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C41 - Hatred

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NovelReborn Girl’s New LifeChapter 41 - Hatred
C41 - Hatred
Chapter 41: Hatred
There are fear and nervousness in Gu Changle’s eyes.

When Shao Tianze sees the tears in her eyes, he feels pitiful about her, and his tone also softens a little: “Yi and Miaomiao have come to see you. You should be happy.”

Gu Changle nods, but she still can’t put her heart at the bottom.

Gu Yi is a cute and calm boy. He is not as naughty as other children of his age. He comes to Gu Changle and asks her if her condition is better.

Gu Changle looks at his appearance, and then at Shao Tianze. She feels that the child only shares a few similarities with Shao Tianze in their appearance. But the boy is not ugly. So, she speaks to him with a pleasant face.

However, Gu Yi’s sister, Gu Miaomiao, refuses to speak any word, standing beside him like the dumb.

Gu Changle notices her and asks her with a smile, “Miao Miao, long time no see. Do you miss your little aunt?”

Gu Miaomiao raises her head and purses her pink lips. Her big watery eyes are as cute as that of a kitten.

Gu Changle looks at her with a smile, but the girl still keeps silent.

The smile on Gu Changle’s face fades away due to the embarrassment. Perceiving the change on his aunt’s face, Gu Yi busily pinches his sister’s hand.

Then, Gu Miaomiao says a word with great effort, “Yes.”

“I do…”

Gu Miaomiao has some words left, but before she finishes it, Gu Yi interrupts and says to Gu Changle, “Little Aunt, Miaomiao said that she wanted to see Dr. Wang’s parrot. Have he brought it today?”

Gu Changle does not seem to want to talk to the two children. When she hears Gu Yi’s question, she wishes the two children will hurry out. She says, “Go and ask Dr. Wang with your sister. Dr. Wang’s office is quite near.”

Gu Yi takes his sister’s hand and goes out.

Before leaving, he turns back and has a word with Shao Tianze who lovingly sends them out and tells him to take care of his sister.

As soon as the two children leaves, Gu Changle’s beautiful eyebrows are brought together. Gazing at Shao Tianze, she says, “You are very kind to this daughter!”

Her remark is acid and a bit prickly.

Shao Tianze goes to her bedside, sits in a chair and looks at her unhappy face. “Why, do you get jealous for a child? She’s my daughter.”

Gu Changle sneers, very discontentedly: “Look at the face of Miaomiao, it’s almost carved in the same mold with Gu Changge. You say that she’s your daughter. But I find no features inherited from you on her face.”

Shao Tianze looks at Gu Changle’s angry appearance and says in a light tone, “Do you dislike Miaomiao?”

“Don’t you hate her? She looks so similar to Gu Changge that people feel afraid when they see her.”

Shao Tianze lowers his voice as if he is tired, “MiaoMiao is only six years old. She knows nothing.”

As Gu Changle remembers that the man in front of her is Gu Changge’s husband who has a son and a daughter, she feels as uncomfortable as being pricked by needles: “Since she resembles my elder sister a lot, it’s hard to guarantee that, in the future, she will not grow up into an ironwoman like her mother.”

After that, there is slight displeasure on Shao Tianze’s face. She frowns, looks at him sadly and murmurs, “I thought you would not let her get pregnant.”

Shao Tianze raises his hand to touches her hair and smiles faintly: “Changle, you have stayed at home with Changge for so many years. Don’t you know what kind of person she is?”

Gu Changle stops talking. Of course, she knows Gu Changge well.

She always saves for a rainy day, making long-term plans, as if everything will be calculated and anticipated by her. Besides, she keeps heavy suspicion of everything.

She is suspicious and vicious. She will adopt cruel means to achieve what she wants without leaving any hint of a trace.

Even if Shao Tianze wants to set her up, he also has to make a big plan that lasts several years.

Shao Tianze goes forward, bends over and pulls her into his arms. He kisses her forehead gently: “I know you hate me for marrying Gu Changge. But if I hadn’t married her and brought her children, what qualifications would I have to stand in the Gu family?”

All in all, the two children’s greatest role is to make him qualified to stand in the business hall of the Gu family.

Without the children born by Gu Change, nobody would care about his identity as the husband of Gu Changge.

Gu Changge’s relatives have enough reason to expel him from his home.

However, with Gu Changge’s children, things are quite different.

No one dares to mess up with him, because the first inheritance right of Gu’s family is in the hands of Gu Changge’s children.

Even if Shao Tianze was expelled from his home, those relatives could not shake the important position of his children.

As the first guardian for his children, he takes it for granted that he masters Gu’s family before they became adults.


Gnashing her teeth, Gu Changle whispers, “Tianze, I want you to give Gu’s family to our son.”

Shao Tianze embraces her and gently opens her mouth: “Of course, Changle, only our children are qualified to be the rulers of this huge industry.”

Only when Gu Changle hears that does she shallowly raise a smile in Shao Tianze’s arms.

However, deep in the eyes of the laughter, there is a chilling and poisonous feeling.

