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C42 - Darry Ring

Chapter 42: Darry Ring
“No, to be more precise, why do you hate Shao Tianze?”

Song Yunxuan gazes at Chu Mochen and finds that he is serious, smiles: “I don’t hate him.”

It’s easy for her to say that, which makes Chu Mochen almost believe her.

However, suddenly, Song Yunxuan’s eyes dim, with her bright smile disappearing. Her gaze is steely: “I just want to make him lose everything.”

I‘ll let him lose everything!

I want him to feel the helplessness!

She wants to inflict all the pain that she has suffered on Shao Tianze. She wants him to experience the agony she went through when she died.

Song Yunxuan grits her teeth, and her gaze is freezing cold.

Chu Mochen stares at her face, in a trance, as if he sees Gu Changge’s face.

“Yunxuan.” he calls her by her name.

Song Yunxuan comes to and turns her head towards him.

Chu Mochen carefully looks at her expression, as if to recognize something. After observing for a long time, he finds himself really whimsical. Then he can’t help mocking himself and shakes his head helplessly, “You always make me feel that she is still alive.”

Song Yunxuan asks softly, “Gu Changge?”

Chu Mochen does not deny: “Yes.”

Song Yunxuan can’t tell what she feels like. She just thinks it’s interesting that Chu Mochen can often remember Gu Changge although she is dead.

Originally Chu Mochen doesn’t have an affair with Gu Changge at all. But now, it seems that he has never forgotten her.

She watches the waves hitting the shore and says, “I hope you hadn’t announce our engagement.”

“For Chu family, making solemn pledges is vital. Since the news of our wedding has been spread, there is no way to change it. Do you understand?”

Chu family always enjoys a good reputation in Yuncheng. If their proposal is rejected by the bride’s family, it will make a fool of them.

Song Yunxuan also understands his words. Looking at him, she says with a low voice: “If you are afraid of losing face, you can announce that it’s you who give up our marriage because of my insufficiency.”

With a trace of smile emerges across his lips, Chu Mochen casts a glance at her then focuses his gaze on the scene out of the window, “In that case, I will be the one who hurts you.”

Song Yunxuan is surprised but says firmly: “In any case, I will not get married until I destroy Gu Family.”

When this sentence is uttered, the wind around seems to die down for some seconds.

Chu Mochen feels it’s incredible. He turns his head and look at Song Yunxuan.

It seems Song Yunxuan also realizes she didn’t mince her words just now. In a hurry, she is about to get off.

Chu Mochen’s holds her arm with his big hands: “I won’t let you go.”

Held up by him, she frowns nervously since she knows that it won’t benefit her if the things keep going like this. Then she becomes anxious: “Chu Mochen, I know what I said just now is ridiculous to you, but you will never understand my plans. Let me go, there are many other beautiful girls in this world who deserve your love.”

She struggles to free herself. But when pulling his hand that is holding her, she is grabbed again.

With swift and powerful actions, he grabs her wrist to drag her into the car.

Chu Mochen turns over and presses her on the seat of the car. The window is raised by one third, just blocking the view outside.

“What are you doing?”

Song Yunxuan vigilantly stares at him.

Like an eagle, Chu Mochen sincerely gazes at her in the eyes as if he can see through her heart.

Song Yunxuan feels that his eyes are so intensive she can’t look through what he wants.

“Song Yunxuan, no matter how I chase you and how much I love you, you are always indifferent. Don’t you think you are too proud?”

Song Yunxuan keeps her poker face: “I never allow you to court me, Chu Mochen.”

She wants to go forward alone all the time, without any help of others.

As long as the thorns on the road do not cut through her feet, she can finish the journey by herself.

No matter how much blood she sheds, she can grit her teeth and continue until she finishes the revenge plan.

“Chu Mochen, I’m not the woman you want. I won’t marry you, becoming your wife nor will I assist you and educate your children. I won’t do the things you want me to do.”

Looking at her deadpan expression, he feels that even though Song Yunxuan is suppressed in her actions, her heart is still unchanged.


Chu Mochen takes a breath as if to suppress his inner feelings.

Song Yunxuan peers at him, she is still in firm, “I hope you can break the engagement with me.”

“That would destroy you. Without me, you would be nothing in Song Family.”

Song Yunxuan smiles: “No. Since no one imprisons me, I can get the whole property of Song family.”

Her cold and ambitious heart is hard to get.

However, from the day when she entered the Song family, she had such an ambition, which is enough to shock him.

Chu Mochen looks at her, with his dark bushy eyebrows arching. He withdraws his hands disappointedly.

Song Yunxuan gets rid of his body, trying to push the door and get out.

Suddenly, he hugs her from behind.

He gathers his arms around her waist, with his thin lips imprinting on her neck.

Song Yunxuan has been kissed more than once by him. Although she is somewhat surprised, she quickly calms down after a short flurry.

