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C46 - Retrieving the Memory Card

Chapter 46: Retrieving the Memory Card
The receptionist has her heart in her mouth, and hurries to ask Du Bai and her colleagues to shut up.

But she has never anticipated that before she speaks, Song Yunxuan says softly, “Mr. Du.”

Her voice is cold, and the words “Mr. Du” makes Du Bai stunned for a moment.

After that, a few people around Du Bai become curious to see what is going to happen.

But as soon as they see Song Yunxuan, they can’t help changing their attitude. No one would have thought that the one they’re gossiping about would suddenly appear.

Du Bai’s fingers become stiff. He glances at Song Yunxuan dully and suddenly hides his camera behind him.

In Du Bai’s opinion, Song Yunxuan would never appear at this time and at the place where he works.

However, the girl seems to descend from the sky and catch him by surprise.

Everyone on spot gasps at the sight of Song Yunxuan. The silence chills the atmosphere.

A smile is still hung on Song Yunxuan’s lips. But when the receptionist wants to stop her, she pushes away the receptionist indifferently and walks forward coldly.

Du Bai wants to retreat, but feels that it is too disgraceful for a big man to back off in front of an eighteen-nine-year-old girl. He keeps still.

With a smile, Song Yunxuan comes to him. “Mr. Du, although this is my first time to meet you, you must have seen me more than once, right?”

Du Bai frowns: “Young lady, I don’t know you.”

When Song Yunxuan hears him say this, she knows that he is unwilling to give her the camera.

She is in no hurry, looking at him with her clean and bright eyes which are like dew in the morning. “Then you must know that I am Miss Song’s sister, right?”

Du Bai nods hesitantly.

Song Yunxuan looks down from his face and finds his hands behind his back. Her voice is cold. “Did my sister ask you to focus on me?”

“Miss Song, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Song Yunxuan can’t help laughing. People in Song Yunying’s company are quite good at dealing with unexpected accidents. It’s a good time to pretend to be innocent.

At the sight of that Song Yunxuan is unwilling to leave easily and catching Du Bai on the spot, the receptionist nearby feels that the thing is very difficult to handle.

When Du Bai confronts Song Yunxuan, the receptionist who is standing within his sight winks him desperately to let him keep the camera in his hands.

After Du Bai is aware of her intention, she quickly turns around and makes a phone call to Song Yunying.

Song Yunying puts on a happy face at the moment when she knows that Du Bai had taken a photo of Song Yunxuan’s scandal. But when her employee tells her that Song Yunxuan has come to the company in person, she immediately says, “Hold her, don’t let Du Bai give her the memory card, I’ll be there soon.”

After the phone call, the receptionist hands a cup of hot coffee to Song Yunxuan.

At the same time, she also advises: “Miss Song, this must be a misunderstanding. Have a cup of coffee to calm down, please. Miss Song is on her way here.”

Song Yunxuan listens to the words of the receptionist. She calmly retrieves her sight from Du Bai. As if she has calmed down, she turns around to pick up the coffee cup in the receptionist’s hand.

The people present breathes a sigh of relief.

Just then, Song Yunxuan suddenly splashes the boiling coffee in the cup onto Du Bai’s face and neck.

Du Bai hasn’t expected such a sudden accident. The severely unbearable pain on his face makes him cover his face with his hands.

The thing in his hands is also thrown away.

“Shit! It’s hot!”

Song Yunxuan watches him covering his face with both hands. She narrows her eyes in which a sharp cold light is brewing.

Reaching out, she takes the zoom camera that Du Bai has been holding in his arms a few seconds ago, then turns around and leaves.

In an instant, the people present change their view on this seemingly weak girl after they see Song Yunxuan’s indifferent actions and fierce treatment.

Du Bai, after wiping the coffee off his face, suddenly finds Song Yunxuan leaving with his camera.

Hurriedly, he strides forward and grabs her arm. “Miss Song, you scalded me just now, but you don’t even apologize. Are you going to leave with my things?”

Song Yunxuan looks coldly at her arm held by his hands, then she lifts up her eyes, “So, do you want me to take you to the hospital, or to the bureau?”

Du Bai’s face, which is scalded red, becomes instantly pale.

Song Yunxuan breaks away from his hand and raises up the zoom camera in her hand. “It’s wrong for you to take pictures of me without my permission. Do you still want to use my pictures to benefit your career?”

Du Bai looks at the camera in her hand and wants to grab it.

But Song Yunxuan takes back her hand in time: “If you publish the photos with unrealistic words to fabricate scandals against me, my reputation will be damaged. In that way, it will be meaningless for me to visit you this time.”

“Miss Song, if you return the camera to me, I promise I won’t distribute the photos.”

Song Yunxuan has a cold glance at him: “I don’t believe you.”

After that, she takes the memory card out of the camera.

Du Bai still wants to take it back, but suddenly a voice rings behind him: “What are you doing? No more work?!”

It is not others but Song Yunying who is talking.

Song Yunxuan, without turning around, throws a camera that had been taken out the memory card into Du Bai’s arms and warns him, “I hope this is the last time, Mr. Du.”

