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C43 - Deposit to the Song family

Chapter 43: Deposit to the Song family

Song Yunqiang and Song Yan are horrified.

Song Yunqiang holds the asset transfer agreement in his hand, and in an instant, he is somewhat embarrassed and overwhelmed. He turns to his father for help. “Dad, do you think that Venus should be given to Yunxuan?”

Of course, he doesn’t want to give it to Yunxuan in his private heart.

Although Venus now suffers negative reviews, somehow it had ever also occupied a majority of the market share of the beauty industry in Yuncheng.

Now it is purchased by someone easily, and so dramatically given to the young dumb girl of their family.

Song Yunqiang is both envious and angry.

“Dad, Yunxuan is only eighteen years old, just eighteen…”

Song Yan can understand his son’s meaning, says coldly: “Do you think the Chu family are silly? Chu Mochen is a few years younger than you, but his brain is much stronger than you. He has a close relationship with Yunxuan. Wouldn’t he know that Yunxuan has celebrated her eighteenth birthday and has grown up?

Song Yunqiang shuts his mouth embarrassingly, but he is still unreconciled: “Dad, although Venus has started to go downhill, it is not a small industry. A lean camel is bigger than a fat horse. If we give it to Yunxuan, I am afraid that Yunxuan herself can’t control it?”

Song Yan’s face turns blue as if he is annoyed by his son’s idea: “Yunqiang, you are not young, think about it carefully. What does Childe Chu really mean?”

Song Yunqiang wrinkles up his eyebrows, and he does not say anything for a while: “By giving Yunxuan such a big gift, he not only shows off the financial resources of the Chu family, but says that Yunxuan is very important to him.”

Song Yan looks at his son’s eyes furiously. After hearing his son say this, he feels that his eldest son has no brain at all.

“You think the Chu family still needs to show off its financial resources to us? Chu family’s assets are incomparable to any family in Yuncheng except the Gu family. He doesn’t need to show off his money to our family at all.”

“Then why does he…” Song Yunqiang wants to ask.

But he is stared at by his father.

Holding the arm of the wheelchair, Song Yan’s face is gloomy: “As for Chu Mochen, only Gu’s eldest daughter can be worthy to be his spouse. But Gu Changge, the princess of Gu’s family, is not an ordinary person who did not choose him at that time. And now she is dead. He wants to marry Yunxuan, which is regarded as self-degradation by outsiders since the two families don’t match well.”

“Well, he’s in favor of Yunxuan. He has no choice” Song Yunqiang opens his mouth.

Song Yan does not think so: “Although he has taken a fancy to Yunxuan, the voice of the public is still indispensable. He gives Yunxuan such a large industry, the one going downhill. Undoubtedly, he wants Yunxuan to revive Venus again. In this way, Yunxuan will prove her ability, which also shows that he has good foresight. Though someone may still say that Yunxuan is a Cinderella, no one will think she is unfit to marry the Chu family. At least, if Yunxuan makes Venus resurrect, it means she is a wise woman, unlike those rich ladies who can only eat, drink and play.”

Song Yunqiang listens to his father so much that he finally understands Chu Mochen’s meaning.

He also feels the transfer of property in hand a little heavier: “But Dad, Yunxuan is just a little girl, how can she take over Venus herself?”

Song Yun makes a long face and says, “You just give Yunxuan the transfer of this property in its original form. If she succeeds, you have to be on guard against her. If she can’t do it, you will… squeeze Venus into his own hand inch by inch.

Song Yunqiang understands what his father means: “Dad, you mean, no matter whether Yunxuan marries into the Chu family or not, Venus is ours?”

“Yunxuan gets a Venus, which is also our Song family’s advantage.” Song Yan sighs, “Now that Chu Mochen has given us the deposit, it’s no harm for Yunxuan to stay in the Song family for two more years.”

Song Yunqiang nods: “I will give the paper to Yunxuan.”

Song Yan gives a hum and watches Song Yunqiang go out.

Only when Song Yunqiang goes out, he can’t help sighing, “The eldest son is really not cut out for the business circle.”

Song Yunxuan’s door is knocked by Song Yunqiang. She opens the door and finds Song Yunqiang handing her a document bag. His face is full of joy.

She is puzzled: “Big brother, what is this? Why are you so happy? ”

Song Yunqiang hands the document bag forward: “Yunxuan, you really brighten our family. You let Childe Chu spend so much even at the engagement. We can see that Childe Chu is sincere to you, you can treat him better.”

Song Yunxuan is confused. But looking at the joy on Song Yunqiang’s face, she also knows that the document bag contains something that is favorable for the Song family.

She nods, then takes the bag and sees her elder brother off.

After Song Yunqiang leaves, she closes the door, goes back to bed, opens the paper bag and takes out the paper inside.

After reading a few pages, her heart is startled and her eyebrows, wrinkled.

She is almost doubtful about her eyes.

When all the papers have been carefully turned over, she bursts into laughter, and puts all the important transfer agreement documents on the bed. Then she makes a phone call to Chu Mochen.

