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C40 - Kill Her!

Chapter 40: Kill Her!
Song Yunxuan spends a tough night.

But when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she feels the cold sweat on her forehead head. As she recalls her dream, what she dreams of is not Shao Tianze and Gu Changle, but Chu Mochen.

In her dream, Chu Mochen kisses her.

On her wedding, it is Chu Mochen who puts a ring on her finger and promises the priest that he would accompany her forever.

She also dreams that when she gives birth to her first child, it is Chu Mochen who kisses her on her cheeks and tells her sadly, “Don’t give any birth more.”

She smiles at him: “How can we stop before we get a daughter?”

Yeah, she wants to have a daughter and make her lead a powerful life as herself.

However, when she has a daughter, she can’t watch her daughter grow into a woman like her.

She covers her face, curls up in bed, waiting quietly for the dawn.

She even thinks that if Gu Changge married Chu Mochen instead of Shao Tianze, would it be the opposite today?

But there is no “If” in the world.

Shao Tianze’s gentle face goes as fierce and twisted as a devil in her repeated reflections which breaks into her heart again and again, crushing all her vulnerabilities into powder.

Her blood in her body becomes cold and steely, and she begins to become tough and hard.

The next morning, she gets up for breakfast and then gets ready to go out.

Song Yunqiang is always looking at someone behind her.

Song Yunxuan can understand whom Song Yunqiang is looking for. Maybe his eldest brother will think that there must be Chu Mochen who spent the night sleeping with her.

But in fact, Chu Mochen had already left last night.

Such a man just feels that the woman he can’t get is charming. And if he gets her, the thrill may only last a few days.

When She is ready to go out, the LCD TV in the room is still broadcasting Yuncheng Business Channel.

“Yesterday, the stock market experienced a great shock with some stocks turnover rose. Some experts make the joke that all shareholders begin to rush to buy Chu and Song’s listed shares… due to the coming wedding between the only son of Chu and the youngest daughter of Song.”

The announcer’s voice suddenly goes into Song Yunxuan’s ears.

With a feeling of being shocked in her eyes, she suddenly turns back.

Simultaneously, Song Yunqiang is also astonished. He turns off the TV in a haste.

Song Yunxuan frowns: “Brother, why don’t you inform me before publishing the news about my wedding?”

“Yunxuan, you listen to the elder brother’s explanation, Yunxuan? Yunxuan!!!

Song Yunxuan goes out.

Unconsciously feeling bad, Song Yunqiang is about to chase her outside.

At this time, a voice suddenly comes from the second floor: “Now that she knows, let her go. I don’t think she will be confused about her position in the Song family.”

Song Yunqiang has to stop his step: “But, Dad, what if Yunxuan strongly insists on not marrying Chu Mochen…”

Song Yan interrupts him: “Although Yunxuan is young, she won’t be silly enough to do that.”

Song Yunqiang has no choice but to let Song Yunxuan go.

Song Yunxuan makes more than a dozen phone calls to Chu Mochen, with no answer.

She simply picks up a taxi to Chu’s company.

Noticing her anxious and agitated face, the taxi driver drives very fast.

When the car passes by the People’s Hospital, Song Yunxuan is stunned for a moment. Unexpectedly, she says, “Stop.”

The driver dares not delay, so he stops immediately

After pays the bill, Song Yunxuan gets out of the car. She looks up at the big Chinese characters hung upstairs on the wall of the outpatient clinic with a wicked scheme conceived in her heart.

Many people murmur as they enter the hospital…

“I heard that Gu Changge’s sister lives here.”

“Is it the girl into whom her sister’s heart is transplanted?”

“Yes, I heard that she has a good relationship with her brother-in-law.”

Someone begins to frown: “Would they have a romantic relationship?”

Someone laughs and explains, “Even if they have an affair, there is nothing to worry about. Gu Changle is an adopted child who shares different blood with her sister. As long as the adoption relationship is terminated, it is illegal for her to marry her ex-brother in law.”

Then some people begin to question the truth.

Song Yunxuan does not listen to these people’s gossip, so she drops her eyelids, curbs the steely feeling in her eyes, and heads for the hospital’s inpatient department.

She had ever been to Gu Changle’s ward once, so she has a deep impression of that ward.

This time, without Song Yunjia leading the way, she is still able to find the location of the ward very smoothly.

She moves on without any hesitation or uncertainty.

When she gets on the elevator, someone was crying loudly whom she just gives an indifferent glance at.

Every day in this hospital, people die. Anyway, the deceased can’t be brought back to life by the tears of their relatives.

But it seems to outsiders that it’s better to have someone cry than no one.

When she died, no one shed tears for her.

Before she died, the only person she saw was Shao Tianze who was eager to watch her dying. Why should he cry?

She comes out of the elevator and takes steps to the door of Gu Changle’s ward when it is exactly visiting time.

Looking at her calm face, others regard her as an appointed relative who comes to visit the patients. No doctor or nurse stops her.

Song Yunxuan puts her hand on the handle of the door of the ward and opens it with a gentle twist.

The air inside is quiet, clean curtains and exquisite decoration make this ward look very healthy without any sense of morbidity.

