disappeared, “Yunxuan, how much do you hate me!”

Song Yunxuan still peers at him with an indifferent face, never says a word.

She does not hate Chu Mochen.

She just hates men.

As the saying goes, once bitten, twice shy of ten years. No matter how tough she is, after being betrayed, she still cannot immediately devote herself to another love.

Some things are not worth risking again and again, in danger and desperation.

It will be foolish and irredeemable to fall in the same place over and over again.

Song Yunxuan holds the frame of the door with her fingers.

Chu Mochen stands up and walks towards her.

She thinks he is about to leave, so she steps back a little. But Chu Mochen doesn’t leave. Instead, he closes the door and attempts to trap her gently between his arms.

Song Yunxuan feels she is brought under oppression, she raises her head.

Chu Mochen kisses her softly on her forehead.

It’s like a dragonfly’s kiss on water.

As she frowns, his kiss falls on her eyebrows.

She wants to struggle, but when he holds her back waist and gently lifts her, she involuntarily approaches him.

Song Yunxuan knows her resistance is futile, so she keeps a deadpan expression, even if Chu Mochen is kissing her lightly.

Gradually, Chu Mochen stops kissing, just buries his chin in her neck to feel her body’s warmth: “Yunxuan, what do you want now?”

“I want nothing.”

He does not insist, but gently presses her back brain with one hand and whispers at her ear: “Yunxuan, I can give you anything you want, as long as you say you want it.”

Song Yunxuan is stupefied by him.

Chu Mochen kisses her on her earlobe and then lets her go.

She stands in place for a long time, as if pondering over what he said.

However, after Chu Mochen goes out, he puts the asset transfer contract that he intends to give Song Yunxuan on the passenger’s seat of his sports car. A gleam of laughter lights his eyes: “I think you will come to ask me this soon, Yunxuan.”