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C45 - Being Photographed

Chapter 45: Being Photographed
Song Yunxuan’s words are gentle, but they remain lingering in Yi Xiaoning’s cochlea, just like magic sounds.

Shao Xue is standing behind her and listening to her. For a moment, she is stunned.

Song Yunxuan takes out her business card from the handbag and puts it on the counter near Yi Xiaoning: “Miss Yi, if you want, please call me anytime.”

Yi Xiaoning looks at her with a strange expression.

The strange expression, in Yi Xiaoning’s eyes, can’t affect Song Yunxuan’s mood at all. She keeps smiling peacefully from beginning to end.

Maybe Yi Xiaoning is unlovely. However, as long as she can help to knock Shao Tianze down to the ground, Song Yunxuan will smile at her no matter how ugly and hideous she is.

Because the most terrible thing in the world is never an ugly face.

It’s a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions.

She turns back to leave, and Shao Xue is shocked for a while before leaving the shop with her.

As soon as they get out, they hear a click of the camera.

Before Shao Xue reacts, a shadow moves away.

Song Yunxuan alertly turns back at once to see where the sound comes from. Suddenly she sees a figure rushing into the lane and then disappearing.

Shao Xue frowns and hides her eyes by hands. Song Yunxuan also frowns. “Could you discern that man?”

Shao Xue did not see that man clearly. However, following Song Yunxuan’s gaze, she spots a figure: “It’s a man. It seems that he has a camera.”

Song Yunxuan’s face turns cold, “It should be a newspaper reporter. Let’s get on the bus first.”

Hearing this, Shao Xue turns back to that sex toy store, she starts to be worried: “Yunxuan, if you are photographed from that store, it will be harmful to your reputation. Moreover, you are the daughter of Song Family and going to marry into the Chu Family.”

Song Yunxuan has thought this earlier than Shao Xue. Looking back at the big sign of Yi Xiaoning’s sex toy store, she sneers: “Someone is endeavoring for the negative news about me.”

Atfer that, she goes ahead: “First, we need to find Xiao Hong. We must come back now.”

Shao Xue still feels uneasy: “Shall we chase that reporter?”

“No. It’s too late.”

Now that he can follow here, Song Yunxuan must have been spotted for a long time, and the photographer must have made plans for dilemmas.

Now he must have got the photos smoothly. She’s afraid that he had already driven away.

Perhaps, at this time, the photos have been sent back to the magazine.

She backtracks with Shao Xue together. Seeing her coming back, Xiao Hong opens the door for her. She seems worried. “Miss Song, have you found Yi Xiaoning?”

Song Yunxuan nods and gets on the car. “Yi Xiaoning’s face was damaged badly. This is her photo. You need to take her to the most famous cosmetic surgeon in China and ask the doctor how to restore her face.”

Song Yunxuan hands over the information to Xiao Hong.

Xiao Hong takes over and looks carefully at these photos. She grins: “She’s grossly disfigured, indeed.”

Song Yunxuan sneers: “Women who can act without being affected by others’ comments are not so many. It’s hard to find a girl like Yi Xiaoning.”

Xiao Hong understands the implied meaning of her words, but she doesn’t speak frankly…

Shao Xue does not respond, too.

However, after she hears the conditions brought up by Song Yunxuan for Yi Xiaoning, she feels that Yi Xiaoning will probably agree if she is not insane.

Xiao Hong sets off on her way. Song Yunxuan looks out at the scenery with her head propped up by her hands. All the way, she is wondering who would send the person to photograph her.

Xiao Hong keeps silent for a while and then reaches out to open the radio.

Song Yunxuan observes her movements and frowns slightly. Xiao Hong immediately withdraws her hand.

Song Yunxuan finds Xiao Hone is pretty judicious. Her expression softens: “Mrs. Xiao, have you decided the content of this issue?”

Xiao Hong nods: “Yes, but…”

Song Yunxuan notices her hesitation, so her expression softens. Then she smiles: “What’s wrong? Just tell me. I just had a headache. But I massage it so it’s much better now.”

When Xiao Hong finds Song Yunxuan’s attitude changes, she says: “Because The ZUI Queen always publishes some hot current topics in Yuncheng on the first three pages. About this issue…”

She feels some embarrassed, pursuing her lips.

Song Yunxuan knows that she is hesitating, so she replies, “The news of Yuncheng has always been reported by other magazines. We must report it, otherwise, our sales will decline, and readers will say that we are not well informed.”

Xiao Hong nods at once: “Yes, Miss Song, our editorial department also thinks so, but… in fact, the hottest topic for this issue is …”

It seems that she is in a pickle. Staring at Song Yunxuan’s face in the rearview mirror, she squeezes out some words: “In fact, it’s the marriage between the Chu Family and Song Family.”

Song Yunxuan feels that her eyes jump once and then turn dim.

Xiao Hong realizes her words create a tense atmosphere.

However, only a few seconds later, Song Yunxuan raises her eyes and asks her, “Have the Chu family announced to cancel the engagement?”