Du Bai keeps a blue face. He is splashed with coffee in front of his colleagues and taken away his memory card which is a real shame on him.

But it’s his fault indeed.

Although he is angry, he has no choice but to leave with his camera in his hands.

Song Yunxuan holds the memory card in her hand tightly with her fingers.

Song Yunying is disappointed to see that the dispute has ended and that the memory card has been taken away by Song Yunxuan.

“Yunxuan, what are you doing in my company?”

Song Yunying has a bad attitude towards Song Yunxuan since last time. Now when the two sisters meet, she can’t even pretend to be intimate with her at all.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t care about her sister’s attitude. She just puts the memory card in her pocket and looks up at Song Yunying. “Sister, I hope you still remember that my surname is Song.”

She says this sentence in a faint tone, but in which there is a force that can’t be ignored.

Song Yunying looks at her who is about to leave, she cannot help saying, “Stand still.”

Song Yunxuan stops.

Song Yunying approaches her unhappily: “What do you mean by saying that?”

Song Yunxuan smiles at her and says, “Sister, it will finally harm the Song family no matter the scandal points at you or me. What do you think of your position in your mother-in-law’s family if the Song family is looked down upon?”

The astonished feeling appears in her eyes instantly as if she has been knocked at the heart. The hesitation shows up on her face.

She also knows that commercial marriage is just a mutual utilization. If her mother’s family is haunted by scandals, she will be despised in her mother-in-law’s family.

Song Yunxuan brushes past her, and says in a faint voice: “Sister, if you want to stand firm in the Xue family, you have to hope that the Song family will not go downhill.”

What she said really knocks on Song Yunying’s heart. After she is gone, Song Yunying slowly turns around and looks at the direction in which she leaves.

When the receptionist sees her distraction, she hurries to her and calls her, “Miss Song?”

Song Yunying does not respond.

The receptionist can’t help touching her shoulder, and says worriedly: “Miss Song?”

Song Yunying suddenly comes to when she is tapped on her shoulder.

The receptionist is worried: “Miss Song? Are you all right?

Song Yunying’s eyelashes droop with her distressed face, “You go and tell the HR department to transfer Du Bai to Xiucheng Branch.”

The receptionist turns on a numb face, “But, Miss Song, the salary of Xiucheng Branch is half lower than that of Yuncheng Headquarters. Du Bai is one of the most efficient photographers in the magazine. If you transfer him to the Branch……”

Song Yunying’s eyes are dim and her lips droop sadly: “Du Bai is so careless. Once he’s determined to shoot Yunxuan, he must do it in secret. Once Song Yunxuan finds it out, I have to send him away. Otherwise, I will have troubles.”

The receptionist goes silent and delivers the message to the HR department.

In her heart, Song Yunying is very clear that what Song Yunxuan said is right, moreover, she should be in awe of her.

Her handles are firmly pinched by Song Yunxuan.

Although Song Yunxuan does not threaten her repeatedly with her disadvantages, she should also be modest on some issues.

Otherwise, in the end, it will always be herself who suffers loses.

She can’t afford to take the risk.

Thinking of it, Song Yunying raises her hands to cover her belly.

As long as this child is born, she can gain a firm position at the Xue family.

There are thousands of ways to hide a child’s origin, but the only precondition is that he can survive.

After finishing her work, Song Yunxuan pays a visit to Venus by the way. When she returns to the editorial office of Fanxing magazine, she finds Xiao Hong stopping what she’s doing and coming to talk to her.

“Miss Song, as for the page of this issue of the magazine, do you think it’s all right?”

While she is talking, she takes her to the computer to show her the format of typesetting.

Song Yunxuan looks at the typesetting style and nods, “That’s it. It’s good.”

Getting Song Yunxuan’s approval, Xiao Hong says, “Miss Song, you have a guest.”

“A Guest?”

Song Yunxuan feels sort of strange. But thinking that it may be Yi Xiaoning whom she visited today, she accelerates the pace to her office.

Xiao Hong follows her with some embarrassment: “Miss Song.”

“What? Haven’t you let her wait in my office?

Xiao Hong grabs Song Yunxuan with a somewhat complicated expression. She pulls Song Yunxuan aside and whispers “The other side is…”


Before Xiao Hong finishes, the door of the office opens with a click.

Song Yunxuan listens to his familiar voice and turns her head in surprise.

She just meets Chu Mochen’s eyes.

A faint smile is hung on Chu Mochen’s handsome face.

Song Yunxuan is stunned when she meets Chu Mochen. Then she quickly puts her right hand behind her back.

Xiao Hong says knowingly: “Miss Song, I’ll prepare you some coffee.”

Xiao Hong is gone. Yet Song Yuanxuan seems doesn’t want to go into the office, standing at the door and gazing at Chu Mochen. She says, “What are you doing here?”

Chu Mochen opens the door, “Come in, let’s have a word.”

Song Yunxuan stands still.

Chu Mochen bends up his lips, and says jokingly, “Come on, what are you afraid of?”