Peering at the distance calmly, she reaches out to untie his hands that is holding her waist.

But when her hand overlays on his, Chu Mochen clutches her fingers and puts something cool on the ring finger of her right hand.

In surprise, she looks down.

Chu Mochen kisses her on her earlobe. “It’s for you.”

She continues to look down.

His mellow and sexy voice rises at her ear: “It’s our engagement ring.”

Song Yunxuan frowns: “I said I don’t want to marry you.”

Chu Mochen kisses her lips immediately, and refuses to release her no matter how her struggles.

The hot kiss seems to convey all his passion to her, which lingers over her heart. He leaves her lip reluctantly when she nearly suffocates.

Song Yunxuan flushes because of the lack of oxygen. She raises hands to push him and then touches her own lips.

The silver ring on her forth finger leaps into her vision.

It’s Darry Ring.

Is it the wedding ring that can only be purchased once during one’s lifetime with his ID card?

She is struck dumb.

Chu Mochen, however, lifts his hand to gently tuck her falling hair behind ears. Then he helps her to wipe her mouth and smiles at her sincerely.

Song Yunxuan hardly figures out what Chu Mochen wants to do.

“Why? Give me this ring…”

“Maybe I cannot marry you now, but it does not mean I will not marry you in the future. You are my wife. I will always keep a position in Chu Family for you.”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head and feels surprised that he is really wayward.

He fastens her seat belt and sends her back to the Song Family when her mind is still in confusion.

When they arrive, he opens the car’s door for her and helps her out of the car.

Seeing Chu Mochen taking care of Song Yunxuan so lovingly, Song Yunqiang is very astonished.

Chu Mochen is a man who never has too much interest in women. And even if he has, Song Yunqiang has never seen he’s so considerable to Song Yunxuan before.

Song Yunxuan’s face shows an imperceptible expression

Song Yunqiang notices that Song Yunxuan doesn’t smile, hurriedly asks nurse Wang to help her: “Come and help Yunxuan, she’s uncomfortable.”

With an apologetic smile, Chu Mochen speaks softly: “I took her for a ride along the seaside, and she is light-headed now.”

Although Chu Mochen explains, Song Yunqiang clearly sees the ambiguous hickey exposed on her sister’s collar.

Song Yunqiang averts his eyes from her collar and doesn’t expose Chu Mochen’s lie, just asks nurse Wang to support Song Yunxuan back to her room.

Chu Mochen’s eyes settle on Song Yunxuan until she is supported upstairs.

Song Yunqiang asks him, “Childe Chu, feel like a cup of tea?”

“No, thanks, I want to visit Mr. Song.”

Song Yunqiang immediately leads Chu Mochen to Song Yan’s room.

Song Yunqiang does not accompany Chu Mochen in the room. After a while, Chu Mochen comes out of Song Yan’s room and leaves.

Song Yunqiang doesn’t know what Chu Mochen said to Song Yan. He waits for Chu Mochen to leave before he comes in to see Song Yan.

“Dad, what did Childe Chu say?”

Song Yan’s eyes are dark-ringed. He had a poor sleep last night. After being asked by Song Yunqiang what Chu Mochen had said just now, his gaze becomes sharp, “I don’t think Yunxuan can fasten on Chu Mochen.”

Song Yunqiang is shocked: “Dad, what do you mean?”

Song Yan is somewhat angry: “Childe Chu told me that their wedding would be delayed. I asked him how long it would be, he even told me that he had no intention to get married in the coming couple of years.”

With his sinking heart, Song Yunqiang asks: “Does he give up Yunxuan?”

Song Yan’s eyes seem to be covered with shadows: “If Chu Family announces they give up Yunxuan, it can be easy for us to handle, we just need to marry Yunxuan to someone else, but Chu Mochen…”

Song Yan sighs and can’t continue.

“Dad?” Song Yunqiang waits for Song Yan to speak.

Song Yan frowns, looks angry and helpless: “I’ve never thought Chu Mochen would refuse to break the engagement.”

Song Yunqiang purses his lips and cannot figure out Chu Mochen’s real thoughts.

Then, Song Yan picks up a file bag and hands it to Song Yunqiang: “He said it was an engagement gift for Yunxuan. And Let me hand it to Yunxuan. Open it and see what’s in it.”

Although Song Yunqiang feels it’s not polite to open his sister’s gifts without her permission, he obeys his father’s orders.

After opening the file bag and pulling out a stack of documents inside, he turns them over page by page and then he widens his eyes with shock.

Song Yan looks at Song Yunqiang’s astonished expression, he also becomes anxious. “What is this?”

“Dad, Dad, Dad,” Song Yunqiang is too shocked to close his mouth, “This is Chu Shao’s asset given to Yunxuan. It’s Venus Salon!”

Song Yan doesn’t recover from surprise for a long time.

Since the engagement gift is such a valuable asset of him, how could Chu Mochen give up Song Yunxuan?!