“No,” Xiao Hong hastily explains, “They just claim to delay the wedding date. The exact time of the wedding has not been decided, but many people speculate…”

Song Yunxuan says lightly: “In terms of the versions, you need keep it same with other magazines. Don’t worry, although I am the owner of Fanxing Magazine. Even if Fanxing Magazine does not report on me, the rest of the magazines will still do it. ”

Xiao Hong agrees and the comforts her, “Miss Song, if you still feel headache, you can rest for a while as we still need several minutes on the trip.”

Where Yi Xiaoning hides is really far. Although it’s still in Yuncheng, it is near the outskirt.

Shao Xue has been sitting beside her silently. Not until Song Yunxuan closes her eyes and rests on her seat to sleep does she start to speak to Xiao Hong in a low voice.

“Mrs. Xiao, have you seen the live video which is about the Chu family’s announcement of delaying the wedding?”

Xiao Hong nods: “Yes, when I was waiting for you, I watched it on my mobile phone.”

Shao Xue asks, with her eyebrows knitting, “Well, do you know which magazines dispatches reporters to the scene at that time?”

Xiao Hong is a media editor, so she is very good at observing her peers. After being asked, she reflects carefully for a while and then answers, “The most impressive for me are ZUI Fashion and Ku Mao Entertainment.”

As Xiao Hong intends to think about it again, Song Yunxuan interrupts her, “Mrs. Xiao, please stop at the editorial department building of the ZUI Fashion Magazine.”

“… Okay.”

Shao Xue stops asking but Xiao Hong feels they’re pretty strange.

On the way back to the city, Xiao Hong stops at the editorial department building of ZUI Fashion Magazine, on Song Yunxuan’s command.

Shao Xue follows Song Yunxuan to get off the car and asks, “Would you like me to accompany you?”

Song Yunxuan stares at this office building which belongs to her elder sister and then narrows her eyes: “No, thanks. You can go back with Mrs. Xiao now. If someone calls me at my office, pick it up for me.”

Shao Xue understands her intention.

Only Yi Xiaoning will call her and only her call deserves to be answered.

Thinking of this, Shao Xue asks again, “Yunxuan, do we need to find Han Rujia, the women who also got disfigured as Yi Xiaoning?”

Song Yunxuan bends up her lips. And there is a bright smile in her eyes. She looks happy, “No, I just need to write her a letter.”

Since they have persuaded Yi Xiaoning, it’s not difficult to get Han Rujia done.

She has a clear plan on what to do next.

After Shao Xue and Xiao Hong leave, she goes straight into the building.

The receptionist glances at her then looks at the mobile phone to compare her with the photos. After that, she rushes to meet her, “Excuse me, Miss, are you Song Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan, with a faint smile, looks gently at the receptionist and asks, “Has my elder sister known I’m coming to visit her?”

The receptionist hastily shakes her head: “No, no, some time ago Miss Song told us that she has a younger sister. And she hopes we could recognize you. She has reminded us if you came here, you could visit her with no appointment. You could go to the VIP reception hall and wait for her there.”

Song Yunxuan nods at her.

The receptionist thinks that Song Yunxuan wants to go to the VIP Reception Hall, so she takes a step ahead to lead the way.

But when the receptionist leans herself sideways to ask Song Yunxuan to go upstairs, Song Yunxuan does not look at her at all. She just goes directly in the opposite direction, and then takes the elevator to the sixth floor.

The receptionist is stunned then hurries to follows her, “Miss, the VIP reception hall is on the ninth floor.”

At this moment, the elevator door opens. Song Yunxuan enters into it, with a smile: “Really? So, come in together.”

The receptionist enters into the elevator.

Song Yunxuan has already pressed the button of sixth floor.

The receptionist looks embarrassed.

At the sixth floor, the elevator door opens.

Song Yunxuan steps out, but the receptionist reaches out to hold Song Yunxuan’s arm in a hurry, “Miss Song, we need to go to the ninth floor.”

The smile on Song Yunxuan’s face disappears. She looks coldly at the hand grasping her arms.

The receptionist is roughly at the age of twenty-six. But when Song Yunxuan looks her in that way, she feels cold from the bottom of her heart. She hastily withdraws her hand as if she has offended Song Yunxuan.

She intends to apologize, but Song Yunxuan goes straight out of the elevator to the photo editorial office on the sixth floor.

The editorial office is very busy at this moment, and there stands a young man with two cameras hanging around his neck, two cameras of famous brand.

He is surrounded by six or seven people whose voices sound excited. “Du Bai, you’ve got big news. Maybe Miss Song will give you a promotion.”

“Come on, he took the picture of Miss Song’s sister. Maybe Song will dismiss him directly.”

“No, But Miss Song always hopes that there will emerge some social scandals of her sister. Look, this girl is really beautiful. But at such a young age, why would she go to that sex toy store? Maybe before she reaches the age of 18, she has …”

Later, their words turn into obscure laughter.

Several people gather into a circle, and the receptionist’s face turns pale.

She looks at Song Yunxuan with fear, but suddenly finds a grim and cold smile slowly appearing on Song Yunxuan’s lips.

And in her eyes, there is piercing light.