The exquisite and luxurious sofa of white leather is placed in the ward, several magazines and a cup on a delicate glass tea table.

The magazine is a financial one and the teacup, a mug.

She can tell that these two things belong to Shao Tianze.

It seems that Shao Tianze was here last night. He just left this morning.

It’s over eight o’clock in the morning. The doctor checked the room just now. Gu Changle seems to have fallen asleep.

Song Yunxuan carefully shuts the door and moves step by step towards Gu Changle’s bed.

She suffers the pain in her heart as if she’s been bitten by innumerable insects which makes her fists clench tightly and her eyes begin to turn red slowly.

Gu Changle lays on her side. She turns over uncomfortably to find a better position, remaining asleep.

Song Yunxuan looks at her with her steely eyes, like a sharp knife to be used in poking a hole in Gu Changle’s neck which bleeds her to death.

She walks forward, as light as a ghost.

A crack is opened in the window of the room from which the breeze blows in, stirring the corners of her clothes and hair.

She stares at the woman in bed with her black eyes.

Then, she can’t help raising her hands as if the devil takes her over.

Her fingers are slender and clean, and her nails, round like bright pink shells on the beach.

At this time, however, her fingers are stretching out one by one.

She puts them on Gu Changle’s neck loosely, prepared to tighten them later——

“Dad, when will Mom come back?”

Suddenly the voice of a little boy comes.

Song Yunxuan is stunned and frozen out of a sudden.

Then there comes the voice of a little girl: “Dad, did you quarrel with your mother?”

Shao Tianze’s gentle voice rings out: “Miaomiao, how can you say so about Dad? Don’t you know? Mom is dad’s baby. Mom is dad’s favorite. ”


Shao Tianze is lying.

Song Yunxuan holds her hands back, steps back with cold and poisonous feelings in her eyes: “Such a cheater.”

Gu Changle is still sleeping. Song Yunxuan‘s furious eyes slowly calm down as she hears the voices of her two children.

Like a kind sister, she raises her hands, puts them on Gu Changle’s forehead, and gently parts her hair away. But her eyes are still sharp and cold as a thin knife: “You are not qualified to let me kill you by myself, my children will not want to have such an impulsive mother as me.”

Gu Changle is still sleeping.

Her voice is low. Gu Changle just frowns and shakes her head like a nightmare to wake up.

Song Yunxuan leans over her ear. As if to blend words into the air, she slowly opens her mouth, saying in a gentle voice: “You will soon reap what you sow. Out of my mercy, I just inform you first.”

After that, she bends her lips, takes back her hands with benevolence in her eyes. Then she turns around and leaves.

As soon as she leaves the room, Shao Tianze comes at the door of the ward with his two children.

Finding the door is half-opened, Shao Tianze pauses. Then he opens it, being met with no visitor inside.

His eldest son Gu Yi grabs his left hand while his youngest daughter Gu Miaomiao, his right hand.

The beautiful and lovely children’s age are respectively 7 and 6.

Song Yunxuan stands at the corner, looking at the two children.

She had a narrow escape from giving birth to her children which exhausted all her tenderness as a woman.

However, the two children know nothing about the fact that their mother had already been murdered.

What reasons would Shao Tianze invent to deceive the two children?

She feels curious, but she does not let her thoughts continue to spread.

Her feet are held still on the ground, but she wants to drive his legs to give the two children a hug.

Different feelings alter in her eyes. Finally, she resists the impulse, becoming cold.

A nurse approaches who notices her and says, “Miss, are you going to visit any patient?”

Song Yunxuan turns her head with her merciless eyes. “I’m done.”

After that, she turns around and leaves in an indifferent manner.

At the door of Gu Changle’s ward, seven-year-old Gu Yi distractedly looks at the corner where the nurse comes out.

Gu Miaomiao looks at his brother strangely. “Brother, have you seen mother?”

Gu Yi turns around and grabs her hand. His eyes are gentle: “Mom can’t come back for the time being. You have to wait for her patiently, will you?”

Pouting her lips, Gu Miaomiao wants to cry out of grievance: “But where did Mom go?”

Gu Yi also feels very embarrassed. He thinks about it before he says, “Dad said that Mom goes to a faraway place on business, so we may not see Mom for several years.”

Gu Miaomiao is sad with her silky black hair scattered over her shoulders.

Gu Yi touches her hair and pulls her into the ward. “Well, the little aunt seems to have a nightmare. Come and comfort her.”

Gu Miaomiao turns her head to look at Gu Changle, who suddenly gets up from the bed. Then she frowns.

Gu Changle wakes up nervously, she’s scared by the nightmare. She grabs Shao Tianze’s hand with her sweating palms. And her lips are pale due to the fear in her heart.

Shao Tianze asks her worriedly: “Are you OK? Nightmare?”

She turns her head, staring at him with a frightened feeling in her eyes. She says, “Gu Changge comes back! Gu Changge is back! She hasn’t……”

Before she pronounces the word “died”, Shao Tianze interrupts her, says, “Watch your mouth since Yi and Miaomiao are here.”