Gu Changge’s children should not continue to stand on the peak of Gu’s business, she thinks.

Now, Gu Changge is dead. Everything should be theirs.

Otherwise, all their years of enduring will be in vain.

Song Yunxuan leaves the hospital.

There is car whistling on the road beside her. She turns back but finds no one. Then she goes on.

But just after a few steps, she is caught up by a sapphire-blue Ferrari.

Song Yunxuan looks sideways. The window glass is slowly winded down and Chu Mochen’s handsome face comes out in slow motion.

Song Yunxuan looks at him coldly. “I’m looking for you.”

“Get on the car.” Chu Mochen smiles at her gently.

Song Yunxuan frowns, glaring at his smile.

Chu Mochen seems to feel her unhappiness. Instead of driving immediately after she gets on the car, he leans over to help her fasten her safety belt.

Looking at his behavior, she is somewhat disgusted: “I do it` myself.”

“You don’t know about the wedding announcement until now?”

As soon as Song Yunxuan hears his words, she knows that Chu Mochen has already known the reason why she is looking for him.

And the reason why Chu Mochen knows everything is that his eldest brother has called Chu Mochen in advance, fearing that his younger sister would offend him when she meets him.

Song Yunxuan does not deny: “Why don’t you tell me the wedding announcement?”

“I’m going to marry you, as long as my family issues a marriage letter, your father agrees. You don’t need to be informed.”

Chu Mochen’s statement is very orderly and reasonable, and there is nothing wrong with it.

As for business families where interest conflicts prevail, every marriage needs to be considered in the perspective of advantages and disadvantages from the planning at the beginning to the completion of preparation, and the two people who get married are just two dolls in front of the media.

The final say on whether should they get married is not held by the bride or the bridegroom, but by the two families which have good foresight.

Of course, Chu Mochen is absolutely not a doll in the Chu family.

Chu Mochen can control his own life completely without external pressure, and he doesn’t need to stoop low to marry a woman he doesn’t like for the sake of commercial interests.

Otherwise, he would not be at ease at the age of getting married and setting up his own family.

While Gu Changge, whose age is the same as him, is already the mother of two children, he doesn’t even have a gossip girlfriend.

Previously, the gossip in Yuncheng was still discussing whether Chu’s only son had any special hobbies preventing him from being a lover.

Now, the only son of the Chu family has chosen his fiancée overnight.

Moreover, the spouse is not the right one.

Song Yunxuan can’t refute what he said.

“Chu Mochen, it is a disrespect to me to issue the wedding news without consulting my opinion.”

Chu Mochen helps her fasten her seat belt, drives forward and steps on the accelerator pedal: “I will abandon you in order to respect you.”

Song Yunxuan frowns at Chu Mochen. “Why did you do this? I can give you whatever you want from me, but I can’t marry you. Do you understand?

Looking at the road ahead, Chu Mochen is absorbed in driving.

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s voice beside him, which gets excited, he looks at her face sideways. Suddenly, he gives an irrelevant answer, “You are beautiful.”

Song Yunxuan is stunned.

Chu Mochen then says, “You certainly haven’t looked in the mirror carefully.”

Song Yunxuan is a little irritated: “What do you really want to say?”

Chu Mochen drives the car to the coastal highway of Yuncheng, and the scenery outside the window changes as it moves fast backward. Looking ahead, Chu Mochen seems to be thinking of something: “I used to know a beautiful woman, but her style of action was the same as that of men so that all men would keep away from her out of fear. And it seems ridiculous to try to conquer her.”

Song Yunxuan knows he is talking about Gu Changge.

Chu Mochen lowers the glass a little, and a fresh sea breeze blows in from the coastal highway.

He squints slightly at the distant mountains, the blue sea, the fine sand and the reefs.

The scenery of Yuncheng is so beautiful that makes people linger on and forget to return to their home.

However, Chu Mochen’s eyes are not intoxicated with this scene, but a kind of faint compassion: “But, this beautiful woman did not stop to see what else is around her besides money, power and interests.”

Song Yunxuan giggles strangely. Looking at the distance, and she says bleakly: “Hatred.”

Although she says it in a low voice, it is clearly heard by Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen brakes abruptly and pulls over along the coastal highway.

Because of his sudden braking, Song Yunxuan plunges forward unsteadily.

Fortunately, there is a seat belt on her body, otherwise, such a sudden brake will surely knock her head on the front glass which will certainly make her die or disabled.

The car with superior performance suddenly comes to a halt after a rapid rush.

Song Yunxuan’s hair falls from her ear and covers half of her face. She raises her hand to pull it behind her ear.

She turns to Chu Mochen and says, “What? Am I wrong?”

“You’re right” Chu Mochen grasps the steering wheel tightly with both hands. He seems to be angry but can’t easily vent it.

Realizing his bad mood, Song Yunxuan undoes her safety belt by herself, says, “I feel that you may not be fit to drive now. Let me get off first, then, you can chill out.”

Chu Mochen grips her hand which is untying the belt. He suddenly raises his head up, staring her in the eyes with his steely eyes, “What kind of relationship do you have with Shao Tianze?”