It takes a while before Chu Mochen picks up the phone.

Song Yunxuan calls him for the first time on her own initiative. The first sentence at the beginning is not a soft greeting from the girl, but a funny and angry question: “Chu Mochen, why do you transfer Venus to me?”

“You’re calling me for the first time on your own initiative,” he says in a very gentle voice. “I’m glad, Yunxuan.”

Song Yunxuan takes a breath to cool down the fire in her chest: “Chu Mochen, don’t interfere in my affairs, I want to do things without your help, I can do it myself.”

Chu Mochen smiles faintly and his voice is soft and sexy: “Yunxuan, you are too stubborn. Even if Wu Zetian wants to take the throne, she still has to rely on Li Zhi. You can’t do too much alone.” (Wu Zetian is the only empress in ancient China. Li Zhi is her husband, and an emperor in Tang Dynasty.)

“But I don’t need you to do that.”

Chu Mochen smiles slightly and says: “Yunxuan, this thing was meant to be taken by Shao Tianze. But I think you may like it very much, so I grab it before he does.”

His remark just effectively seizes up Song Yunxuan’s later remarks.

With a large soft white towel around his neck, Chu Mochen had just taken a bath. And drops of water are still ticking down from his dark hair.

He wears casual and comfortable clothes. And without the calmness and indifference, his eyes become gentle and warm: “What? Are you still going to blame me?”

Song Yunxuan’s lips are pursed straight, she is not happy, but she does not continue to speak.

Noticing her silence, Chu Mochen is not anxious to hang up the phone. He listens to her breathing quietly over there.

After a while, he asks, “Do you like the ring I gave you?”

Song Yunxuan’s voice comes bleakly after two seconds: “Remember to announce the postponement of marriage tomorrow.”

After that, without saying goodbye, she hangs up the phone with a click.

Chu Mochen has already gotten used to her rudeness.

He checks the phone with helpless laughter.

Although the woman still can’t treat him in a soft voice like that of a kitten, it’s good progress to call him on her own initiative.

With a faint smile on his lips, he puts the cell phone on one side of the cabinet and then wipes his dripping hair with a towel.

Song Yunxuan hangs up the phone and throws it aside.

Lying on the bed, she reads the contents of those transfer agreements.

Chu Mochen is right, it is exactly what she needs.

As long as it is what Shao Tianze wants, she desires to take it away from him.

Chu Mochen really knows her heart.

But isn’t it dangerous for a man to know her like this?

She puts the papers aside and looks at her slender white right ring finger.

After thinking for a while, she gets up again, goes to the drawer on the bedside cabinet and reaches to take out a silver pigmentation ring inside.

There is no diamond on it, but even the simple silver ring is more noticeable on the ring finger than all the rings with gems.

Just because this ring is the most unique one among the star rings, every man can only buy one in his life with his ID card.

She does not know what attitude Chu Mochen had taken to buy the ring.

However, she suddenly feels that it is okay to wear a ring on her hand.

She puts the ring gently on her ring finger.

Out of a sudden, she feels a strong beat of her heart.

The feeling of being alive is clear and obvious.

The finger with the ring is attached to her right chest where her heart beats.

Song Yunxuan feels the heart beating vigorously. Then she slowly closes her eyes.

She’s alive.

That’s great.

Everything will change as she wishes.

Including changing Shao Tianze’s bright future.

When Song Yunxuan arrives at Fanxing magazine the next day, the editor-in-chief of the magazine is waiting for her at the door of the office.

Seeing her coming, she makes her face and welcomes her. “Miss Song, I’ve checked what you told me.”

“Yes?” Song Yunxuan pouts her lips and opens the door of the office.

Just as she reaches out, Xiao Hong, the editor-in-chief, glances across her finger. She looks up and says, “Miss Song, the ring in your hand?”

“Oh, this one?”

Song Yunxuan raises her hand without the intention to hide it. She is generous enough to show Xiao Hong: “My friend brought it abroad. He thought it was good as a gift for me. Is it beautiful?”

Xiao Hong nods. “It looks pretty and wonderful.”

Xiao Hong still feels doubtful. Looking at Song Yunxuan’s peaceful expression, she denies her conjecture and follows Song Yunxuan into the office.

“Miss Song, in regard to the consumer disfigurement incident of Venus the year before last, we have sorted out the origin and development of the incident and all the information about the reports at that time. Let’s have a look at it.”

Song Yunxuan just glances at the dense document and says, “What I want is not the media comment that people heard at that time. What I want is a fact. Do you understand?”

Xiao Hong’s face turns red: “Miss Song, Tianxiang Salon belongs to Gu’s industry. If we rashly disclose the truth for Venus at that time, I am afraid…”

“Well, you’ve all checked it out, that’s good,” Song Yunxuan closes the documents together and hands them to her, “I’ve already found out the consumer’s address. Come with me this afternoon. Let’s pay her a visit.”